Japanese Alkaline Water Device Excel Size 55

Price list of alkaline ionized water devices
brand Type / country of origin Model Warranty The price includes installation
ARTEC Excel made in Japan MX-33 1 year 4300QR
ARTEC Excel made in Japan MX-5 1 year 6000QR
ARTEC Excel made in Japan MX-99 1 year 11000QR
Pure Pro Pure Pro Made in Taiwan JA-303 1 year 4300QR

Alkaline water device excel

Alkaline water device excel provide the best way to get ionized alkaline water rich in oxygen and minerals, which has many health benefits for your body, including treating chronic diseases, maintaining sugar, pressure and cholesterol levels, treating ulcerative colon diseases, and contributing to fighting colon and prostate cancers, and many others.

The alkaline water device excel has achieved many certificates, most notably a certificate from the Japanese Ministry of Health and the JET certificate (granted by the Japan Laboratory for Electrical Safety and Environmental Technology) as it was used as a medical device in hospitals.

Alkaline water device installation companies

Alkaline water device excel installation companies

This alkaline water device is manufactured by Excel co. which is a Japanese manufacturer specialized in alkaline ionizers, founded in 1985 and headquartered in Nagasaki, factory in Osaka, Japan, with 30 years of experience producing water filters, alkaline filters and electrolytes and is certified for the production of health medical equipment.

The Excel-SX MX-55 Alkaline Water Device is widespread in many countries around the world including Japan, Korea, USA, Netherlands and Dubai, and is distributed and installed in Qatar by the ARTEC Company, where you can order it and get the services, features and warranty of ARTEC Company at competitive prices!

Alkaline water device excel subjected a rigorous production process and high quality standards before being released to markets in order to to ensure the health and safety standards of the water and to provide you alkaline water rich in many minerals and antioxidants to help prevent disease.


Japanese Alkaline Device Excel

Japanese Alkaline Device Excel for water ionization is a super smart ionizer that contains a large electric tank (750 cm2) with high voltage and a water generation system with ORP oxidation reduction capability to provide you alkaline water that ensures your care and protect the health of your family easily and conveniently.

The Japanese Alkaline Device Excel, compared to other home filters, is equipped with three electric panels of large sizes to provide you a high efficiency production of alkaline water that is beneficial to the body as you'll get alkaline water with a hydrogen content of about 800 parts per billion and a reduction of dissolved oxides of more than -900 millivolts.

Japanese alkaline water device Excel

when the hydrogen level in the water get high, the ability of the antioxidants in the body become greater, which helps the cells to function in a healthy way to fight free radicals from entering the body, which in turn causes the manifestations of aging, also the Japanese Alkaline Device Excel (MX-55) applies the Japanese technology ultrafiltration technology with up to six most advanced first-class filtration stages as it made of environmentally friendly natural materials, has high durability and high flow rates.


alkaline water filter

As mentioned before, the alkaline water filter has six first-class filtration stages and the ability of these six stages of filtration is to remove 13 hazardous substances from the water according to the Japanese Ministry of Health standards and 6 impurities that may cause bone and joint diseases and dental plaque according to the JWPA Japan in order to Provide 100% safe and clean water for users. also, the layer of active carbon and natural stone ore present in the alkaline water filter helps the filtered water retain natural minerals and provides a better taste and more fragrant water.

In addition, the Excel-SX (MX-55) Alkaline Water Filter provide the following features:

  • Stable alkaline formation.
  • you'll get alkaline water rich in antioxidants.
  • Alkaline ion filter.
  • High strength, strong flow pressure.
  • 3 levels of alkaline water for drinking (pH 8.0 - 9.0 - 9.5).
  • Three high-quality platinum-coated titanium plates.
  • Three types of water: alkaline, acidic and clean filtered.
  • LCD screen indicates the type of water generated, pH, filter usage and water flow intensity
  • One-touch startup!
  • Automatic cleaning feature of the electrolysis chamber.
  • Strong and anti-bacterial activated carbon filter.

According the World Health and Food Organization studies , alkaline ionized water with a pH of 8.0 to 9.5 is very good water for the digestive system and for pregnant women and resistant to stomach reflux, on the other hand, alkaline ionized water is also used to treat and soften food, for example cooking rice with alkaline water Ionized pH 9.5 makes rice grains softer and more delicious to eat as all alkaline ionizers have a neutral water level (pH 7.0) to meet the needs of taking medicines or making milk for babies because neutral water will not alter the quality and properties of solutions other than drinking water.


Excel set for alkaline water

Excel for alkaline water

Excel for Alkaline Water device provides a light acid level (pH 5.5) to beautify your face and hair, as the stable pH level in the body is slightly alkaline (pH ranges between 7.34 to 7.45), but at the same time not all organs of the body have this pH, for example some parts Like the stomach has a pH of 3.0 and the surface of the skin has a pH of 5.5 so a mild acidic water will easily support your health and balance the pH of your skin making it healthier, smoother and more radiant. Likewise, alkaline ionized water makes hair strong and soft and improves hair loss.

Through the electrolysis process that takes place in the Excel for Alkaline Water System, this device can continuously produce ionized water with different pH levels suitable for many applications including washing, drinking, cooking, etc.

Platinum-coated electrode indicate that the device's internal system is highly efficient and offers superior processing power you cant find in other filters while Any of the three types of water can be easily selected through one-touch by the build-in LED display along with The self-cleaning electrolysis chamber that maintains optimum performance and filters and a high-powered 3-ply water filter that creates sterile, delicious-tasting water with a high health value.



Does alkaline water improve the digestive system?

Alkaline water raises the pH level in the colon, moisturizes the colon, and removes free radicals and toxins from the digestive system. Finally, alkaline water contains magnesium, calcium and other minerals that act as a mild laxative to aid in digestion, so it can be said that alkaline water is beneficial to the body and improves the functioning and functions of the digestive system.

Does alkaline water enhance the strength and density of hair?

Alkaline water is a rich source of essential minerals that will promote hair growth while There is no scientific research prove the validity of these claims but alkaline water can enhance blood circulation which in turn can promote hair health and enhance its growth and density thanks to essential minerals and other beneficial compounds.

Does alkaline water help break up kidney stones?

Kidney stones (uric acid and cysteine) can be dissolved if the urine is alkaline (pH 6-7) as the Alkaline citrate (potassium citrate) or sodium bicarbonate are widely used to increase the pH of urine and help dissolve uric acid or cystine stones which is what they provide In turn, alkaline water.


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