Central water heater repairing

Central water heater repair

Central water heater repairing

Malfunctions of central water heaters are one of the most common home malfunctions. On average, an electric water heater should last for ten years or so depending on your usage, type of heater, etc. whether you have a newer water heater or an older one, regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that your water heater can do its job properly throughout its lifespan and will have a huge impact on how long it will last.

ARTEC Company provide all Central water heater repairing services in Qatar and replacing original spare parts for heaters with premium guarantees and competitive prices as you will be able to avoid premature issues, help your water heater to last longer and operate more efficiently, and you will be able to avoid expensive repairs or replacing the heater in a shorter time than it should be by committing by routine maintenance of central water heaters.

It can be said that Central water heater repairing is a necessary routine process similar to the periodic maintenance of the car or the air conditioning system, where the maintenance of the water heater must be carried out annually or every three to five years, depending on the type of water heater you have and the mechanism of use.

ARTEC Company offer checking and repairing services for central water heaters, the first reliable company in Qatar and officially approved by many international brands specialized in the manufacture of water heaters, water filters and many others as spending a little money now to make sure your central water heater is free of malfunctions and detect the issues early will save you a lot of money in future as you should know that water heaters that are not serviced regularly expire much faster than water heaters that receive regular maintenance.


Central heater repairing

As mentioned above, ARTEC Company is the first and best choice to call when you want to repair central water heaters in Qatar with competitive prices and real guarantees as the company provide you experienced technicians to perform regular water heater maintenance and they'll guarantee you the following troubleshooting services:


  • Checking water heater pressure relief valve

The pressure relief valve is located above or on the side of the water heater and its main function is to open and release water if too much pressure builds up inside the heater tank as Water heater tanks can explode if they are subjected to excessive pressure.

The Gold Lira maintenance crew will check the valve that supplies the tank with cold water. They will also test the valve to see if there is any water leakage, and if everything is OK, the heater is in good condition. If the water does not come out of the valve, the valve will be replaced.


  • Checking the anode rod & Replacing Central heater plugs

We value clean water. However, even what you think is clean water may contain minerals and impurities especially if you live in areas where you are more likely to have hard water and when we describe water as hard it means that the water contains more minerals, hard water is not bad for you but it may be very harmful to your water heater.

If this water is left untreated the water heater will corrode quickly as every water heater needs a specific component to prevent this from happening and this is the purpose of the anode rod in the electric water heater that works to collect the corrosive substances so that this collector corrodes instead of the water heater.


  • Check and replace the heater plugs

If the water seems clear, the technician crew will then check the water heater plugs There is some evidences that they should be replaced so Replacing Central heater plugs is the solution and fortunately these plugs are inexpensive to replace and should be replaced every 1-2 years as this can significantly extend the life of your water heater.


central heater technician

The ARTEC Company provide central heater technician specialized in repairing central water heaters in Qatar with great experience in maintaining all tanks, central water heaters and water filters.

To ensure efficient and long operation of central water heaters, we recommend that homeowners maintain and clean central water heaters at least once a year. Regular water heater cleanings increase operating efficiency and reduce the risk of costly water heater failures.

A central water heater repairing technician from ARTEC Company will provide you with the services of checking all components and electrical connections of central water heaters, cleaning pipes, checking for water leaks in the system and performing a safety check for the water heater and intake group.

electric heater maintenance

Water heater repairing

ARTEC Company provides all water heaters and electric heaters repair services with a specialized staff who is familiar with fixing the most common and difficult water heater problems while providing the highest level of customer service. Also, the expert staff will repair your water heater quickly, which means that you will significantly save on labor costs and will get original spare parts from international companies that adopt ARTEC Company as their official distributor in Qatar.


Electric heater repairing

Electric and Central water heater repairing services in Qatar provided by ARTEC Company, are considered one of the best services provided by any company 24 / 7 throughout Qatar as it offer a wide range of electric heater repair services including installation, repair, maintenance and replacement with original spare parts.

ARTEC Company seeks to give customers peace of mind when installing or expertly maintaining their water heaters as the professional staff at ARTEC Company will look for mandatory tests to address any problems that may arise in the future to ensure that the electric heater continues to operate reliably and efficiently including valve leakage malfunctions Pressure relief, hot water tank leaking, black or rusty water, if the water heater is unable to heat the water and many other common problems!



What maintenance is needed for the water heater?

The water heater needs regular maintenance for many parts including insulation and temperature adjustment which must be done only once while other operations such as cleaning the tank and checking the pollutant and spark plugs must be done annually and for repairs and maintenance professionals suggest taking out the water heater at least once a year.

What are the signs indicating that the water heater needs maintenance?

If you notice any of these problems with your water heater, it means the heater needs maintenance: Water is leaking from the heating tank. The life of the heater. Hot water runs out quickly. The water temperature is inconsistent in the shower. Unclean water coming from the taps. Unusual sounds coming from the water heater. Low water pressure.

What is the estimated life of the water heater?

Depending on the service life suggested by the manufacturer, the average life expectancy of the water heater ranges from eight to 12 years as this varies according to the installation location, heater design, installation quality, maintenance schedule and water quality.

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