Best types of shower filters available in Qatar

Specifications and price
Specifications: Skin Protection - Prevent dryness and improve sensitive  skin with this shower head water softener.
Specifications: Hair Repair - Rejuvenates damaged hair, making it softer and smoother.
Specifications: ODOR FREE WATER - Shower filter components effectively remove chlorine odor and unpleasant odors.
Specifications: The water filter helps quickly remove chloramines, chlorine, heavy metals, sediments, clay and color.
Water pressure: It has no effect on water pressure.
Installation location: Under the water tap.
country of origin : Made in Taiwan.
Price: 400/- QR, including supply and installation.

Best types of shower filters available in Qatar are many as the installation of a water treatment filter for showering is a necessity, such as treating the effects of water-laden substances that cause hair breakage and breakage along with the annoying crust. Therefore, water filters for soft and healthy hair were considered an indispensable necessity in every home.

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Reasons to use a shower water filter

The necessity of using shower water filters for hair and skin smoothness appeared due to the bad effects that appear on the hair and skin after taking a shower, so the search for the best types of shower filters began to get rid of the following problems:

  • Hair coarseness, brittleness and breakage problems.
  • Hair loss problems and itchy scalp with the dandruff.
  • Dry skin and loss of vitality and freshness.
  • The side effects of chlorine that cause hair and skin problems and respiratory allergies.
  • Acne and pimples sometimes and some forms of skin allergies.

Water filter for shower in Qatar

How to choose the best shower filters

  • The shower water treatment filter must be purchased from a certified shower filter installation company so that the company trusted with original products and high specifications.
  • Filters are excellent if they were able to remove chlorine and purify water from impurities, dust, rust, dirt, and heavy minerals, if any.
  • It can be said that the filter is a shower water treatment filter if the filter adds vitamins such as vitamin C, collagen, negative ions, refreshing minerals and other healthy substances to the water.
  • The filter cartridge should be replaceable within a certain period so that the filter can regenerates itself in a quick and simple way.
  • A chlorine test can be done before and after purifying the water through the reagent to ensure that the filter is working properly.


Best types of shower filters

There are many types of shower filters that the shower water filter installation companies supply in order to change the quality of the incoming water and make it healthier for hair and skin. Among the best types of water filters for soft hair available in Qatar are the following:


AquaBliss High Output Filter

AquaBliss High Output filter is considered among Best types of shower filters for hair softness, as it leaves the hair soft and the skin fresh thanks to the effective and distinctive water purification features, this filter is featured by several layers for water treatment, including polypropylene, active carbon and calcium sulfate, all of which help in removing chlorine, impurities and rust. As for the rest of the layers, gives the water refreshing minerals, negative ions and oxygen, so that the total of the layers is 12 layers, each of which has an important role in purifying the water, and it is available at our company, ARTEC , which is a shower water filter installation company.


bwdm15 filter

bwdm15 filter is among the Best economic types of shower filters that purify shower water through 15 stages. Each stage removes pollutants, rust dust, and isolates chlorine with vitamin C and refreshing minerals. It also includes KDF-55 layer which includes a calcium sulfate, within the special filter cartridge that helps in Offer water free of chlorine and odors.


Flavored water filter

The Flavored water filter treatment provides healthy additions to the water including complete purification from chlorine to the water with vitamins like vitamin C and collagen that treats hair and skin with the release of a healthy negative ion boost. It is also available in a variety of flavors such as lemon, lavender and vanilla, leaving the body fragrant and the hair shiny and healthy, in addition to smooth and moisturized skin and it's available in our company, ARTEC , the best shower water filter and home filters installation company in Qatar.


Aqua Home Group filter

Aqua Home Group filter considered among the best types of special shower filters that provide water purification. It is also considered as a shower water treatment filter to add vitamins to the water, such as vitamin C and E, which are important to health and beauty. The treatment consists of 15 stages in which pollutants and sediments are removed with purification from chlorine, and it can be installed according to three different patterns to be the best water filters for hair softness.


Sonaki filter

Sonaki filter is one of the water purifying filters that can be ordered from our shower water filter installation company. It is also featured by adding vitamin C and other vitamins to the water as this filter isolates chlorine and harmful substances from the water and treats head and skin problems and has a transparent cartridge that makes it easier to check the filter.


Aquasana Deluxe Filter

Aquasana Deluxe Filter the luxurious, high-quality filter that help purify water from pollutants with maximum efficiency and ease of installation. It is also considered a shower water treatment filter, as it contributes to treating hair problems such as dandruff, roughness and loss, along with adding its touch to the skin making it more vibrant and fresher.

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When should the filter cartridge be changed?

It should replace every 6 months approximately.

Is it possible to install water filters for hair softness at home?

Installing the filter is a simple task thanks to standard tubing sizes everywhere and whatever the shape of your old shower.

Is the shower water treatment filter harmful to the environment?

definitely not, the filter does not contain any substances that produce chemicals that are harmful to the environment.


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