American Central Heaters In Various Sizes

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Specifications and price
 Brand : American. Or.  A.O. Smith 
Capacity:  80 US gallons  equivalent to 303 litres.
Electrical voltage : 220-240 volt single phase.
Hertz: 50/60 Hz.
Number of Elements:  2 Elements.
Watt:  4500W.
Maximum temperature:  The highest temperature of the heater is 78 degrees Celsius.
Industry :  Made in USA.
Warranty:  5 years on the heater body from leakage, and one year on the rest of the other parts.
Price:  2650 QR includes the supply and installation of one heater only, without any other additions.

Artec Water Technology Co. provides high efficiency American central heaters system and the company is specialised in the water heaters’ field and is a pioneer in the water services’ technology. Now, one can have a full central system in high quality and efficiency at special prices which make the company the first choice and better than installing multiple heaters. Moreover, the company provides a central water heaters’ technician to perform the installation, maintenance, and follow up services alongside a full staff of engineers and technicians who work efficiently and quickly with the American central heaters of Artec Water Technology Co.

The price of the central heaters includes the full cost of the heater and its installation where it consists of 3 80-gallon central heaters which are enough to cover the needs of clients in multi-story buildings, residential complexes, villas, and more. It’s also possible to specify and install extra pieces to the heater to suit the needs of the customers.

Talking about warranty and guarantee, Artec Water Technology Co. gives a five-year warranty on the body of the heater only and a one-year warranty on the rest of the parts attached to the American central heaters where the client can buy the parts he wants to install according to his needs and requirements.

American central heaters

American central heaters specifications

The American central heaters are characterised by built-in specifications from the factory which guarantee a longer life for the central heater as well as quality in every part of the central system parts to fulfil all the needs of the customers whatever their volume or hardness is. The most important specifications of the American central heaters are:

  • An American central heater is available in all sizes and capacities that differ according to the needs of the client, the needed capacities, and the area in which the heater serves and supplies hot water.
  • American central heaters are available in all capacities where there are 50 gallons, 80 gallons, and 120 gallons capacities.
  • The body of the central heater is made of high quality ceramic that is painted with diamond blue color to prevent calcification as well as providing complete safety against rust, erosion, and water pollution.
  • The American central heater is made of stainless steel and is provided with a thermal insulator to keep the water heat which helps to increase the default life of the cartridges and rationalize electricity consumption. The heater keeps water hot as long as possible without it cooling and without the need to re-heat and consume the cartridges. This feature isn’t available in the multiple heaters which makes it less power consuming.


Get the American central heater that is internationally certified from Artec Water Technology Co.

Artec Water Technology Co. in Qatar presents all the brands of American central heaters to serve the customers where an American central system is available at competitive and budget-friendly prices. This encouraged most of the customers to replace the multiple heaters with a central heater and install it easily in addition to installing a central boiler in new buildings to serve the whole building. Additionally, it’s possible to install and maintain the heaters besides real warranty and guarantee for five years on the body of the heaters and one year on the remaining parts where the free service is during the warranty years with original spare parts. Moreover, the service of the staff of engineers at a high quality of skill is available alongside with following up, maintaining, importing, installing, reviewing, fixing, and connecting the heaters.

A central water heater provides luxury and comfort for the family of the house all the time and it’s the best and most efficient choice to be installed in villas, large houses, hospitals, companies, hotels, malls, and residential buildings.

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Advantages of the American central system for water heating

The great advantages of the central system made its installation necessary to save time, effort, and money in which the American central heaters work through the built-in intelligence from the factory to resist pressure and high temperature. All means of safety are achieved in the American central heaters through:

  • The American central heater provides the foamy insulation feature with a 3-inch thickness
  • The central heaters have an effective central filter that acts on purifying and cleaning water from chlorine, dust, and impurities
  • The American central heater has a drainage valve to prevent water rebound or faulty water cycles
  • Huge electricity rationalization with the possibility of working at a moderate voltage of 220-240 volts / 50 Hz single phase or at a voltage of 50 Hz single phase as well as voltage of 3 phase
  • The American central heaters have a circulation pump to pull the instantly entering cold water up leaving the hot water at the bottom of the heater to be pulled directly when using the water


Prices of central heaters from Artec Water Technology company:

One can have American central heaters and home filters from Artec Water Technology Co. in Qatar where it provides competitive prices, offers and discounts for merchants, wholesale orders, and contracts with contractors and suppliers for quantities at competitive prices. Warranty is available for central water heater devices as well as maintenance and the company provides as well a specialized staff who services importing, installing, reviewing, maintenance, and consulting all day.

Water heaters company Artec Water Technology supplies families, residential buildings, and malls with the service of installing central system with the best offers and discounts that suit everyone in the trial of taking advantage of the mostly used heating systems all over the world and enjoying their advantages that include saving time,effort, space, and electricity.

Smith central heaters agent

Technician for central water heater preview and installing

Artec Water Technology Co. provides a technician of central water heaters of high experience and skill in which the central system is installed after previewing the place which is outside the house in the yard, over the roofs of the houses, or in a special room designed for install the central heater. This provides high safety levels and Artec Water Technology Co. provided offers on the American central heater at competitive prices with the availability of all services of maintenance, importing, and installation in professional levels. Therefore, the company gained high trust of the customers thus they are not worried about replacing the old heating systems with the central boiler at high efficiency and strength from an international brand that proved its success all over the world.


Working method of American central heaters and their parts

American central heaters consist of built-in internal and external parts in minute systems in the factory where the best and strongest materials with international quality and strength certificates are available. They can endure high temperature, high pressure, and avoid common errors of regular heaters through an advanced system that works on fulfilling the needs efficiently alongside avoiding errors and expected flaws. The heater systems consist of:

  • The galvanised body of the heater that’s padded with ceramic
  • Water circulation pump which works on flowing the water quickly and every time the tap is opened
  • Central filter for the heater that removes the impurities, chlorine,dust, and residue
  • Water rebounders that prevent water returning again and saves power
  • High quality cartridges with the possibility of changing them if they break down or the heating qua;ty decreased
  • Residue collector made of magnesium to prevent erosion
  • Advanced sensors protect from decreasing or cutting of water inside the heater
  • A special opening for self-cleaning where the residue is collected to be drained outside by the water circulation
  • Protection valve against high rise in heat and pressure
  • Strong supported original spare parts from their factory as terminal block
  • Factory certified parts such as the magnetic connector, wires, fuses, and breakers

Artec Water Technology Co. in Qatar presents the strongest central system components, installing and maintaining heaters, and replacing the heater’s cartridges while making use of the services of central heaters’ technician for general maintenance and cartridge replacement.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common damages?

From the most common damage is water leakage where the water may cause erosion of the tank and create cracks or microscopic fractures. However, they are not always a sign of tank leakage, the pressure of water may be unsuitable. Another common damage is the rise of temperature.

What does the odd sounds coming out of the heater mean and how to get rid of them?

Popping sounds are one of the most common sounds the water heater can produce. When they happen, this is usually an indication that your water heater has a large amount of metallic residue and dirt which is a common problem especially in areas where water is salty.

Is it normal for the central heater to produce odd sounds?

The popping and hissing sounds are of the most common sounds produced by the heaters working with electricity and it’s normal for such sounds to appear once in a while in electric heaters. Thus, if your heater produces a popping sound every now and then, maybe there is no big issue.

What is the warranty given by Artec Water Technology Co. on the central heaters?

Artec Water Technology Co. gives a 5-year warranty on the body of the heater and a single year on the remaining parts and extensions that are added to the central heater.

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