The small water heater for homes (50 liters)

Calfredo water heater 50 liters, vertical, wall mounted

  • Heating time: 36 minutes.
  • Electrical voltage: 220-240 V / 50 Hz.
  • Power: 1.2KW.
  • Warranty: 5 years on the heater body and one year on all other parts.
  • Price: 700 Qatari riyals, including supply and installation.

The small water heater...No place is free of a small water heater for daily use in every home, and there are many water heaters in Qatar with different sizes. Still, the most prevalent size is 50 liters due to its small size, low price, and meeting the required purpose; there Multiple specifications of the instant water heater. Know how to install the water heater by the company's certified technicians. Read on and learn the product description details.

small instant water heater

The small water heater

heater installation of a small water heater with high-quality specifications, long-term heaters are available in use, as the market offers distinctive types of electric water heaters, an instant water heater is composed of several parts to perform the required work, and here we will explain the product description in detail from the inside and outside of a small water heater the size.

Components of a small-sized water heater Water

heaters in Qatar consist of a group of pieces that help to heat the water, namely:

The  inner tank of the heater

This part is responsible for storing the water emitted from the pipes heading to the heater; then, the heating phase begins inside the tank. It is covered with stainless steel and covered with a steel insulation layer. It withstands the intense heat of the water and does not contain any chemical reactions that affect the color or taste of the hot water released through it.

Hot  and cold water tubes

A small water heater contains a tube to deliver cold water to the heater tank and another for hot water to exit through the water faucet. The thickness of the line ranges between 3 to 4 centimeters depending on the length of the tank. Through these tubes, cold water is converted into hot water inside. The tank is thanks to several other factors that we will mention later.

spark plugs

are responsible for heating the water to the required temperature in the heater, which ranges from 34 degrees Celsius to 82 degrees Celsius. A copper piece is directly connected to electricity to heat the water and plays a starring role inside the electric heater.

The insulating material

to ensure safety and security, The heater is completely insulated with an electrical and heat insulating material, made of foam, found in the heater's outer structure and inside the tank.

The external structure of the heater

is oval and equipped with a unique suspension part made of iron, and it is manufactured in a way that withstands moisture factors and external influences. It is beautiful and does not affect the place. It is equipped with a lifting holder painted in white to fit anywhere it is placed.


is responsible for controlling the temperature inside the heater. At the same time, the cold water heats it again, and it also has a role in disconnecting the electric current from the heater when not in use.

Unique accessories for the heater

There are also some accessories represented by a plug to operate, and an indicator that shows the water temperature, and it contains bulbs for the heater and a bulb that works while the heater is connected to the electric current, and a safety valve whose role is to discharge any pressure from the heater more than 8 bar and has another part which is to separate the water The cold water is separated from the hot water inside the heater, and there is a plastic layer covering the heater from the outside, and the electrical wires act as an electrical insulator to ensure safety during operation and use.  

Installing a water heater

When installing a water heater, you must rely on the technicians of the company through which the heater was purchased, to avoid installation defects and for the customer to obtain Comprehensive warranty for installation, the company sends an installation technician to the mentioned place and installs a small water heater, quickly, with high quality and safety. Warranty certificate for the heater If any part of it is damaged during the warranty years, the responsible technician will replace the damaged part and perform maintenance for the heater.

Ariston water heater Qatar


Speak  with the company you dealt with.

.    Request an installation technician to do the necessary work

.   Set a date for installation

installing  the heater, ask the technician for a warranty certificate stamped with the company's seal.

In the event of any default, the company must be contacted to take the necessary action

You will receive a five-year warranty against manufacturing and installation defects

Water heaters in Qatar

Many water heaters in Qatar are highly efficient, and there are many international brands and brands in the world of electrical appliances that provide an instant water heater with a suitable size and price, starting from 30 liters, 50 liters, 80 liters, 100 liters and more, and it is also available Excellent central heaters at competitive prices, a small water heater with an approved warranty certificate that includes manufacturing and installation defects if any, a five-year warranty that you will get immediately upon purchasing or installing a water heater.

Many customers prefer to buy small water heaters due to several reasons, including:

  •   Practical heaters that do not require a large place in the installation.

Affordable and affordable price.

Energy and electricity saving

Performs the essential purpose to the fullest.

There are also large-sized water heaters, which the market greatly needs as well, as they provide large quantities of hot water and these sizes are very suitable for many users, such as hospitals. They work with high quality and are installed and operated immediately, relying on providing the most significant amount of hot water inside large tanks that allow Store a lot of liters of hot water until you use it.

Instant water heater

saves the market Qatari Different types of water heaters, there are small water heaters and large water heaters, there are brands for all the favorite brands of customers, prices differ according to each company, but in the end, all of them offer a unique and competitive product, instant water heater in diameter for family use and use in general in public interests and hospitals And factories and companies, there are large sizes for hospitals and other large institutions.

There is a list of the best types of global heaters, the presence of an electric water heater is necessary anywhere, especially in the bitterly cold winter, it is indispensable to use hot water for many purposes, so there are excellent types with high-quality specifications to ensure the receipt of a defect-free product and its sale in the Qatari market And deliver it to customers with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the water not heating up to the required temperature?

In this case, the cause may be in the thermostat or the spark plugs inside the heater tank, and maintenance must be done to detect the cause.

What sizes are available in a mini water heater?

Available in sizes from 30 liters up to 50 liters according to the customer's request.

What is the price of an instant water heater?

Prices vary according to brands and brands, but in most cases, they are similar and range between 700 and 800 Qatari riyals.

Can a water heater be installed in the kitchen?

Of course, the water heater can be installed in any place that has a drain and sewer pipes to install the heater.

Is it necessary to do the regular maintenance of water heaters?

It is preferable to carry out periodic maintenance of the heaters to ensure that there are no defects and for more safety, and to increase the heater's life, as this maintenance works to clear the tank of sediments that may form in it from time to time.

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