Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan

Specifications and price
Brand: Golden Star.
Size/watt: 500 watts.
Electrical voltage: 220-240 volt single phase.
Hertz: 50/60 Hz.
Electricity consumption: 2.73 amps.
Type: Blower
Air pressure speed: 3500 r/min.
Air volume : 860 m³/h.
Model:  DF-860.
The maximum temperature to reach: It works to reduce the temperature from 48 degrees to (28 - 32) degrees achieved by the device.
Warranty:  1 year only.
Price:  1400/- QR including supply and installation.

Water Tank Conditioning Fan

Water Tank Conditioning golden star Fan specification

Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan is the perfect device to get rid of hot water in tanks during summer, which spoils the fun of using water in any activity, which is a big problem especially for children, Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan provides cold water throughout the day for all uses, regardless of usage conditions or temperatures.

The price of the Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan only includes the price of the Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan 500 watts, and installing it on the water tank.

Speaking on warranty, ARTEC Company provides a one-year warranty on the Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan 500 watts, and most importantly, the availability of all original spare parts, maintenance, repair, supply and installation services through a staff of engineers and technicians specialized in maintenance and installation work ready for service anytime.


What is Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan?

The Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan is an air dynamo that cools the water tank by compressing cold air and consists of the following parts:

  • The outer cover which is made of fiberglass and is designed in a streamlined and simple shape.
  • large XXL dynamo pumps cool air into the tank.
  • timer with cover to protect from rain water or dust and insects.

The Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan cools the tank water with a simple and uncomplicated idea to provide users cold water throughout the summer, regardless of the volume of consumption and the temperature.

Golden Star tank water cooler

Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan mechanism

The high summer heat affects the water in tank on the roof significantly, especially in the Gulf countries known for their hot climate, where the water becomes very hot and unusable, so it was necessary to provide smart solutions to cool water and provide it at all times.

ARTEC Company has provided customers with a smart economic solution to the hot water problem through the Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan, which cools the tank in a simple and smart way and without the need for cooling with Freon gas and compressor, as the Gold Star water tank cooling dynamo is a simple device that cools water through Vacuum pump according to the following steps:

  • A dynamo or vacuum pump pumps air forcefully into the tank.
  • Cold air descends to the bottom of the tank by the force of pump pressure.
  • At the same time, the hot air rises to the top and is expelled from the tank through the slots of the device designed with filters that prevent the entry of impurities into the tank.
  • After a short period of time, the hot water turns into cold water due to the transfer of cold to the water through the cold air pumped by the dynamo of the fan.
  • The device works on cooling and pumping air for 10 hours, then it stops automatically for a short period of time in order to rest.
  • After the device stops working for only two hours, it starts working again for another ten hours automatically by adjusting the timer.


Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan features

The Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan is a very simple device based on a simple but effective idea and a strong result in performance. By pumping air, it cools the water to a temperature of 22 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius. Among the features of the Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan:

  • Simple device, convenient size and can be installed easily.
  • The Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan is installed on top of the tank easily and quickly.
  • Free Supply and installation, and many sizes are available to suit all tanks.
  • A guarantee from ARTEC Company in Qatar on the Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan.
  • Dynamo water tank cooling is a powerful device in performance made of durable, safe and environment-friendly materials.
  • Water tank cooling fan is economically priced because it doesn't use Freon gas.
  • The Golden Star Water Tank Cooling Fans have achieved amazing results for users in terms of cooling ability regardless of working conditions and temperatures.
  • The Timer turns off the device automatically twice a day after it is set at times selected by the user and at sunset times.
  • Maintenance and original spare parts are available with a specialized team of highly skilled and efficient engineers and technicians working to take care of the machine and extend its life.
  • The Golden Star fan does not consume a lot of electrical energy, as it works on a voltage of 3 amps.
  • Special prices for wholesale and retail orders.

Tank water cooling fan

Golden Star Water Tank Air Conditioner Fan maintenance and warranty

The Golden Star water tank cooling fans are easy to install by a trained technician specialized in installation so that installing them on the tank does not take a lot of time, and in just a 20 min, the device can be installed on top of the tank and is ready to work and get usable cold tank water regardless of the weather temperature.

The water tank cooling dynamo works through a dynamo blower vacuum pump, and therefore it is not an ordinary fan, but a cooling machine or vacuum pump, and it has effective results and a level of stability in effect and speed in performance.

Water tank cooling fans are featured by the availability of maintenance and original spare parts, and after expiring the warranty period, maintenance still available at competitive prices and accessible to everyone.


Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan, powerful, high-quality cooling experience

The Golden Star Water Tank Air Conditioner Fan provided a high quality of cooling through a simple idea, through which it was able to transfer the coldness in the water molecules in the tank and the cooling down to the bottom of a water point in the tank, as the agitation of the hot air, which makes the hot air rise and is expelled to the outside forcefully by virtue of the reaction to pumping cold air into the tank, made the cooling effective and of a quality that is never matched in chilling devices that do not work through Freon gas.


Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan the best chilling devices in Qatar

Through the experiences of users and customers, the Golden Star tank water cooler has achieved users' aspirations and requirements in terms of strength, durability, quality, work efficiency, and finally, competitive price. the multiplicity of device sizes made the choice multiple and compatible with the sizes of the tanks, and most importantly, ARTEC Company provided the possibility of using and testing one Golden Star fan to ensure its effective results in cooling the tank water. This offer is available for wholesale orders or installation requests for large buildings or companies and institutions, there are also special prices for those orders and a special price for bulk orders.

The fan stops automatically twice a day, once at the time of sunrise and again at sunset for a period of two hours. Thus, the device provides itself with time to rest in order to preserve the device’s motor and extend its lifespan. This will not be a concern for users of tank water because at those times the tank will keep the water inside it cool and the temperature will not rise again at rest time, because those times are set to the time of Fajr and Maghrib so that there is no severe sun heat that affects the water and makes it hot.

The Golden Star Water Tank Cooling Fans are distinguished in their performance as they work on low voltage and are available at affordable prices for everyone in Qatar and through ARTEC Company.



Does the Golden Star Water Tank Conditioning Fan work continuously?

The Golden Star water tank cooling fan works continuously for ten hours, then stops working for two hours to rest the pump and extend the life of the fan, and returns to work after the rest period for another ten hours.

Can tank water get hot when the cooling fan stops running during the rest period?

Absolutely not, the rest period of the tank water cooling fan is set at sunset and sunrise times so that the sun is not hot and the temperature is not high.

What are the tanks sizes that the Golden Star fan can be installed on?

The Golden Star water tank cooling fan can be installed on all types of tanks, whatever their size and type, and at a high speed, as the installation period does not exceed a 20 min!

What is the electrical consumption of the Golden Star tank water cooling fan?

The tank water cooling fan has low electrical consumption as it works on 3 amps only.

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