Pure Pro Alkaline Water device


Price list of alkaline ionized water devices
brand Type / country of origin Model Warranty The price includes installation
ARTEC Excel made in Japan MX-33 1 year 4300QR
ARTEC Excel made in Japan MX-5 1 year 6000QR
ARTEC Excel made in Japan MX-99 1 year 11000QR
Pure Pro Pure Pro Made in Taiwan JA-303 1 year 4300QR

Pure Pro Alkaline Water device

Pure Pro Water Ionizer considered as the world's best-selling water ionizer which include large polymer plates coated with titanium and platinum to provide an estimated service life of over 20 years and ionized water with a pH of 10 or higher depending on your water source. while the alkaline ionized water considered as one of the greatest preventative health advances in the 21st century, ionized water is one of the best powerful antioxidants that supplies the body with massive amounts of oxygen, therefore a lot of energy and helps neutralize and expel acidic waste from the body and moisturizes and detoxifies because the Ionized water molecules size have been reduced and thus become "lighter" and the smaller size of ionized water allows it to hydrate your body more effectively and flush out toxins as it passes easily through the body's tissues.

Alkaline water installation company

PurePro Water Ionizer has achieved large popularity in global market as it has become the best-selling alkaline water device in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE and Saudi Arabia meanwhile ARTEC company is the only and official certified company to distribute the PurePro Alkaline Water Ionizer and other alkaline water devices in Qatar So that you can get it with a real warranty and a competitive price.


PURE PRO Alkaline device

PURE PRO Alkaline Device is manufactured in Taiwan and considered as one of the best-selling water ionizers in USA, Europe and Asia and featuring new advanced technologies to automatically regulate water flow in counter to electrode plate polarity thus alkaline and acidic water is available to use from the alkaline device even while it is being cleaned.

JA-303 Alkaline Water Device

Drinking antioxidant alkaline water may be the most essential thing you can do to your health and well-being as the PURE PRO Alkaline Device can help you flush out the excess toxins from your body through the alkaline water it provides which is a powerful antioxidant that supplies the body with large amounts of oxygen and therefore more Power and this is a list of other features offered by the device:

  • Three levels of alkaline water.
  • Two levels of acidic water including super-oxide.
  • de-ionized water filtering with active silver-plated carbon filter.
  • water faucet made of stainless steel.
  • Attractive shape with full electronic LED display.
  • Water flow indicator display.
  • Acidity display indicator.
  • Auto cleaning feature.
  • Automatic and silent disinfection after every operation to extend the life span.
  • Voice confirmation each time you set a different pH level.
  • Liquid crystal display indicator.
  • easy-to-change filter tray.
  • Optional ability to connect directly to the plumbing and work under electrical pressure.

JA-303 Alkaline Water Device

Alkaline device installation

When installing the alkaline device you will be able to raise the pH level of distilled water or reverse osmosis water to a level between 8.00 ~ 9.5 thus getting alkaline water which is rich in beneficial minerals that reduce fluctuations in pH levels in your body and has antioxidant, anti-aging properties and help improving the immune system performance and keeps the body hydrated by helping the body absorb more water.

The PURE PRO Alkaline System not only refines the taste of water but also provides important minerals in balanced proportions including 100% natural and organic magnesium and calcium, sodium and potassium ions thus you will get natural alkaline water ionized with calcium and it's worth noting that your body will absorb these beneficial nutrients as soon as you have it and you'll notice the different taste of filtered water and you can rest assured that you will get the best results.


Best alkaline water device

Due to the water purification process gets rid of unwanted contaminants, bacteria, VOCs, heavy minerals and other chemicals in ordinary water, on general, we can say that the best alkaline water device mainly focuses on eliminating these risks and as a result drinking filtered water comes with many benefits as the Health Studies have shown that reverse osmosis technology is one of the most effective technologies to reduce the impact of pollutants such as fluorocarbons and pharmaceuticals.

The Best Alkaline Water device works on providing the beneficial nutritional minerals lost in the filtration process such as ionized calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, so it is an ideal addition to any reverse osmosis water purification system with global compatibility. This device aims to create an initial output pH with an increase of 1% approximately, however results can vary based on several factors, especially the level of dissolved carbon dioxide, the temperature of the water, and the pH level of the incoming water.

Generally, the best PURE PRO alkaline water device provides one of the best technologies available to provide you contaminants- free drinking water, rich in minerals and health benefits, it uses the same method many bottled water companies use to make safe and great-tasting water. In short, there is no other water treatment system or home filters can give you the same protection and reliability.

Alkaline ionized water


What are the benefits of drinking alkaline water?

Pure ionized water is alkaline ionized mineral water with a pH of more than 8 which is very useful because it is easy to absorb and enhances the body's metabolic rate and the body's resistance to diseases better. The water ionizer separates the different minerals in the water into a positive (alkaline) ion that is good for health and a negative ion (acid) that is good for skin care. None of the mentioned items should be considered a cure for cancer and other aging diseases but simply an effective way to strengthen your body and to fight the diseases and to maintain the various health functions and therapeutic properties of the fetus in the pregnant women.

What kind of water do we drink every day?

Tap water is not alkaline water and because it is not, it won't be able to neutralize the effects of acidic waste. This water is minerals-free by using a different process so it is completely pure. Since tap water is devoid of minerals that are beneficial to the body, the possibility of mineral deficiencies will increase as it can be Fasting with pure water is very dangerous because it quickly depletes the body of its vital minerals.

Does alkaline water remove acne?

Alkaline water is highly effective to provide a acne - free skin, sanitizing power and medicinal treatment by external use. Acidic water help get rids from skin diseases, mosquito bites, bee stings, hemorrhoids treatment, acne and eczema. It also helps in maintaining healthy, beautiful skin and feels great after washing.


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