The New therapeutic shower water filters

Specifications and price
Brand: Water Therapy Shower.
Specifications: It is characterized by the presence of flavors such as lemon or lavender, in addition to its ability to sterilize bathing water from chlorine. It adds collagen and phenamine C to moisturize the skin and Melaleuca oil to treat allergies and eczema. It saves water and purifies it from rust, impurities and dust. It releases large amounts of negative ions with the ability to magnetize the water. To stimulate blood circulation.
Body Material: Hard plastic.
Specifications: Contains Vitamin C to neutralize chlorine and moisturize and nourish healthier skin.
Specifications: Contains collagen to increase skin elasticity.
Specifications: Used with a water saving head of approximately 8 liters per minute.
Magnetization function: By reducing the particle size and providing fresh water, it allows water and nutrients to be absorbed into the skin.
Water pressure: High water pressure.
Installation location: Instead of a regular shower head.
country of origin : Made in Korea.
Price: 450/- QR, including supply and installation.

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The new therapeutic shower water filters feature superb advantages as the shower has been modified in a scientific way to produce the best shower filter for the shower that leaves its therapeutic benefits on the hair and skin and offers more comfortable and luxurious options than the traditional shower that brings ordinary unfiltered water.

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The medicated shower filters characterized by two filters, the first located behind the water outlet holes removes dust, rust and impurities, resulting pure water free of pollutants. The second filter is a small pack that works on isolating chlorine completely from the water and adds vitamin C and collagen in addition to Melaleuca oil and a boost of negative ions, all of these materials are well-known for their benefits for hair, skin and health in general, so shower filters are the best shower filters.


Cons of chlorine in water

There is a big amount of chlorine in ordinary water which has a negative effect on hair and skin when taking a shower, as chlorine increases hair coarseness, brittleness, and reduces its flexibility. It also has an effect on the skin as it may reduce its hydration and cause dryness and sometimes allergies and itching. Along with that some people may have respiratory problems due to the strong smell of chlorine.

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The new therapeutic shower water filters pros

When installing a shower water filter, you'll get many advantages in the filtered water to leave an immediate effect on your hair and skin and that’s why we can call him the best shower filter. Here are some advantages of the shower water filter:

  • Removing dirt and pollutants present in ordinary water.
  • Isolating chlorine from water 100%.
  • Eliminating dandruff and scalp problems.
  • Reducing frizz, split ends and hair breakage.
  • Reducing hair loss problems and gives hair vitality and shine.
  • Providing the skin more vibrant and reduces dryness.
  • Reducing allergy problems caused by the presence of chlorine.


The new therapeutic shower water filters Benefits

The medicated shower filters offer many benefits, thanks to the treatment package added to it, which offers the latest shower water filter technology to be the best shower filter for showering as you'll get the following benefits:

  • Get rid of chlorine, which may cause some allergies and rough hair.
  • Adding vitamin C to the water, which works to strengthen the hair and reduce its breakage.
  • Reduces dandruff and helps moisturize the skin and treat it from dryness.
  • Collagen added in a shower water filter improves hair and skin health and increases hair moisture and elasticity.
  • Melaleuca oil added to the hair shower filter increases scalp hydration, treats health problems in the scalp and skin, reduces hair loss and strengthens its roots.
  • The negative ions added in shower water filters protect the hair from breakage and split ends, give the hair vitality and luster, protect it from heat factors, as negative ions help increase the feeling of comfort and relaxation.
  • The processor's filters also have the ability to save water consumption in addition to increasing the force of water thrust with the characteristics of the water droplets being soft and gentle.
  • the added aroma feature leaves a pleasant fragrance on the body and hair.

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Install shower water filters

  • The shower filter, as home filters, can be installed for hair easily and effortlessly, as the product comes in an elegant box containing the shower head that will be installed and a water filter for the shower. This filter contains a treatment package that is added to a designated place before the shower head so that the water is treated before it comes out.
  • After installing the treatment package in its designated and indicated place, it is connected to the shower head to form a complete filter.
  • Then a water filter is attached to the header in the place of the old head in the bathroom, regardless of the shape of the old shower, as the old head can be easily removed and the new head replaced.
  • After installation, a test can be conducted to ensure that the best shower filter is installed among the filters. The test deals with comparing the presence of chlorine in the old, untreated water with the complete disappearance of chlorine from the treated water after installing the treated shower filter, which contributed to isolate chlorine completely.
  • The test is done by adding a reagent to the water, which usually turns the water yellow in the presence of chlorine. When you add water to shower water filters, the yellow color disappears, which is evidence of the disposal of chlorine in the water.



Are there different scents in the hair shower filter?

Yes, a collection of different scents is available for shower filter as lemon, lavender, and vanilla, adding to the body a fragrant scent.

Do filters need to be changed constantly?

There are two filters in the medicated shower, the first for impurities, which must be replaced every 4 months, while the medicated filter should replace every year.

How do shower filters help save water?

The filters save water consumption by 50% in addition to increasing the water thrust by 40%.

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