central heater thermostat

central heater thermostat

The central heater thermostat is the main component for regulating the water temperature in water heaters of different temperatures. The central heater usually contains three main parts, which are the heating element, the thermostat, and the switch to prevent the unit from overheating, as the central heater thermostat regulates the temperature of hot water to suit different purposes. For instance, the temperature required for washing may differ from the level required for showering. Moreover, it controls the current that is transmitted to another thermostat or heating element.

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For water heaters with small tanks, the central heater thermostat works with the heating part to control the temperature, but they use a high-limit switch as in large water heaters.

Central heater repair company in Qatar

Water heater maintenance

Water heater maintenance is a must-do periodically and regularly while many people do not know when to maintenance the water heater, we strongly recommend that the heater be serviced when any of the following problems are observed:

  • If your water heater is more than five years old.
  • If the tank becomes rusty.
  • If you notice water leaks.
  • You have not done proper and regular maintenance before.

These are some of the reasons why your water heater may need to be serviced so make sure you don't ignore them before the problem becomes more prevalent.

If the maintenance doesn't work successfully then it's time to replace the water heater completely, its better to check your water heater to determine if it is time to replace it and if so, You can benefit from the services and expertise of the crew at the ARTEC Company, which includes engineers and technicians who are able to maintain the electric heater, dismantle the current water heater and install a new water heater, and they will easily deal with the old water heater, so there is no need to worry! The ARTEC team has many years of experience in electric heater, Central heater thermostat maintenance, central heater repair, replacement of water heaters, alkaline and home water filters..


Electric heater maintenance

As mentioned above, if there is no hot water in the house, constantly leaking water around the water heater or pipes, or even problems with fluctuations in water temperature, it seems that the electric heater needs some maintenance.

The Electric heater maintenance isn't important only because it helps provide you warm water in the colder months, but also the damaged or broken water heaters put you and your family at real risk of severe burns! therefore, you should do regular water heater maintenance at least once a year especially if you notice strange indicators in your water heater.

ARTEC Company provide professional services when it comes to electric heater, Central heater thermostat maintenance and offer maintenance, installation and replacement of high-quality original spare parts at competitive prices and premium guarantees in Qatar as the company specialized in installing and repairing water heaters along with professional stuff an handle simple and complex tasks easily.

The ARTEC crew is experts in understanding how to maintain your electric heater, Central heater thermostat and will be able to easily diagnose your water heater problems and quickly fix the problem or replace your water heater as the company considered as the most reliable, affordable and professional skilled service company in Qatar according to clients feedbacks.

Water heater repair in Qatar

Central heater repairing

In Qatar, you will find hard water, which in turn requires regular maintenance and monitoring of water heaters, Central heater thermostat as hard water leads to the accumulation of large amounts of calcium at a high rate inside the water heaters so and annual Central heater repairing is important to prevent clogging of pipes.

Annual Central heater repairing, maintenance and cleaning of the water heater will help prevent calcium buildup that gets stuck in the system and cannot escape from the water heater as Annual maintenance and cleaning of your water heater extends its service life and allows you to monitor the water temperature and allows you to detect rust on your heater and when there is a buildup of rust you need to replace the water heater.

We all use water heaters in our daily routine for things like showering, washing etc. and because we use them a lot it is important to make sure that we invest in regular central heater maintenance and repair in our homes as it is common for water heaters to fail and keeping an eye on these devices is an important task.

After you know how often you have to maintain, clean and repair the central heater, Central heater thermostat and know the signs of possible malfunctions, you will be able to realize the importance of taking care of these problems sooner rather than later as doing so will prevent you from running into more serious and costly problems with your water heater and will extend its life.



What is the importance of water heater maintenance?

Increase efficiency and save money as Calcium buildup is very common problem in water heaters and can be a major contributor to make the heater less efficient as loose minerals build up at the bottom of the water heater making it difficult for the water heater to produce hot water and these minerals can also cause fails to the lower heating part, regular flushing and maintenance of the water heaters will increase efficiency. Maintaining and cleaning your water heater at least once a year or every six months (if possible) is likely to save you money on your next utility bill and will cause your water to heat up faster. Water helps ensure it functions properly and clean water heaters use less energy.

How often should you maintain the water heater?

In general, the total service life of the water heater anywhere from eight to twelve years and of course there are many factors that can affect this life including where the water heater is installed in your home, how well it is installed, the type and date of actual manufacture of the heater and even the level of maintenance you provide all of that It will make a difference. For repairs and maintenance, the professionals suggest taking out the water heater at least once a year as this helps remove excess deposits from the heater which, if left untreated, can cause serious damage and blockage to the heater.

When should the water heater be replaced?

If your tank water heater is more than 10 years old it may be time to consider replacing it but with proper maintenance your central water heater tank should last six to 12 years.

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