Japanese excel device for alkaline ionized water

Price list of alkaline ionized water devices
brand Type / country of origin Model Warranty The price includes installation
ARTEC Excel made in Japan MX-33 1 year 4300QR
ARTEC Excel made in Japan MX-5 1 year 6000QR
ARTEC Excel made in Japan MX-99 1 year 11000QR
Pure Pro Pure Pro Made in Taiwan JA-303 1 year 4300QR

Japanese excel device

The Japanese Excel device is manufactured by Excel which is a well-known brand specialized in research and development and manufacturing of alkaline ionizers, water filters and electrolysis equipment and considered as the most popular and widely used in Japan due to its quality and durability with more than 40 years of industry-leading experience and currently headquartered in Nagasaki, Japan and It owns a power factory which is a large and modern training and maintenance center in Osaka, Japan.

The company currently aims to be the No. 1 international common market in Japan and the world and its motto is to create an ideal value for drinking water Therefore, the company is constantly striving in researching to provide the best products for users so The company has chosen to produce and develop electrolysis devices for water, which is the Excel series and is considered as a unique and widely distributed products in the Local Japanese market and also in USA, Korea, Dubai, Singapore, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and many more.

The ARTEC Company is distinguished by being the main and authorized distributor of Excel for the purchase of the Japanese Excel machine and all other devices in Qatar at competitive prices and a real warranty!


Japanese alkaline water device Excel

Japanese excel Device Excel-EX (MX-33) Features

Currently, Japanese Excel company is considered a distinctive and widespread production line and on the top of the list of the best alkaline ionizers in the world as the Japanese Excel device makes an outstanding impression on users with its ultra-filtration technology, large-sized electrolytic tank and superior dual electrolysis technology found in all of the company's equipment.

The Japanese Excel-EX (MX-33) device produced by the Japanese company, Excel which is one of a few allowed brands to manufacture home medical devices in Japan. medical-wise, the Japanese Excel device provides the following features:

  • Stable and accurate pH with low pH deviation.
  • natural minerals.
  • Superior hydrogen concentration with constant pH.
  • Sustainable hydrogen (does not degrade after years of use).
  • 3 types of electrodes.


Alkaline ionized water

The water purification system of the Japanese Excel device exceeds the capabilities of the classic electro-ionizers as its equipped with advanced Japanese technologies capable of removing residual chlorine, trimethane, dissolved lead and other impurities effectively from tap water and provides perfect cleaning while retaining rich minerals in the water to obtain alkaline ionized water.

In order to provide the best ionized alkaline water, the Excel device is equipped with an ultra-filter that contains 6 levels, which are as follows:

  • Hollow-fiber filter (mechanical filter).
  • Active-carbon fibers.
  • gaia stone
  • Tourmaline stone.
  • Mifan stone.
  • Coral sand that helps remove 13 toxic substances according to Japanese standards and 6 hazardous substances, increases filtration capacity and preserves all natural minerals.

thus, you will get ionized alkaline water free from the following impurities and toxic substances:

  • chlorine.
  • Trimethane.
  • Moldy odors.
  • soluble lead.
  • bromodichloromethane.
  • Dibromochloromethane.
  • bromoform.
  • Trichloroethylene.
  • Agrochemicals.
  • Turbidity.


Alkaline water device

The Japanese alkaline water device excel is featured by adopting a new technology using natural and pressurized materials in the filters as It contains 4 types of natural materials found in the filters and has the following uses:

  • Increasing the water's ability to absorb impurities and releasing many minerals such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, etc. and activate the water.
  • Coral sands (coral fossils) that contain 21 type of natural minerals which is necessary for the human body such as calcium, sodium and potassium, and transform the water after filtration into mineral water close to natural mineral water.
  • Ceramic is naturally pure and has a high scaling value for high wavelengths and ultra-high UV rays, and has the ability to convert ordinary water into antioxidant water.
  • Tourmaline stone stimulates electrons in soil minerals in the natural state which increases negative ions by electrolysis and removes electromagnetic rays to help protect health.
  • the Excel-EX (MX-33) alkaline water device also contains precious elements in its composition including platinum-coated titanium as the electrode plate of the alkaline water device has a large cross-sectional area and the ability to store more charges than all the conventional electrode plates in other devices.


Types of ionized alkaline water devices

Installing alkaline water filters

ARTEC Company is the official authorized company in Qatar to install alkaline water filters and home water filters at competitive prices and real warranty so you can get the best alkaline water device, the Japanese Excel device, which contains 3 electrical panels that produce the same quality of hydrogen-rich ionized alkaline water as the devices that It contains 5 normal electrode plates, therefore, with these plates, the technology of the Japanese Excel device will provide a superior hydrogen value compared to other devices.

The use of traditional electrical insulation, when installing alkaline water filters, will cause increase in the concentration of hydrogen, the pH always increases (that is, the pH value is proportional to the concentration of hydrogen in the water), but with the electrolysis technology in Excel DOUBLE you will get high quality alkaline ionized water With high concentration of hydrogen, the device is equipped with exclusive dual electrolysis technology to improve the superior quality of the hydrogen-rich ionized alkaline water and very high value in disease prevention and treatment which is the main reason why it is adopted as a home medical device in Japan.


Types and models of Excel alkaline water devices



Which is better alkaline water or regular water?

Both alkaline water and regular water are a good source of hydration and provide many benefits as Alkaline water has a higher acidity level and can aid digestion, reduce fatigue and weakness, and improve the look and feel of the skin. Regular spring water contains essential minerals and provides more hydration due to its great taste. Drinking a bottle of alkaline water every day will not greatly affect your body however if you are drinking a gallon of alkaline water a day your body has to work hard to maintain the pH and this means that over time your body will produce more gastric juices and digestive enzymes.

Does alkaline water affect the kidney function?

There are no scientific facts about the effect of alkaline water on kidney function, but for most healthy individuals, drinking alkaline water may not be harmful, but if you have chronic kidney disease or are taking medication that affects kidney function, the elements in alkaline water are likely to have Negative side effects on the kidneys.

Does alkaline water change the body's natural pH level?

Not exactly, most of the time your blood maintains a pH of 7 which is lie in the middle of the pH scale. What you eat and drink only changes the pH of your urine so when you drink alkaline water you will change the pH of what's in the toilet bowl and not your blood.

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