American Central Water Heaters In Qatar

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Specifications and price
Materials Description Quantity
Central water heater: Brand: Americana -OR -A.O. Smith  Capacity: 80 gallons - Made in USA 3
central water filter: Brand: Clack Size 10*54 inches - Made in USA 1
water pump: Water pressure pump, size 1 HP - Made in Italy 1
control pressure: Automatic pressure control 1
circulation pump:  Circulation pump for hot water circulation 1
timer with waterproof cover: Timer with waterproof cover to regulate the operation of the hot water circulation 1
pipe network: PPR pipe network to assemble the system 1
price: 11,950/- Qatari riyals includes the supply and installation of a water heating system according to the materials mentioned above only, without any other additions.

The American central water heaters provide the user with a bunch of advantages and international specifications that serve the ambition of safe use of hot water through the central heaters aqua system which is strong and capable of challenging the heavy consumption and providing final solutions for the problems of water heating regardless the amount of usage, the type of building, or the number of the stories in a single building.

The price of this American central water heaters network includes the fees of the whole network with the installation. It consists of 3 central heaters with a capacity of 80 Gallons with a central filter to purify the water from the lime and impurities in addition to a water-circulating pump that works on pulling cold water from the pipes when opening the hot water tap to get hot water immediately after opening it, a thrust pump (Dinamo) to accelerate the flow of the water, and finally a pipe network PPR without cooling parts.

Regarding the warranty and guarantee, Artec Water Technology provides a 5-year warranty on the body of the heater only and a single year warranty on the remaining parts attached with the American central water heaters network where the client can buy the parts he wants to install according to the need and requirement of the network.

American central water heaters

Advantages and specifications of the central water heaters

The presence of a central heater in every house has become a necessity within life necessities, especially in multi-storey houses. The uses of American central heater don’t only include houses, but also became crucial for commercial buildings, large companies, hotels, tourism centers, and other vital facilities.

The use of the American central heater makes the users avoid the effort of installing, fixing, and maintaining the small old heaters one at a time. The central heater became the best choice without competition when compared with the regular heater.

The difference between the central and regular heaters is that the central heater achieves the equation of fast performance and high quality with complete safety by installing the heater outside the house. When talking about the differences between the central heater and the regular heater, the central one has the following advantages:

  • The central heater rationalizes electricity consumption in comparison with the multiple heaters that have to be placed in every bathroom and kitchen
  • The central water heaters are installed outside the house, thus providing complete safety for the user
  • The whole heater is maintained in the same place which eliminates the multiple breakdowns of the small heaters
  • The central heater saves a great room instead of taking a large inner area to put one in each bathroom and kitchen
  • Prepared completely to fulfil the needs of heavy work more than the capability of the regular heater
  • Achieves higher rates of complete safety for the user because the heater and all of its parts are located outside the house
  • The capability of providing hot water to all of the multiple units at the same time and same quality and this is actually provided by the central heaters aqua system


Parts of the central water heater network and how it works

A central water heater is a system for water heating that is installed to provide hot water to the whole house including the kitchen, bathrooms, and washing machines. The network consists of 3 central heaters that are available with the capacity of 50, 80, or 120 Gallons to cover the entire house with a central filter to purify water from lime, other impurities, dust, and rust to get clean water useful for the hair and skin. Additionally, a water-circulating pump that works on pulling cold water from the pipes when opening the hot water tap to get hot water immediately after opening it, a thrust pump (Dinamo) to accelerate the flow of the water, and finally a pipe network PPR without cooling parts.


Method of installing the central water heaters network

Installing the system of central water heaters is built over the preview of the specialized technician whom Artec Water Technology Co. sends to preview the house, the number of the needed water inlets, and the daily need. The capacities, as well as the types, are chosen according to the previous reasons after reviewing all the spots that need hot water connections, the spot to place the heater outside the house, and the connections needed according to adequate areas and measurements.

In addition to the previous, all the needed parts for these connections are selected with the client as well as choosing the right size from several sizes. There is the 80-gallon size that is suitable for most of the families and needs in Qatar and it’s the middle size that serves the number of needed bathrooms and provides hot water for them. There are other sizes such as the 50-gallon central heater and the 120-gallon one and it’s an option to install more than one heater for a wider service to a larger number as it’s possible to install two 80-gallon American heaters where the sizes are determined according to the needs of the client, the needs of the house, and the costs.

After the installation appointment is scheduled, the bathrooms, kitchens, and washing machines are connected to the heater then the system is started by the engineers and technicians of Artec Water Technology Co. and after a short period, the central heater network starts working to enter the service and fulfil all the required needs without any worries of the water cut off or the temperature dropping with the ability to adjust the temperature to be suitable directly at usage.


Water central heaters of high quality in providing hot water

Central water heaters work at high quality in residential, commercial buildings, complexes, and villas. They have high popularity because of their satisfying results in providing hot water in an easy and streamlined way and at high quality for all the users regardless of the daily need for hot water!

Artec Water Technology Co. in Qatar provides the best American central heaters that are available in different sizes that suit all buildings. The central water heaters are characterised by wonderful features which made them the first choice of the clients in Qatar with a five-year warranty provided by Artec Water Technology Co. on the body of the heater only! And one year on the other parts of the central water heaters network; the customer services are available over the week.

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Why do we consider central heaters the first choice to obtain hot water?

The most important things that characterise central water heaters over the other regular and traditional heaters are:

  • The inner side of the heater’s body contains diamond blue paint which increases durability and strength of the heater so it can keep the water at the wanted temperature as long as possible
  • American Central heater provides the best protection for hot water regarding cleanliness and purity from impurities, dust, rust, and lime
  • The body of the central heater is made of stainless steel that gives it the durability, strength, and longer life expectancy 
  • Central water heaters are provided with thermal insulator by Artec Water Technology Co. to keep the water’s heat as long as possible
  • The central heater rationalises the electric power used in heating the water where one won’t need to re-heat it and this also gives the cartridges a longer life expectancy
  • The central water heater is supplied with a thermostat to control the water temperature which makes the control available during the usage to choose the temperature one sees suitable that changes by the change of the purpose of use
  • The heater is covered by an outer layer to protect the body of the heater and keep the water’s heat which preserves the performance quality of the cartridges
  • The heater is considered a saver in electricity consumption and consists of environment-friendly parts

Central water heater Qatar

The warranty and maintenance of central water heaters network

Artec Water Technology Co. in Qatar provides lots of offers on maintaining central heaters and filters. Additionally, the company has original spare parts for the heaters and different warranties as well as guarantees on the body, cartridges, and other parts of the heater. The company also provides professional engineers and technicians who work on importing, installing, operating, and maintaining services so the client is assured about the central water heaters system permanently. The company provides periodic maintenance and tracking where the client gets free years of maintenance inside the warranty period only according to the agreed warranty period and after it finishes, no need to worry as the maintenance costs are suitable for everyone and the service is available quickly and at a high professionality level.


Specifications of the central water heaters

The system of central water heaters provides high specifications that give durability and strength during usage of the clients, thus they make it the first choice of all the clients as the central water heater provides the following:

  • The heater is available in different sizes to suit all the needs including the 50-gallon, 80-gallon, and 120-gallon capacities
  • The heater has a thermal insulator to increase the efficiency of heating and to keep the water’s heat for a long time and its size is 12 inches
  • A second insulating layer of foam with a thickness of 3 inches
  • The heater has the feature of self-cleaning by a central filter that clarifies the heater’s water and removes impurities and chlorine
  • The heater has a drainage valve to prevent the water cycle in a wrong way
  • The electric heater is characterised by working at a voltage of 220v-240v /50Hz single phase and 3- phase is also available
  • The heater provides a returning pump or a circulation pump which acts on pulling the cold water up to provide hot water quickly as the tap is opened

Installing American central water heaters is the wisest decision to get immediate hot water quickly and safely in houses, companies, complexes, administrative buildings, and all the multi-storey buildings that need the strong American central water heating system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can central water heaters be installed in a regular water heaters’ pipe system?

Unfortunately no. because the regular water heaters’ pipe system is an old construction system where the pipes are internal and it will be hard to replace those pipes to suit the central heaters’ connections as this will require demolishing pipes and floorings at a high cost.

What does the warranty of the central water heater include?

The warranty by Artec Water Technology Co. involves 5 years on the body of the heater only and one year on the other parts of the central water heater network.

What is the default life of the central water heater?

The default life of the central water heater depends on many factors including the quality of the installation, the manufacturing company, and the efficiency of usage, but generally, the default life of the central water heater reaches 10 years.

Where is the central water heater network placed?

The central water heater network is placed over the roof of the house at a single spot to ensure a high degree of safety and the hot water reaching all the spots of the house or the building.

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