Falcon tank water cooler - coil system

Falcon water tank cooling device

Specifications and price
Brand: Falcon Blue.
Size: 2 tons, 24,000 BTU.
Electrical voltage: 220-240 volt single phase.
Hertz: 50 Hz.
Electricity consumption: 9 amps.
Type: Coil system inside the tank. Coated with an insulating layer.
Freon/gas: R410a.
Dimensions - (mm): Length: 896 - Width: 337 - Height: 591.
Weight :  53 kg.
Control system:
Digital control panel to control water temperature.
The maximum temperature to reach: It works to reduce the temperature from 48 degrees to (20) degrees achieved by the device.
Installation location :
On the roof tank. A maximum of 1000 gallons and a maximum of 10 people in the house.
Warranty:  4 years on the compressor only and one year on the rest of the other parts.
Price:  3100/- QR, including supply and installation. Without the cost of extending electricity.

Best water tank cooling device

 tank water cooler Falcon compressor - coil system, specifications and features

The Falcon tank water cooler compressor - coil system, is one of the most powerful tank cooling devices that withstand severe working conditions and harsh operating loads. It is a device that cools the tank water with Freon gas through the compressor to ensure that cold water is obtained with speed and stability in the distribution of cold in the tank water. Therefore, the Falcon compressor coil system water cooler has gained wide popularity and trust among users, especially in the Arab Gulf countries.

The price of the Falcon tank water cooler-coil system, includes the price of the 2-ton coil water cooler and installation on the water tank only It does not include the costs of electricity extensions and electrical connections, as the device needs a 32-amp switch separate from household electrical circuit breakers to ensure the compressor is working properly.

ARTEC Company provides a warranty on the compressor in the Falcon tank water cooler-coil system, for a period of five years and one year on the rest of the parts, with the availability of all original spare parts, maintenance, repair, supply and installation services provided by the ARTEC company’s staff, which includes engineers and technicians specialized in Maintenance and installation of tank water cooling systems, heaters and home filters.


The best device to cool tank water, Falcon tank water cooler compressor - coil system

The cooling device Falcon compressor-coil system tops the list of effective and powerful water tank cooling devices that can bear the burdens of cooling the upper water tanks, whatever their size as the coil-system is characterized by effective cooling because it cools the water inside the tank by means of coil coils that are placed inside the tank and it is cold, like a large piece of ice, as the cold transfers from it to the water molecules quickly and smoothly, It is evenly distributed over the water molecules until you get cold water in the tank, ready for all different home uses and all water needs. The water temperature of the tank can be adjusted according to the user’s desire and need, as the accepted and most common degree for users and according to their experiences is 20 degrees Celsius. Suitable for home, cleaning, washing and other uses.

Falcon compressor water tank cooling device

Falcon tank water cooler compressor - coil system, components

The Falcon tank water cooling device-coil system, is one of the best tank water cooling devices that work by the compressor. It contains several effective parts that help the device in the cooling process, which are as follows:

  • External refrigeration unit with safety device and gas pressure gauge.
  • The coils are made of copper and coated with an insulating material to protect it against gas leakage or rust.
  • A sensor placed inside the tank to measure the temperature and show it on the control panel.
  • A balloon to measure the water level in the tank to stop the device from working automatically in case of a shortage of water in the tank or a water outage.
  • A control panel with a digital display shows the temperature in the tank, and the required temperature is set with a 25-meter-long wire.
  • coils are placed inside the tank in a spiral shape to be placed easily. It is a coil with a length of 20 meters, but its spiral shape is easy to place inside the tank, coated with an insulating material against electricity or gas leakage, which gives the device more effective cooling with many safety factors in the device and coils.


Falcon tank water cooler compressor - coil system, features

The Falcon tank water cooler compressor - coil system has advanced specifications and many features that make it one of the best upper tank water cooling devices, as the cooling of the compressor guarantees the device speed in cooling no matter how high the water temperature in the tank, which may reach a temperature of 55 degrees Celsius in the summer, Among these features:

  • Ease of installing.
  • Doesn't take much time to install.
  • Available in several sizes to suit all types and sizes of tanks, including 1 ton and up to 5 ton.
  • ARTEC Company in Qatar offers a warranty on the device and compressor.
  • The Falcon Coil System Compressor is characterized by fast cooling and powerful performance because it cools the water inside the tank
  • ARTEC Company offers its customers a full staff of qualified engineers and technicians to carry out maintenance work at reasonable prices.
  • Special offers and prices for wholesale orders, competitive prices and wholesale orders for large companies, institutions or construction companies and supermarkets.
  • Falcon water tank cooler - coil system cools the water inside the tank quickly and completely and is able to meet the heavy uses or the consumption of large families where the tank water consumption is in large quantities or in a short time. inside the tank.
  • The device contains a digital screen that shows the tank temperature and the desired degree. The screen can also be placed in the appropriate place for users because it is connected to a long wire that the user can place in the place that suits him.

Chiller tank water Falcon in Qatar

Falcon tank water cooler compressor - coil system, Mechanism of Action

Falcon water tank cooler-coil system works through the compressor and Freon gas with an indicator to measure Freon gas inside the refrigeration unit. The device is also equipped with safety factors to protect it against the risks of gas or electricity leakage and is made of environmentally friendly materials. The following is how the Falcon water tank cooler system coil system works:

  • The user sets the temperature to be turned off when the device is reached and selects it via the digital display in the control panel.
  • The device starts working by cooling the Freon gas to the coil inside the tank.
  • The coil cools down and becomes very cold like a large piece of ice, then the cold is transmitted from the coil particles to the water molecules inside the tank until the entire tank water cools down.
  • When the water reaches the cold temperature set in the control panel, the device stops working automatically.
  • The device returns to work when the water temperature rises slightly or when the temperature set in the control panel is changed.
Tank water cooler pcb control board

pcb control board

by this way, the Falcon Coil device works automatically to keep the cold water inside the tank at the same desired temperature.


Falcon tank water cooler compressor - coil system, warranty and maintenance

ARTEC Company in Qatar provides special offers on Falcon tank water cooler compressor prices to suit all categories of users. It also provided special prices for merchants, large shops and wholesale orders, as well as maintenance services, original spare parts for the device, and free supply and installation services.

The Falcon tank water cooler compressor - coil system is available in several sizes to suit all types and sizes of tanks. It is placed next to the water tank after installing coil coils inside the tank to provide cold water to large families regardless of the weather temperature and suitable for all uses. The device provided safe solutions with speed in performance and workmanship no matter what. The temperatures were.


Falcon tank water cooler compressor - coil system, maintenance

Maintenance is the most important service that the user cares about when purchasing home appliances, and it guarantees users the continuity of the device’s work with high quality and for long periods. Therefore, ARTEC Company has provided a staff specialized in the maintenance and installation of its devices, with fast supply, installation, follow-up and replacement of parts with original and guaranteed spare parts. The company aims, through maintenance services, to extend the life of the devices and provide a product that satisfies users with work efficiency, long life and most importantly, competitive prices.

Water chiller system For tank


What type of Freon gas is used for cooling in the Falcon Tank Water Cooler?

The gas used in cooling by the Falcon water chiller is of type R417A, which is environment-friendly and does not emit any toxic emissions.

What are the features of Falcon tank water cooler compressor - coil system?

The Falcon coil system is available with advanced features that ensure users have access to cold water whatever the conditions of use, including insulated coils that is resistant to rust, dirt and sediment accumulation, and a digital LED display that can be installed at home that shows water level and temperature, error warnings and a gas pressure gauge.

Where can tank water coolers be installed?

Falcon tank water cooler compressor - coil system is installed next to the main water tank, and coils are placed inside the tank to cool the water by the compressor.

Can tank water coolers be installed on sub tanks below?

No, water tank cooling devices must be installed on the main water tank, which in turn distributes cold water to the sub tanks, in other words, water tank cooling devices must be installed on the source tank.


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