American water heaters high-performance

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Specifications and price
Specifications Water heater Water filter
 Brand : American. Clack
Capacity:  80 US gallons  equivalent to 303 litres. 10*54 inches
Electrical voltage : 220-240 volt single phase. 220-240 volt single phase.
Hertz: 50/60 Hz. 50 Hz.
Number of Elements:  2 Elements. -
Watt:  4500W. -
Maximum temperature:  The highest temperature of the heater is 78 degrees Celsius. -
Industry :  Made in USA. Made in USA.
Warranty:  5 years on the heater body from leakage, and one year on the rest of the other parts. 1 years
Price:  7,500 Qatari riyals includes the supply and installation of 2 heaters with a central water filter only, without any other additions.

American water heaters high-performance water heaters have gained international fame and are widespread in commercial and residential buildings and buildings with multiple units due to the high quality and efficiency in performance and meeting the hot water needs of a large number of water units at the same time, which can be obtained from the ARTEC Company in Qatar with many brands.

After the central heaters, their impressive success thanks to the advanced specifications, built-in features, safety factors, evaluations, and user experiences, the 80-gallon central heater meets the needs of the entire house of hot water with the availability of all sizes and capacities suitable for smaller and larger spaces according to the needs of users.

The price of this American water heater includes the costs of the heater system with installation, which is two central heaters with a capacity of 80 gallons with a central filter to purify water from lime and impurities to ensure clean water and free of impurities.

The warranty provided by the ARTEC Company includes a warranty on the heater body only for five years and a one-year warranty on the rest of the parts attached with high-performance American water heaters with a capacity of 80 gallons, where the customer can customize the purchase of the parts he wishes to install according to his needs and requirements.

specifications of the American water heaters

The advanced specifications heater made it the first choice without a competitor when it comes to obtaining hot water at any time and whatever the size of the need, and the most prominent of these specifications:

  • The heater is coated with a layer of reinforced ceramic that protects the heater from corrosion as it is made of steel Stainless steel and coated with a blue diamond coating that acts as a thermal insulator to keep hot water for as long as possible, which saves energy and preserves the life of the heater and spark plugs.
  • Supporting a wide range of safety factors, the heater has an internal safety seal that keeps the heater from the risk of heat stress.
  • The American central heater is available in many sizes, including 50 gallons, 80 gallons, and 120 gallons. You can choose between these sizes according to the space required to be filled with hot water.
  • The central heater with a capacity of 80 gallons is the middle size and preferred use by most customers. It contains a brass valve for draining that maintains self-cleanliness and prevents the accumulation of any pollutants or limescale.

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Features of the American central heater

The Gulf houses are large and have multiple bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries andis in villas or tiny houses and separate buildings. Therefore, the ARTEC Company in Qatar provides the best American central heater with modern technology in water heating quickly and smoothly that provides you with access to hot water With fast flow to all points in the house.

The American heater with all its brands has achieved global success due to the advanced features and high quality in manufacturing with modern technology in safety factors in terms of electricity and hot water pressure, as the American heater industry, which uses the latest modern technologies, made it the first choice for customers, especially with its widespread and positive evaluations of users in Residential, commercial and hotel buildings with the availability of multiple sizes according to the appropriate need for each building. In addition, the ARTEC Company also provided warranty and maintenance offers with the availability of original spare parts with an expert maintenance crew in the installation and repair of central heaters around the clock at high speed and satisfactory results.

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Why American central heaters are the best

choice American water heaters have become a trendy choice in recent times due to the impressive success in the results for customers who have installed them, whether in villas, homes, commercial units, hotels, or hospitals, so it can be said that the American central heater is the best choice for obtaining water Hot in bathrooms and kitchens In addition to this, the following features:

  • Using the central heater is very safe because the heater is equipped with solid safety systems against the dangers of electricity and water pressure.
  • Choosing the American central heater will not be difficult because the ARTEC Company in Qatar has provided all brands and sizes to suit customers’ needs.
  • The installation of American central heaters is the cheapest option in consuming electricity compared to ordinary heaters.
  • The central heater is characterized by ease of installation and maintenance services in Qatar, with the availability of qualified engineers and technicians at competitive prices.
  • ARTEC Company provides warranty and maintenance services on the heater and supports it for all brands and sizes.
  • The possibility of installing the heater outside the house saves space, effort, time, and wasted space and increases safety and security factors.
  • Support valve for draining and purifying water.
  • The heater is made of stainless steel with backing insulation systems that maintain the hot water temperature for long periods.

American high-performance

Central heater 80 gallons The perfect choice for families

are available American water heaters in multiple sizes, including:

  • 50 gallons
  • 80 gallons.
  • 120 gallons.

American water heaters with a capacity of 80 gallons is the preferred choice for families because it is the middle size suitable for large and medium homes. The heater is also covered with an external insulating layer to save electricity consumption because the water will not lose its heat quickly. American water heaters is also equipped with a circuit pump that ensures rapid water circulation and hot water immediately after use.

Heater a filter to purify the water to keep the home mixers from lime or alkaline deposits. The ARTEC Company also provides competitive offers and budget-friendly prices for wholesalers, dealers, and distributors with a guarantee on each device.

American water heaters Provides Advanced Technology in Water Heating

American water heaters has world-class, built-in factory specifications that make it the best choice among other water heaters due to the following features:

  • 3-inch thick foam insulation.
  • Brass drain valve to purify water from impurities.
  • The water purification filter ensures that the water is pure and free of impurities.
  • Thermostat to control the desired temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a central heater?

The central heater is a large device connected to the water connections so that it connects to all the bathrooms of the house and conducts heating, as the hot water is distributed to all units firmly and smoothly.

How is the central heater installed?

Installation is done by communicating with a central heater technician from the company to be inspected and take measurements. The required quantities of connections, sanitary ware, and the appropriate heater size are determined. Supply and installation are done after agreeing on an appointment with the customer.

Is central heater repair available?

Yes, American central heaters are repaired and maintained, with all original spare parts available, and the maintenance team is available at the ARTEC Company in Qatar.

Are spark plugs available for central heaters?

Yes, the spark plugs and all the required parts, whether the sanitary parts, the connections accessories or the plugs next, the end all the spare parts of the heater, are available at competitive prices and of international quality.

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