Central water heaters with a 5-year Warranty

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Specifications and price
Materials Description Quantity
Central water heater: Brand: Americana Capacity: 80 gallons - Made in USA 2
central water filter: Brand: Clack Size 10*54 inches - Made in USA 1
water pump: Water pressure pump, size 1 HP - Made in Italy 1
control pressure: Automatic pressure control 1
circulation pump:  Circulation pump for hot water circulation 1
timer with waterproof cover: Timer with waterproof cover to regulate the operation of the hot water circulation 1
pipe network: PPR pipe network to assemble the system 1
price: 9,300 Qatari riyals includes the supply and installation of a water heating system according to the materials mentioned above only, without any other additions.

The central water heaters provides the latest advanced technologies in water service technology to enhance its position at the forefront of water heating systems, especially multiple heaters that need many spaces and are exposed to many faults. In contrast, the central heater is characterized by the possibility of installation in only one place. It is outside The home, which increases safety and security in the use of central water heaters, and the ARTEC Company in Qatar offers customers the possibility of repairing central water heaters through an integrated team of engineers and technicians, where a central water heater technician can provide central water heater installation services at the best prices with great offers Distinguished warranty and maintenance, in addition to the wholesale offers offered by the ARTEC Company and other competitive offers in the field of water heaters and home water filters

The price of the central water heater includes the costs of the entire heater with installation, which consists of 2 central heaters with a capacity of 80 gallons with a central filter to purify water from lime and impurities to ensure obtaining pure and free water from impurities and a pump for water circulation (circulation) whose task is to withdraw cold water from the pipes when opening The faucet for hot water when the tap is opened directly and a dynamo pump to accelerate the flow of water in the pipes so that you can use the hot water at any time and no matter the size of the use.

When talking about warranty and guarantee, ARTEC Company provides a warranty on the heater body only for five years and a one-year warranty on the rest of the parts attached to the central water heater, where the customer can customize the purchase of the parts and additions that he wishes to install according to his needs and requirements.

central water heaters in Qatar

Features of the American Central Water Heater 

  • High quality in heater parts, installation, and commissioning process with many advantages come from the factory.
  • An integrated water heater system can serve large buildings and multi-unit buildings, whether companies, hotels, large homes, villas, or areas with multiple buildings such as major hotels and tourist villages.
  • The system features central heaters with powerful components that meet the services of the whole house in all bathrooms and units for laundries or kitchens.
  • ARTEC Company offers all the appropriate sizes of American central water heaters with superior quality and various sizes and capacities, making a choice very easy to suit the needs and the number of units.
  • Central water heaters are available with a blue diamond coating that protects the heater from voltage, heat stress, or water pressure and its deposits.
  • The heater body is diamond-coated and anti-calc against rust and sedimentation because it is coated with a ceramic layer to provide maximum protection.
  • The American central heater is made of stainless steel to protect the hot water against the dangers of contamination.
  • Central water heaters contain a thermal insulator that maintains the water temperature for as long as possible, which allows a longer life for the candles and saves electricity significantly.
  • The thermostat controls the required heat. In addition, the heater body is covered with an outer layer that protects the heater body and prevents the water heater from leaking.

Specifications of American central water heaters

The ARTEC Company provides all brands of global central water heaters in Qatar, where there are many sizes, types, and appropriate brands to suit the needs of all customers. One of the essential features of central water heaters is that it supports the availability of hot water at all times. Therefore, the specifications of the heaters are as follows:

  • Multiple sizes From the heater where the American central heater is available in sizes 50, 80, and 120 gallons, the customer can choose the appropriate size for him according to the area that the heater will cover and deliver to it.
  • A thermal insulator with a thickness of 2 inches gives the candles a longer life span, extends the device's life in general, and strengthens the performance.
  • A drain valve prevents incorrect water cycles and provides quick access to hot water in connections once in use.
  • A distinctive electrical voltage of 220v-240v /50Hz single phase and 3 phases is also available, which saves electricity as using one central heater is more efficient than using several heaters for each bathroom and kitchen.
  • Circulation pump to provide hot water once used because the pump makes the hot water at the top of the heater come out directly for direct use and makes the water enter the tank at the bottom.

Repair of central heaters from the ARTEC Company in Qatar

They provided a water heating system with great solutions to provide hot water for all house floors combined at one time, even if the house has multiple separate units. As a result, the central heater serves all apartments and floors with high efficiency and provides repair and maintenance services for heaters. Central from the ARTEC Company in Qatar with a specialized staff of engineers and technicians with a high degree of experience, skill, and speed of performance and carrying out all the work of supply and installation, taking measurements and inventorying the works and quantities required in the installation of the heater and providing all original spare parts at the best prices.

A central water heater technician with the maintenance team from the ARTEC Company.

has the services of a central water heater technician to take measurements on the ground and determine the quantities needed for installing the connections and all the necessary health parts and fixtures. This inspection is in agreement and an appointment is set with the customer and after the inspection is determined The appropriate size for use, then the supply and installation date is determined, then the installation and wiring works are done at the highest level of accuracy and speed so that the hot water reaches with strength and smoothness to the farthest place in the house.

A central water heater technician from the ARTEC Company in Qatar has a high level of experience so that he can carry out all the water services for the central heater, as well as the work of replacing spare parts and carrying out repair work for central heaters with high efficiency


Advantages of installing central water heaters

Choosing to install central water heaters is the best and most efficient option for saving electricity, time and effort, a longer life span and avoiding malfunctions. To the possibility of installing outside the house, whether on the roofs or in the yard and so on, at a time when multiple heaters take up more areas and cost time and effort in installation and multiple repairs.

The most prominent feature of the American central heaters is the long life span thanks to the technological support in the heater industry, which is from the same factory. The American heater provides you with avoiding all common problems and offers water heating technology that meets the needs of all parts of the house with a strong flow of hot water without interruption and protection factors from the dangers Pressure, heat and parts to keep water from rust, impurities and dust, as the heater is equipped with a central filter that provides users with pure hot water ready to use quickly and without waiting. Hot water is available as soon as the water tap or mixer is opened in the kitchen, bathrooms and sinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best types of central water heaters?

Electric central water heaters are the most efficient and quality type of water heating and are considered one of the best efficient alternatives to fuel, oil and gas heaters, as they are low-cost and offer very promising results.

Do central water heaters consume a lot of electricity?

Central water heaters are very economical in consuming electricity as they work on a voltage of 220v-240v /50Hz single phase, and most importantly, they are less consuming than regular heaters.

How long is the life span of central water heaters?

Central water heaters have a long life, distinguishing them from ordinary heaters. Based on the proposed service life of the manufacturer, the average life expectancy of the water heater ranges from eight to 12 years, and the life varies according to the location, design, installation quality of the heater, maintenance schedule, and water quality.

What are the signs that the water heater needs replacing?

If you notice a drop in the water temperature frequently, if you notice that the water is contaminated or leaking, or if the heater is making strange noises frequently, this most likely means that the heater needs to be replaced.

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