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Dynamo water pump is available in many shapes and sizes to meet all domestic and industrial needs.

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Types of dynamo water pump

The dynamo water pump is an ideal choice for homes, industrial and agricultural facilities.

Dynamo water pump power ranges from ½ HP to 3 HP.

Dynamo water pump specifications

  • The pump body is made of cast iron
  • It gives enough pressure for a height of 54 meters at a rate of 150 liters per minute
  • The pump fan is made of copper

Dynamo water pump installation

Installation of the water pump is not much difficult; some equipment and tools are required for this.

Tools needed for dynamo water pump installation

  • Selected water pump
  • Wires
  • Water tank
  • Water pipes, and other fittings
  • Teflon tape to prevent water leakage between pipes
  • The pump operating circuit consists of an electrical circuit, contractor, switch, and electrical wires

Installing dynamo water pump step by step

pump specification

Right water pump for the right home; this important step under/overestimation of the home needs will be more costly and time-consuming.

There should be a good place for water pump placement where it can be straight and steady.

Pipes to be cut according to their size and the places they will pass over, then to be installed together by the elbows and other fittings.

The water supply has to be cut off from the line on which the pump will be installed, Then a waiting period suitable for the line to empty its water.

By means of a piping wrench, these pipes are opened at the place where the pump will be installed and fixed in the pumping circuit.

Pipes then will be collected and Teflon tape to be installed on all connection areas to prevent water leakage.

A non-return valve should be installed at the pump outlet.

In the last step, the pump should be connected to electricity and make sure it is on.

Make sure the water flows smoothly inside all pipes and reaches its places without any leakage.

Possible causes of dynamo water pump failing

If the water pump is not working, then the pump common problems should be checked before calling maintenance.

Cut off the electrical supply

The electrical circuit اhas to be checked plus checking the wires that are connected to the water pump and ensuring their integrity.

If an electron board defect is suspected, the power supply should be cut off, then the pump itself should be checked, if this defect is confirmed, a qualified technician should be called.

The water pump doesn't turn off

It may be one of these possible causes:

Blockage in the inlet pipe that brings water into the pump

After a period of usage, rust may build up and it will be more noticeable if the water tank is filled with water and still the pump is working without disconnecting.

Another noticeable event; opening the water tape and the pump isn't working until a period of time gone.

Constant leakage in the pump outlet line

The leakage may be in the household faucet, household pipes or bathroom sinks.

All the pipes and household faucets have to be checked to ensure that they are not leaking any water.

Pump failure

In such a case, the pump should be replaced with another one that is with higher capacity to meet the home's needs.

Home water pump

Many water pumps are designed to meet the home's needs.

Each pump is of variable size and power to suit the size and height of the home.

What is a water pump?

Simply, it is a device that is transferring water from its source to another place through two lines, one for drawing water and the other for pumping water outside the pump.

The water pumps are made of pure metal.

Choosing a home water pump

This depends on many factors:

  • The width of the pump and the height of the home
  • The pump will do single or double intake
  • Medium-sized pumps are usually 

Home water pumps common failures

  • Rust build-up and inlet blockage
  • Water leakage due to a hole in the water pump
  • Clogged non-return valve
  • Electrical connections errors
  • The pump is exposed to air blockage
  • The pump is running over a low voltage power supply

Pressure dynamo water pump

There are many sizes and types including ¼ HP, ½ HP, 1 HP.

Each pump has its own advantages and characteristics that meet different needs.

Finally; the dynamo water pump is specifically designed to meet the needs of homes, industrial and agricultural facilities that rely mainly on groundwater.

Frequently asked questions

Does the home water pump always fail?

Absolutely no, its failure is rare, and anyone can go through what we have discussed through the article and figure out what exactly the problem is.

Is dynamo water pump costly?

Absolutely no, compared to its advantages, it costs nothing.

What are the common failures of the dynamo water pump?

It is rare to face such aproblem, but in case, check out the leakage and electrical supply, etc. If you cannot figure out what is the problem, a professional technician can help.

What are the advantages of dynamo water pump?

The pump body is made of iron, its fan is made from copper and it can pump water up to 50 meters and higher.

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