American Central Water Heater Of The Highest Efficiency

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Specifications and price
Materials Description Quantity
Central water heater: Brand: Americana or A.O.Smith / Capacity: 80 gallons - Made in USA 2
central water filter: Brand: Clack Size 10*54 inches - Made in USA 1
water pump: Water pressure pump, size 1 HP - Made in Italy 1
control pressure: Automatic pressure control 1
circulation pump:  Circulation pump for hot water circulation 1
timer with waterproof cover: Timer with waterproof cover to regulate the operation of the hot water circulation 1
Tank water Chiller: Brand: Falcon Blue - Size: 2 tons, 24,000 BTU, coil system 1
pipe network: PPR pipe network to assemble the system 1
price: 11,650/- Qatari riyals includes the supply and installation of a water heating system according to the materials mentioned above only, without any other additions.

The American central water heater gives families high quality in water heating whatever the circumstances are. Artec Water Technology Co. presents the best American central heater from the best international brands in addition to the presence of water heaters’ technician who follows up the maintenance needed, water heaters system, and original spare parts so one can make use of all the advantages of the central water heater comfortably and efficiently.

The price of an American central water heater includes the cost of the full heater with installation which consists of 2 central heaters with the capacity of 80 gallons and a central filter to purify water from lime and impurities to guarantee having clear water free of impurities. Moreover, a circulation pump to pull the cold water from the pipes when opening the taps to get hot water from the tap instantly and finally a pushing pump (Dinamo) to accelerate the water flow through the pipes with cooling parts.

Talking about warranty and guarantee, Artec Water Technology Co. gives a five-year warranty on the body of the heater only and a one-year warranty on the rest of the parts attached to the American central water heater and the cooling parts where the client can buy the parts he wants to install according to his needs and requirements.

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Specifications of the central water heater

Artec Water Technology Co. provides the services of installing a central water heater which is available in different sizes that suit all the needs of the customers as well as different buildings including residential buildings, malls, villas, and more. The heater has the following specifications:

  • The heater has a blue diamond paint that prevents calcifications and provides maximum protection
  • The body of the heater is wrapped by a ceramic layer to protect it from erosion and rusting
  • The heater is made of strong stainless steel
  • The heater is provided with a thermal insulator to keep the heat of water as long as possible and save power at the same time
  • Water heaters system provides thermal insulation as well, keeps and elongate the default life of the cartridges in harsh working conditions
  • The central water heater has a thermostat to control the water temperature and is wrapped with a special outer layer to protect the body of the heater


The advantages that make the American central water heater the best choice

The American central heater is characterised with a heating / cooling system with advanced specifications that made it the first choice for water heating and cooling without competition. These advantages are:

  • Integral safety conditions as it’s made of environment-friendly and safe-to-use materials against all risk factors such as rising pressure and heat. The possibility of installing the central heater outside the house over the roofs or in a specific room to increase the safety of usage
  • The inner body of the heater is padded with ceramic and painted with a blue diamond color to fulfil the safety conditions for the water in it regarding cleanliness, purity, and keeping the heat
  • Different sizes of the american heater are available to suit all houses and families as well as installation in malls, residential buildings, and hotels
  • The heater is made of stainless steel that resists rusting and high rise in temperature
  • The foamy insulation feature with the thickness of 3 inches
  • Central filter to keep the cleanliness of water
  • Rebounders to prevent the return of water or faulty water cycles taking place
  • Circulation pump to accelerate the hot water flow for usage without waiting


Quality of a central water heater one can count on

The international quality that characterises the American central water heaters including hot water technology of the highest efficiency made it possible for the one to count on it regardless of the working conditions and needs. One can make use of hot water in all the house units including bathrooms, kitchens, washing machines, and more.

Some of the advantages that specify the American central heater and make it the first choice without competition are high efficiency and smooth quick coverage of all the spots that a heater needs to be installed with the quick flow of hot water when opening the tap.

Artec Water Technology Co. presents all types of certified types and brands that have achieved great success all over the world as well as water filters. The central heaters achieved great success when used in all buildings including hospitals, hotels, malls, villas, large houses, multi-story houses, and far apart units. This fulfils welfare to families and users besides saving time, effort, and money as the central water heaters system is considered the best choice when compared with the multiple electric heaters. It acts on saving electricity in an obvious way as it works on a voltage of 220v-240v / 50Hz single phase, 50 Hz single phase, and also 3 phase.

A.O.Smith central heater

Artec Water Technology Co. provides warranty and maintenance services for water heaters

Artec Water Technology Co. provides warranty on American central water heaters for 5 years to the body of the heater and one year to the remaining parts of the system. It also provides maintenance through a certified group of professional engineers and technicians with high experience who work quickly and efficiently to import, install, follow up, and periodically maintain the central heaters.

The American central heaters system is a heating system that fulfil the needs of the house entirely where it’s connected to the main heating unit with a central filter that acts on removing impurities, dirt, and chlorine in addition to the rebounders that works on the streamline of water flow and running through the connections in the right direction to prevent faulty water cycles happening. The fixed thermostat as well controls the wanted water temperature and the steel layer wrapping the heater and another outer layer keep the water heat for a long time without any need to reheat it which helps rationalize electric consumption and elongates the life of the cartridges.

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Components of central water heaters system

The original components found in the central water heaters systems guarantee the largest compatibility between the parts of the system while working with high efficiency to provide hot water any time without stopping. Different capacities and sizes are available suitable to be installed everywhere according to customers needs including:

  • 50 gallons
  • 80 gallons
  • 120 gallons


What does the American central water heaters system consist of?

  • The steel body of the heater that is padded with a ceramic layer
  • Blue diamond paint that prevents calcification and provides the best protection
  • A thermal insulator to keep the heat and stop wasting electricity
  • High quality heating cartridges
  • The foamy insulator helps keep the heat of the water as long as possible
  • Thermostat to control the temperature
  • Circulation pump so the hot water is always ready to be used
  • Drainage valve made of copper
  • A filter for self cleaning
  • A 3-inch foamy insulator
  • Rebounders to prevent water return


High quality central water heater

The central water heater achieves specifications of the international quality where it can work on a moderate voltage. Artec Water Technology Co. for central heaters also provides all the facilities on installing the central heating system at competitive prices and a specialised staff for maintaining, fixing, and changing the cartridges of the central boiler.

Through Artec Water Technology Co., one can get the best American central heater from all of the famous brands that have proved their quality in the market through the reviews and experiences of the clients. They got the comfort, quality, and efficiency in action where one will get rid of the issues of the multiple heaters that take up space in the house and don’t provide safety conditions. Quality is the pillar of product success and that is what the central heaters of Artec Water Technology Co. provide alongside advanced heating technology one can count on!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of central heaters systems?

Electric central heaters that work with electricity are considered very effective in changing power into heat and heating water 100%. On the other hand, the systems that work on gas or fuel are considered way less effective than electric heaters.

What is the best place to install central water heaters?

Central water heaters can be installed outside the house on the roofs, against the house’s outer wall, in a special room in the lower stories, or in the garage.

Can the place of a central water heater in the house be changed?

Yes. The place of a central water heater can be changed or transfered; however, it’s considered a difficult mission as the connections and plumbing will be changed as well. We can say that the water heater transfer is usually a very sensitive mission.

Can central heaters be installed onto the pipe system of regular heaters?

It is difficult to install central heaters onto the pipe system or connections of regular heaters as the building pipes are internal, old, and not central as they are in the connections of central heaters.

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