High quality shower water filter

Specifications and price
Specifications: Skin Protection - Prevent dryness and improve sensitive  skin with this shower head water softener.
Specifications: Hair Repair - Rejuvenates damaged hair, making it softer and smoother.
Specifications: ODOR FREE WATER - Shower filter components effectively remove chlorine odor and unpleasant odors.
Specifications: The water filter helps quickly remove chloramines, chlorine, heavy metals, sediments, clay and color.
Water pressure: It has no effect on water pressure.
Installation location: Under the water tap.
country of origin : Made in Taiwan.
Price: 400/- QR, including supply and installation.

A shower water filter works on purifying the water from impurities and pollutants that harms your body, as hair and skin expose to many pollutants on daily basis most of them touch the body directly through the shower water, Hence the necessity of having shower filters to purify water that provides the desired results as the best shower water filter. Installing shower filters in Qatar is easy, as they are available in types with high specifications.

shower water filter

Shower water filters to purify water

Ordinary water is usually loaded with chlorine, which may harm your skin and hair and to get rid of it, a water filter is necessary for showering. It is possible to install shower filters in Qatar, where the best filter can be easily found and installed. The Shower filters for water purification are featured by 12-stage filter through layers, some of which are active carbon, which removes chlorine and impurities, and other layers add vitamins to the water. These filters also have many advantages, including:

  • Removing chlorine and its harmful effects on the skin and hair Completely from water.
  • Getting rid of impurities, rust, dust in the water if any.
  • Balancing the PH of the water.
  • Boosting negative ions which provide a healthy effect on hair and skin.
  • Enhancing the oxygenation of the water and increasing the hydration and refreshment.
  • Adding Vitamins and minerals as vitamin C to the water which help strengthening the hair and the freshness the skin.
  • Eliminating odors that may be present in the water.
  • getting rid of hair and skin problems.
  • Work on hot and cold water together. shower water purifier filter

Installing shower filters in Qatar

Cons of chlorine in water

Shower Water filters completely remove chlorine from the water, which is a chemical substance added to water in order to get rid of bacteria, but it also leaves negative effects when showering in this water, and these effects include:

  • Remove moisture from hair and skin, which appear in the roughness and harshness of hair and skin.
  • Increase itching of the scalp and skin.
  • Hair loss and increases dandruff.
  • reduce cell renewal, which makes the skin tired.
  • In some health cases, the smell of chlorine affects respiratory and health problems.


Shower water filter purification stages

The Shower water filter purification stages are many and they are diverse and each has a function, which makes it the ideal choice when installing shower filters in Qatar for showering and some of these stages are:

  • Stainless steel mesh.
  • Polypropylene layer, a microporous material that captures small deposits.
  • calcium sulfate layer, a compound that has a very high effectiveness in isolating chlorine and removing heavy metals.
  • active carbon layer enhances the removal of chlorine and any additives as each carbon granule provides the greatest contact with water.
  • Layer to enhance negative ions in water.
  • zeolite layer contributes to providing the water with refreshing minerals to the body.
  • A magnetic layer that activates the water with oxygen.
  • Extra layer of polypropylene followed by another stainless-steel mesh.

shower water filter

Advantages of shower water filters purifying water

The shower water filter contributes ridding the water of basic pollutants and gives it healthy additions that provide many benefits to hair, skin and even nails, including:

  • Eliminate the smell of chlorine from water immediately so that the water becomes purer.
  • Skin hydration and a feeling of freshness and softness.
  • Revitalize hair to become healthier and more lustrous.
  • ridding of hair problems from breakage, bombing and loss.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of shower products such as shampoo to become foamier.
  • Get rid of the problem of dandruff and itching.
  • Get rid of allergy problems.


Installing shower filters in Qatar



Shower water filters

Shower water filters can be installed in Qatar easily and our company, ARTEC has the best water filters for showering and home filters with shower filters installation service in Qatar at low prices and real warranty. The installation of a shower water filter depends on attaching it with the shower head in the product box, as there is no need to replace the shower head as a whole, but simply remove the old shower head and then connect a shower water filter to the new shower head and simply connect it to the hose to get the best shower water filter.



Is it necessary to put a water filter in the shower?

Of course, it affects health, beauty and skin.

Should the shower filter be changed?

Yes, the shower filter can be changed approximately every 6 months.

How can I change the shower water filter?

The internal cartridge can simply be replaced by unscrewing the filter package attached to the shower head, replacing, reinstalling the filter package, and then attaching it back to the head.

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