Best water tank chillers in Qatar

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Best water tank chillers in Qatar, types and comparison

The best tank water coolers in Qatar that provide cold water in houses from ARTEC Company in Qatar as the region suffers from extreme heat that affects the water in the tanks and makes it reach boiling temperatures, which prevents users using the tank water due to its high temperature in any activity including showering, washing and many more.

The effectiveness of the best tank water coolers in Qatar comes from the fact that it cools the water in the tanks with the latest technologies and prevents its temperature from rising, and the possibility of using it according to low temperatures that the customer can adjust according to his needs!

The price of this best water tank chiller only includes the price of the Golden Star tank water cooling fan 500W and its installation on the water tank only.

ARTEC Company provides a warranty on the Golden Star 500-watt tank water cooling fan for one year with all original spare parts, maintenance, repair, supply and installation services through a staff that includes engineers and technicians specialized in maintenance and installation and a five-year warranty on the compressor in the Falcon Coil and Falcon circulation water tank chillers devices, and one year for the rest of the parts.


What are best water tank chillers in Qatar in Qatar?'

ARTEC Company has provided many options suits different needs, including homes, companies, institutions, large residential buildings and commercial buildings so that the customer can choose from the following:

  • Golden Star which is a Huge Water Tank Cooling Fan.
  • Falcon devices for cooling water tanks that’s work through compressors of two different types that can be chosen between them according to the need, use and size of the tank.
  • Cooling device for water tanks for the home and suitable for pools and swimming pools as well.

water tank cooling fan

Since the swimming pools are the first destination for all families especially in summer when they like fun, water games and swimming sports, however, hot water may be an obstacle so that it spoils the fun and make the swimming bad experience, in addition to that hot water may cause many dangers and accidents for adults and children And expose them to severe burns.

ARTEC Company provided advanced solutions to face these problems through the upper tank cooling fan, the Falcon water tank cooling device (the Circulation system) and the Falcon coil system water tank cooler.

Tank cooling devices are divided into two types, the type that does not work with Freon gas, which is the water tank cooler or the Golden Star air-discharge fan, and the second type works with Freon gas by the compressor, which is divided into two types of tank cooling device and the Falcon water tank cooling device.



The tank cooling fan is an air-discharge fan to cool the tank as the Golden Star type is considered one of the most effective and quality tank water cooling devices.

It is a simple device in its idea and strong in performance and results. The fan was able to translate these wonderful results through positive user evaluations and the great demand for its purchase and installation in all types of homes and residential complexes.

Despite the simple performance of the fan and its low price, it achieved completely unexpected cooling results from a device that works without Freon gas. As we mentioned earlier, the fan is simple, streamlined, and easy installed at the top of the tank within 20 min only.

The water tank cooler fan available in different sizes depending on the size of the tank to be cooled without a large consumption of electricity, as it works with on 3 amps only and provides many features that made it the first choice for all users when it comes to cooling the tank water.


What are the parts of the golden star tank cooling fan?

Tank Cooling Fan - Water Tank chiller

The Golden Star upper tank cooling fan consists of simple parts as follows:

  • The outer cover is made of fiberglass that is insulating against water, dust and insects.
  • A large dynamo blower, XXL size, pumps the air forcefully into the tank to raise the hot air to the top of the tank and the cold air to the bottom and then cooling the water.
  • automatic timer with a fiberglass envelope to protect it from dust and water.


What is the cooling method for the Golden Star water tank fan?

The water tank fan or the Golden Star vacuum pump is featured by a simple and easy working mechanism. At first glance, it may feel that it is unable to complete the tasks assigned to it, but it provided impressive results and a stable cooling level, and it won the satisfaction of all users and the way it works is as follows:

The cooling fan pumps the air forcefully, as the powerful dynamo blower empties the air in the tank by pumping cold air that rushes strongly to the bottom of the tank, and in response to the blower’s force at work, the hot air rises to the top and goes out of the tank through the tank water cooling pump fan slots.

As a result of this process, the water loses its heat and becomes cold enough for use. It becomes at a temperature between 23 to 28 degrees, depending on the use and the force of water withdrawal from the tank. Regarding the method of the Golden Star water tank fan, it is as follows:

  • The dynamo blower pumps cold air to raise the hot air that is in the tank, and due to the high temperature of the water, this air is very hot.
  • The vacuum fan expels hot air from the device's slots, which are equipped with purifying filters, so as not to allow any insects or dust to enter the tank.
  • When the hot air comes out, the fan works to renew the air in the tank with cold air being pushed into the tank, as it heads directly to the bottom of the tank. By the cold air, the hot water turns into cold water due to the transfer of cold from the air molecules to the water molecules in a fast, easy and smooth dynamic movement that works on Water cooling in just hours.
  • A timer (self-timer) that stops fan from working for two continuous hours to ensure the maintenance of the engine by automatically stopping it and then restarting work after two hours every ten continuous working hours.
  • The timer turns off the fan twice a day, and both times are set at the time of sunrise and sunset so that the sun is not hot and thus maintains the level of cold water inside the tank and while the fan stops.

Water tank cooler for home

Golden Star Fan Home Water Tank Cooler features

The Golden Star tank water cooling fan is one of the best tank water cooling devices ever in terms of work efficiency and the ability to cool and keep the tank water cool, also, the powerful fan has a long-life span with the possibility of extending its life span through periodic maintenance and follow-up as well, which is provided by the ARTEC Company with the availability of a warranty on the device and original spare parts. Among the most important features of the Golden Star tank water cooling fan:

  • The fan is a small and easy to install and transport.
  • Ease of adjusting the device.
  • Low electricity consumption.
  • Efficient work with no waste of electrical energy.
  • Can work on a voltage of 3 amps.
  • Supply and installation free of charge.
  • Availability of original spare parts.
  • Maintenance, follow-up and periodic cleaning of the fan through the maintenance team.
  • Available in several sizes depending on the tank size.
  • The price of the Golden Star tank cooling fan is an attractive price that makes it inexpensive to use, and more than one fan can be used according to the number of tanks in the house.
  • Streamlined shape with a cover for the outer body of the fan made of fiberglass.
  • Filters prevent any foreign matter from entering the tank.
  • Automatic timer that keeps the fan on and off automatically.
  • The fan is powerful and simple yet delivers a very high cooling quality.
  • All parts of the fan are made of environmentally friendly materials.


The second type of tank water cooler devices, Falcon compressor

Falcon device to cool the upper tanks

1- Falcon Circulation Water Cooler

The water cooler or water cooled air conditioner Falcon Circulation is a device similar to a regular air conditioner and consists of an external cooling unit that works with Freon gas through the compressor, so that the device cools the water externally, that is, it draws water through the pipes from the tank and to the external cooling unit by a pump Water Circulation The water remains for a few minutes confined to the cooling unit, which is very cold at a very low temperature, as the water exits from it and has lost four degrees Celsius, Then returns it to the tank to pull it again, and so the coldness is transferred from the cold water to the rest of the tank water until the temperature reaches the required degree that users prefer so that it is suitable for water uses inside the house, and then the device will stop automatically and will not work again until the water temperature rises above the degree that Preset in the control panel Falcon Circulation which is the best choice among water tank chillers, as it is highly efficient, powerful and fast in performance.


What is the Falcon Circulation Tank Water Cooling Device?

The Falcon water tank cooler consists of advanced parts that make it the most powerful choice among devices capable of overcoming the problem of high-water temperatures in summer with high speed and quality in providing cold water at all times along with a digital screen and a control panel with a 25-meter long wire that shows the user the water temperature and the ability to adjust the panel or follow the work of the device remotely without the need to go to the top where the device is located and the control panel can be placed inside the house. The Falcon Circulation device consists of the following parts:

  • Outdoor refrigeration unit with Freon gas meter pressure clock.
  • Circulation water intake pump.
  • Digital control panel with a 25-meter-long wire to install the control panel in the right place near the user to follow the water temperature of the device.

water tank chiller

Falcon tank chiller device working mechanism

The Falcon Circulation device is one of the most powerful devices that provides the user with cold water usable at any time. The cooling of the Falcon Circulation device is characterized by high speed, as the device works in several simple steps as follows:

  • The device starts to work as it pull water from the tank, whose temperature may reach 60 degrees Celsius due to the high air temperatures in the area.
  • The pump sends water through the pipes to the external air conditioning unit and from there to the cooling tank in the unit where the tank is very cold with temperatures below zero.
  • The water enters the air conditioning unit to cool immediately within a few minutes, then the pump pumps the cooled water back into the tank and works to draw the water again.
  • The cooling process is a smooth, repetitive dynamic process in which the withdrawal and flow of water to and from the tank is repeated until the water temperature is adjusted according to the degree installed on the control panel, and then the device stops automatically.
  • When water is withdrawn from the tank as a result of use, the device is automatically disconnected and then restarted when the water temperature rises immediately.
  • This cooling process is done very easily and quickly so that the water remains cold for as long as possible at the same temperature set in the control panel.

digital control panel


Falcon tank chiller device features

Water Tank chiller - Circulation System

The Falcon Circulation device provides features that make the tank cooler the best choice when looking for a device to cool the tank water and to solve the problem of high-water temperature in tanks, which is difficult to use without cooling. The features of the device are:

  • A powerful device that works in difficult conditions, regardless of the temperature of the water in the tank, and is not affected by the withdrawal of large quantities of tank water or the number of users in the family.
  • Digital control panel with a long wire to place the panel inside the house.
  • The device stops working automatically in case of a water shortage.
  • Falcon Circulation device is suitable for cooling ponds and swimming pools water.
  • The device comes with a catalog that explains and explains how the device works and deals with all obstacles and problems.
  • Free supply and installation.
  • The device has a guarantee from the ARTEC Company with the availability of original spare parts.

Water tank cooling device in tank

  • Falcon Circulation Tank Water Cooling Air Conditioner is available in several sizes to suit everyone including:
  • 1 ton
  • 5 ton
  • 2 tons
  • 3 tons
  • The presence of the gas indicator in the refrigeration unit helps to know the gas pressure in the device.
  • The device is not affected by the extreme high temperature of the water.

Pressure gauge


Falcon Circulation Water Chiller device for Tanks and Ponds

The Falcon Circulation water cooler device is a device that can cool the water of ponds and swimming pools in complete safety. The device draws the pond water through the pipes to the external cooling unit that is placed next to the pond and then returns it cold within minutes to adjust the temperature of the hot water and cool it until it reaches the degree desired by the user therefore, the Falcon Circulation device is the perfect solution and the best choice for cooling ponds and pools, and enjoying swimming and showering with cool water in summer!

Water Tank chiller - Circulation System

2- Falcon Coil Water tank chiller

The Falcon Coil water cooling device is the second type of Falcon compressor, a Freon-powered device by the compressor but the Falcon Coil device works to cool the water in the tank internally without pulling water from it because it contains coil coils placed inside the tank and these coils cool the water through the Freon gas inside, so it is very cold like pieces of ice to transfer the cold from those coils to the water and it is designed Spiral shaped so that it is easy to place in the tank.

Best water tank cooling device

Falcon Coil Water tank chiller components

The Falcon Coil device is the ideal device that fits all tanks, as it comes in multiple sizes to suit all types of tanks, and it consists of the following sections:

  • External air conditioning unit.
  • Stainless steel coil coils are coated with an insulator that makes them very safe on water, against rust or damage, and made of environment-friendly materials, with a length of 20 meters, in a spiral shape, to facilitate their placement inside the tank.
  • Gas pressure indicator for measuring Freon gas inside the device, which is located in the body of the external refrigeration unit.
  • A sensor that measures the temperature inside the tank to show it on the external control panel.
  • A float inside the tank, which makes the device stop automatically in case of a shortage or interruption of water inside the tank.

Falcon compressor water tank cooling device

Falcon Coil Water tank chiller features

The Falcon Coil device was equipped with advanced features that made it the first and Best water tank chillers when searching for a device to cool water tanks, especially as it is suitable for large families and places that require large and continuous consumption of water and the most important features of the device are:

  • The device comes in multiple sizes and is suitable for all users, as it is available in sizes: 1 ton, a ton and a half, two tons, and three tons.
  • Catalog of method of use and maintenance.
  • A guarantee on the device from the ARTEC Company, in addition to maintenance services through a full team of qualified engineers and technicians to provide periodic maintenance services, device care and periodic cleaning.
  • Free supply and installation.
  • Availability of original spare parts at reasonable prices.
  • All materials of the device are made of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Easy installation inside the tank.
  • The control panel with a wire length of 25 meters so that you can install it inside the house.
  • The device stops working automatically if the water is cut off or low inside the tank.



Falcon Coil Water tank chiller working mechanism

The tank cooling device Falcon compressor coil is a cooling device that works through the cooling of the compressor where the Freon gas works to cool the coils placed inside the tank, whose temperature is below zero, and the cold is transmitted from them to the hot water molecules in the tank, and the water cools until it reaches the temperature set on the control panel then the device will automatically stop and return to work again as soon as the hot water enters the tank due to the consumption of cold water. Therefore, the method of working of the Falcon Coil device is as follows:

  • The appropriate temperature is set in the control panel.
  • coils begin to be cooled by Freon until they reach a very low temperature below zero.
  • Coolness is transferred from coils to water quickly and smoothly.
  • The device automatically stops working when the water reaches the required cold temperature in the control panel.
  • Through the previous steps, the Falcon Coil device provides cold water throughout the day and continuously, regardless of the peak water use or the power of withdrawal and consumption from the tank regardless of the water temperature.

Falcon compressor water tank cooling device

What is the difference between water tank chillers?

Given the multiple tank water cooling devices provided by ARTEC Company and their different uses and operating requirements, the difference between these devices, which are all considered among the best tank water cooling devices in Qatar that suit all customers, are:

  • Golden Star Top Tank Cooling Fan.
  • Falcon device for cooling tank water which is divided into two types: Falcon Circulation and Falcon Coil.

You must know the difference between these devices so that you can choose the right device for your needs and water consumption. The difference between these devices can be explained as follows:



The Golden Star water tank fan device works with a voltage of 3 amps, so the fan does not consume electricity because it does not work with trough compressor and Freon gas. As for the Falcon device, both types work with electrical voltage:

  • 220v-240v /50Hz Single Phase.
  • Freon Gas Type R417A environment-friendly.



The Golden Star fan is available in different sizes, suitable for tanks of different sizes, and the same is true for the Falcon water cooler for tanks of different sizes to suit all tank sizes, as it comes in the following sizes: 1 ton, a ton and a half, two tons, and three tons.



The Golden Star cooling fan is used to cool the water of the tanks and is placed at the top of the tank. The Falcon device is placed next to the tank and is used to cool tanks and ponds of all kinds and sizes because it cools the water outside the pool. The Falcon Coil cools the water inside the tank, so it is used inside the tank only and is not suitable for cooling swimming pools.



The Golden Star Water Tank Fan is small and light with a simple and streamlined shape. The Falcon Tank Cooling Compressor is similar in shape to the external cooling unit of air conditioners.



All tank water coolers, including the Golden Star fan and Falcon devices, is manufactured with a strong and durable design and are able to work in the most difficult conditions and with a little attention and care you can extend the life of these devices and all of them are made of environmentally friendly materials.



All these devices feature a guarantee from ARTEC Company with free supply and installation services and benefit from the services of the specialized company staff to carry out maintenance, installation and care with high quality and accuracy.

Through this information, you will be able to determine the Best water tank chillers that is suitable for your needs and requirements, corresponding to the needs of the family and the place of installation.


Choose among the best Water tank chillers

After determining the difference between the different cooling devices and knowing the features of each device and the way it operates and how it works, you can choose the appropriate device for your needs and requirements to solve the problem of cooling tank water in summer, for example, small families or those who do not need a large and continuous water consumption can choose the Golden Star fan to cool the tank water. It is small, light, and has an appropriate price. It has low electricity consumption and thanks to its low price, you can install more than one fan in each tank in the house.

If the number of family members is large and the water consumption is large and continuous at the same time, you can choose the Falcon Circulation or Falcon Coil device. It is a long-life device and can meet all needs, regardless of the working conditions. If there is a swimming pool or swimming pool at home, you can choose the Falcon Circulation device to cool water tank.

All the previous devices can solve the problem of hot water and cool the water of the tank and pools, whatever the temperatures, whatever the water use and the place of installation, and through them you can face the summer heat and enjoy using cold water whatever the temperature and with guarantees from the ARTEC Company in Qatar!



Is there a warranty on Water tank chillers?

The ARTEC Company offers a five-year warranty on the compressor in the Falcon Circulation or Falcon Coil devices, and one year on the rest of the parts and additions that the customer wishes to install with the tank water coolers and a one-year warranty on the Golden Star fan.

When does the Falcon tank water cooler stop working?

The Falcon device stops working when the tank water level drops significantly so that the compressor stops working.

Where can the tank water cooler be installed?

The tank water cooling device must be installed on the main tank located on the roofs to cool the water from the main source, and it should not be installed on the sub tanks or located at the bottom, because the cold water then is available in the sub tank only.

What are the available sizes of home water coolers?

The Golden Star fan for cooling the upper tank comes in different sizes to suit all tanks. The same applies to the Falcon device for cooling tank water, as it is available in different sizes to fit all tanks, including sizes: 1 ton, 1 and a half ton, two tons, and three tons.

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