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ARTEC Company W.L.L was launched to always provide the best and latest in the field of water technology, sanitary solutions, all tank water Chillers , water filters, central water heaters and water pumps through competitive prices coupled with services that distinguish it from others, its goal is to obtain complete satisfaction from its customers from By providing the best devices in the world, taking into account the prices to be accessible to everyone, the result of this was that the ARTEC Company became one of the leading companies in the field of water technology and sanitary solutions in Qatar country.
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Central water heaters

American A.O Smith central electrical water heater
American central water heaters with international specifications, measurements, and components from a set of equipment and devices for central water heaters assembled with a network on a fixed base. Central water heaters of various sizes.
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Water Tank Chiller

Tank water chillers devices of various types and sizes in qatar
Water tanks chillers in three different types, Golden Star water cooler available in a size of 500W and a size of 370W - Cooling the water of the tank with a Falcon compressor is available in two types: 1- Coil system inside the tank 2- Circulation system that works on water circulation Available in Qatar.
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Central water filters for Tanks

water tank filters in qatar
Central water filters for tanks are available in various types and sizes, including stainless steel central water filters with sizes starting from 20 inch - 30 inch - 40 inch Jumbo central water filters three stages - central sandy water filter Softener 10 inch available.
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Shower water filters

Shower water filters are available in different types, the best of them are aromatherapy shower water filters. The new therapeutic shower is completely different from any shower in the local market, as it makes you feel luxurious and improved with healthy softness for hair and skin. It removes impurities from the water and removes excess chlorine from the water - Available in aromas Multiple such as lavender, lemon, berries and other types.
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Water filters for kitchens

Water filters for kitchens in qatar
Home water filters purify water from chlorine, impurities, odours and excess salts in the water. The Artek water filter is available in different sizes, including five-stage kitchen filters and a complete system consisting of seven stages. It is installed in kitchens to purify water and make the water suitable for drinking and cooking. A high-quality Artek water filter as Customers can see the results directly after installing the water filter - available in Qatar.
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Alkaline ionized water Japanese

 alkaline ionized water devices
Alkaline water filters are a group of devices that are intended for alkaline, acidic and other water types. Alkaline water devices are available in various types and sizes, including the Japanese Excel device approved by the Ministry of Health and the Japanese Water Research Center as a medical device widely used in Japan. And the Pure Pro device, the best in terms of performance and quality, gives alkaline water, acid water and other types.
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Air conditioners

Central air conditioners of the best types Central duct - split air conditioners in multiple sizes starting from 1 ton to 10 tons Window air conditioners in sizes 1.5 - 2 - 3-5 tons
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Water coolers

Stainless steel water cooler available in different models starting from 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 taps and in multiple sizes
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Water desalination plants

Saline well desalination plants are available in different sizes, and the size is determined by several factors, including: the daily productivity that the customer needs, and a sample of the water is analyzed in order to determine the percentage of salts. Accordingly, the number of Membrane and pumps required for the required productivity is determined
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Home water heaters

calfreddo Water heaters 50 liters, 80 liters, 100 liters
Home water heaters The best types of instant electric water heaters of various types and sizes, including ceramic heaters and Ariston heaters, available in sizes ranging from 50 to 100 liters
And many heaters with high quality and prices that suit everyone.
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Water pressure pumps

Water pumps with stand by
Water pressure pumps are available in various sizes and types, including the water pump sizes are half horse, one horse, horse and quarter. Hot Water Circulation Pump - Circulation Pumps Circulation pumps are installed in central heaters, as they continuously circulate hot water.
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Maintenance and spare parts

Maintenance and spare parts department. We have all the accessories of central water heaters, home heaters and their accessories, which consist of heater plugs and floats of all sizes and sprinklers of various types and sizes - maintenance of central and household filters, maintenance of tank water coolers, all original spare parts available.
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Maintenance Services

We have a specialized team with high technical skills to meet all work needs as soon as possible. We have all spare parts to meet the customer's need to have after-sales service. We also have in ARTEC Company annual maintenance contracts for residential and commercial buildings for all equipment and water devices.
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