Golden Star Water Tank Cooling Fan

Specifications and price
Brand: Golden Star.
Size/watt: 370 watts.
Electrical voltage: 220-240 volt single phase.
Hertz: 50/60 Hz.
Electricity consumption: 1.55 amps.
Type: Blower.
Air pressure speed: 3300 r/min.
Air volume : 660 m³/h.
Model:  DF-860.
The maximum temperature to reach: It works to reduce the temperature from 48 degrees to (28 - 32) degrees achieved by the device.
Warranty:  1 year only.
Price:  1300/- QR including supply and installation.

Water Tank Conditioning Fan

Golden Star Water Tank Cooling Fan Specifications and Features

The Golden Star Water Tank Cooling fan has won the confidence of users in the Gulf countries, as it cools the tank water in the summer with high efficiency, especially since the hot water in the tanks may rise in temperature significantly in the summer, which prevents the possibility of using water, Therefore, the water tank cooling fan is the perfect solution for families to have cold water in the water tank all summer long.

The price of this Golden Star water tank cooling fan only includes the price of the Golden Star water tank cooling fan 370 Watts, which is installed on the water tank.

When you the Golden Star water tank cooling fan 370 Watts from ARTEC Company, you will get a one-year warranty with the availability of all original spare parts, maintenance, repair, supply and installation services through a staff of engineers and technicians specialized in maintenance and installation work who are ready for service over time.



The Golden Star Water Tank Cooling Fan is a device that is distinguished by its simple idea and strong and effective performance. It is not an ordinary fan, but an air vacuum pump that works to empty the hot air in the tank caused by the hot water in it, where the water temperature reaches more than 55 degrees Celsius. As a result, the heat is transferred to the tank air and makes it very hot, as its temperature exceeds the air outside the tank. Here comes the role of the water tank cooling fan in pumping cold air into the tank through a powerful water tank cooler dynamo blower which pushes large amounts of air and works to empty Hot air from the tank is immediately released to the top of the tank and from it to the outside through the tank water cooling fan slots.


Golden Star Water Tank Cooling Fan components

The tank water cooling fan comes in a simple streamlined form in the form of a small air conditioner placed on the tank and consists of several parts as follows:

  • Outer cover made of insulating fiberglass.
  • A large dynamo comes in an XXL size that pushes air forcefully into the tank.
  • Small insulated timer to set the stop times of the device.

These parts are all safe and insulated against rainwater, dust, insects, etc. Therefore, the Golden Star water tank cooling fan is the ideal device for summer use in cooling water tanks due to its easy installation and appropriate price. The device also comes in different sizes to suit all types and shapes of tanks.

Golden Star tank water cooler

Golden Star Water Tank Cooling Fan features

The Golden Star water tank cooler fan has many features that make it the ideal choice for cooling water tanks according to the experiences and evaluations of users and customers, including:

  • Available in different sizes.
  • Free Supply and installation.
  • The ARTEC company provides a warranty for the fa along with Maintenance and original spare parts.
  • The fan cools the tank water without using Freon gas. It is economical, does not consume much electricity, and works on a power of 3 amps only.
  • Easy installation on the tank.
  • Does not take long to install, only within a 20 min the fan is ready to work.
  • Provides qualified technicians and engineers to carry out maintenance work for fans.
  • The device is simple in the components and the idea, but its performance is strong on cooling the tank water, as it provides cold water usable throughout the summer months.
  • The water tank fan turns off automatically for two hours and then continues to work automatically for 10 hours twice a day.
  • The fan parts are all designed with environmentally friendly materials.
  • The Golden Star Tank Cooling Dynamo is a proven device by users and customers feedbacks.


Golden Star Water Tank Cooling Fan mechanism

The Golden Star water tank cooling fan has a simple idea and works to cool the water tank without Freon, but it gives impressive results in terms of the stability of the water temperature and a good distribution of cold and providing cold water to the family quickly and regularly without problems according to the following steps:

  • The powerful, large-sized dynamo, pumps cold air into the hot water tank.
  • The water begins to lose its heat by pumping cold air into it, and then the water cools.
  • Hot air rises to the top of the tank and exits through the fan slots.
  • The slots in the device are equipped with filters that prevent the entry of anything inside the tank, dust and others, as they only allow the release of hot air outside the tank.
  • The water inside the tank is cooled by the release of cold air, so the coldness is transferred from the air molecules to the water molecules, and the water inside the tank is transformed into cold water suitable for different water uses.
  • The device stops working for a rest period, at the time of sunset and sunrise, where the time is set from the timer that regulates the work of the fan.
  • Downtime preserves the life of the device.
  • During the rest period, there will be no concern, especially since in a period when the sun is not and the tank can keep its cool during the rest period.
  • The more water is drawn from the tank, the temperature of the water rises, but it does not exceed 28 degrees Celsius, as the fan continues to cool.
  • The coldness in the tank ranges from 22 degrees to 28 degrees, depending on the difference in the consumption from the tank.
  • The vacuum pump continues to pump cold air while vacuuming the hot air and expelling it out of the tank.
  • The air dynamo keeps the coolness distributed and constant at all times, Thus, you can ensure a good stability of the water cold as a result of the powerful water tank cooling fan.


Golden Star Water Tank Cooling Fan spec

The Golden Star tank water cooling fan is a powerful cooling device with simple specifications, strong, safe and environment-friendly components. The parts that make up the Golden Star water tank cooling fan provide the family with cold water for different uses without the problems of the high-water temperature of the tank that most Gulf countries suffer due to the high summer weather with a rise in the air temperature, which in turn makes the tank water range above 55 degrees.

The water tank cooler in its start-up needs some time to provide cold water and works to cool the water of the entire tank by pumping cold air that expels hot air immediately and when the hot air comes out of the device's slots, the water breathes cold air from the dynamo blower, which continues to cool the water for 10 consecutive hours.

Water tank cooling fans

Golden Star Water Tank chiller offers and maintenance

The water tank cooler enjoys a free warranty period after installation, in addition to benefiting from the services of the maintenance team, which includes engineers and technicians specialized in all installation, maintenance and repair operations, working on device maintenance and periodic maintenance before the summer season, The water tank cooling fan is also available at special prices and offers for wholesale orders, major stores, institutions and shop owners and for all requests for large numbers and large buildings or companies and factories also, the ARTEC Company provides the possibility of obtaining a Golden Star upper tank cooling fan device as a kind of experiment Before ordering a quantity of wholesale orders, as the device has been proven by the multiple experiences of users, its efficiency in work and quality in performance. The Golden Star upper tank cooling fan is the ideal device in summer to provide cold and immediately usable tank water at a temperature ranging from 22 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius.

The tank cooling fan has high specifications such as the automatic shutdown feature of the device in case of water outage and an automatic stop for rest that is set through the timer. It is the ideal solution in summer to solve the problems of high-water temperature in the tank and the difficulty of using water in summer, as the Golden Star water tank cooler fan has achieved luxury and comfort in water uses.



What are the features of Golden Star Water Tank Cooling Fan?

The Golden Star Water Tank Cooling Fan has many features to provide you with the ability to enjoy cold water, whatever the working conditions and whatever the temperature, with an automatic stop feature for rest that is set through the timer, and is easy and quick to install.

What is the electric consumption of the Golden Star water tank cooling fan?

The water tank cooling fan has a low electrical consumption as it consumes only 3 amps in order to save electricity during continuous working hours.

What water tanks can the water cooling fan be installed on?

The Golden Star water tank cooling fan can be installed on all types of water tanks, whatever their size and shape, and whatever the water consumption and ambient temperature.

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