Tank Cooling Fan - Water Tank chiller

water tank cooling fan

Specifications and price
Brand: Golden Star.
Size/watt: 500 watts.
Electrical voltage: 220-240 volt single phase.
Hertz: 50/60 Hz.
Electricity consumption: 2.73 amps.
Type: Blower
Air pressure speed: 3500 r/min.
Air volume : 860 m³/h.
Model:  DF-860.
The maximum temperature to reach: It works to reduce the temperature from 48 degrees to (28 - 32) degrees achieved by the device.
Warranty:  1 year only.
Price:  1400/- QR including supply and installation.

Tank Cooling Fan - Water Tank chiller

Golden star Tank Cooling Fan - Water Tank chiller Features and Maintenance

The Golden Star Tank Cooling Fan is an indispensable device in all homes, especially in the Arab Gulf countries, which are characterized by extremely hot weather, especially in summer, which raises the water temperature in water tanks to become unusable, but the ARTEC Company offered the customers with the Golden Star Tank Cooling Fan, the perfect device that everyone relies on to solve the problem of high-water temperature in tanks in summer.

The mentioned price of the tank cooling fan - tank water cooler only includes the price of the Goled star fan 500 watts and its installation on the water tank.

To talk about the warranty and guarantee, ARTEC Company provides a warranty on the tank cooling fan – water tank cooler 500 watts for a period of one year with the availability of all original spare parts, maintenance, repair, supply and installation services through a staff that includes engineers and technicians specialized in maintenance and installation work, ready for service over time.


What is Golden star Tank Cooling Fan?

The Golden Star Tank Cooling Fan is the best and most economical solution to the hot tank water problem and cooling it in the summer. It is a small and light device and its price is suitable for everyone it is placed on top of the tank by specialists and technicians in a short time that does not exceed 20 minutes, and then the Golden Star Tank cooling fan is ready to work and cool the tank water, and within only six hours, the user can enjoy cold water ready for immediate use.

Tank Water Cooling Fan

Tank Cooling Fan - Water Tank chiller components

The Golden Star tank water cooling fan is a small air conditioner device placed on the tank. It is a pump that vacuums the hot air and expels it outside the tank. It comes in a small form and is available in several sizes to suit all tanks, whatever their capacity and it contain the following parts:

  • An outer cover made of fiberglass insulated against water, dust, insects and rainwater.
  • A large dynamo blower XXL size, which is a pump that vacuums the air from the tank and expels it out from the fan holes at the bottom of the device
  • The slots are protected by filters to prevent any sediment, dust or insects from entering the tank.
  • Timer to adjust the device and has a protective cover against dust and sun, and the cover is made of insulating fiberglass.

All parts of the Golden Star water tank cooler are made of environment-friendly materials and are able to work in all kinds of conditions and cool tank water regardless of the temperature.


Tank Cooling Fan - Water Tank chiller mechanism

The Golden Star tank cooler works in a simple way. It does not work by Freon gas, but through an air vacuum pump through a powerful blower, where a fan pumps cold air into the tank then, by the force of air pumping, the hot air collected inside the tank is expelled so that cold air can enter the tank, which in turn works to cool the water.

The Golden Star tank cooler features a large dynamo pump, which comes in an XXL size. The air pump works hard to allow hot air to be expelled out of the tank from the Golden Star vacuum pump fan slots because the pressure caused by the force of air pumping from the pump leads to the entry of cold air and rapidly cooling water to the bottom A water point inside the tank, despite the simplicity of this method in which the Golden Star vacuum pump fan works, its results are very effective and impressive, as the Golden Star tank water cooling fan was able to cool the water of tanks on the roofs with high efficiency, speed and ease.


Tank Cooling Fan - Water Tank chiller features

The Golden Star tank water cooling fan provides features that make it the best and first choice for cooling tank water, as this small device installed on top of the tank was able to provide cold water for families, whatever the temperature at a competitive and budget-friendly prices, It is also very economical in terms of electricity consumption, as it works without a compressor. In addition to the above, the Golden Star tank water cooling fan provides the following features:

  • The fan does not consume much electricity because it operates on 3 amps only.
  • The Golden Star tank cooling fan enjoys a warranty and maintenance from ARTEC Company and original spare parts replacement.
  • Strong performance and work efficiency as it is made of strong and environment-friendly materials.
  • powerful filters prevent any materials from entering the tank and are against the sun, dust and insects.
  • The Golden Star Tank Cooler is easy to install, as it does not take more than 20 minutes to install it, and it starts working immediately.
  • Free supply and installation of a tank water cooling fan, Golden Star, from ARTEC Company in Qatar.
  • A timer that regulates the fan’s work, as it makes the device disconnect and stop working automatically two hours after every 10 working hours, that is, as it stops twice every 24 hours each time to maintain the device and extend its life span.
  • The Golden Star Tank Cooler is a simple and easy device that is available in many sizes and at an affordable price.
  • Cover made of environment-friendly insulated and resistant plastic.
  • The timer is provided with a cover made of fiberglass against the sun, heat and dust.
  • Special prices and discounts for wholesale orders and large quantities from ARTEC Company.

Tank Cooling Fan - Water Tank chiller

Golden star Tank Cooling Fan the best choose to cool water in tanks

Cooling the tank water has become very easy with the Golden Star Water Tank Pump Fan that facilitated this task as it is available in all sizes to suit all types of tanks with the necessary periodic maintenance services for the device from ARTEC Company and special prices for wholesale orders, stores and large buildings.

The water tank cooling fan enjoy a guarantee from ARTEC Company for a full year. During the warranty period, the repair services and the replacement of parts will be completely free, and after the end of the warranty period, there will be no problem because the maintenance team of ARTEC Company, which includes engineers and technicians, is always ready to repair and replace parts and to follow-up and periodic maintenance of the tank cooling fan device, the Golden Star tank water cooler, at competitive and budget-friendly prices.


Tank Cooling Fan - Water Tank chiller working secrets

The Golden Star tank cooler or vacuum pump fan has proven its worth among tank cooling devices as it works with a simple and inexpensive mechanism and provides a radical solution to the problem of hot water. The following are the secrets of the Golden Star fan tank cooler, through which the device was able to be very popular in demand and use:

  • The fan depends on the dynamics of movement and the air pressure inside the tank, as the dynamo blower pumps the air with extreme pressure.
  • The dynamo deflates and expels hot air out of the tank.
  • When cold air enters the tank, the hot air is expelled from the tank to the outside through the device slots equipped with filters to prevent the entry or leakage of impurities, foreign objects, dust and rainwater into the tank.

The water gradually becomes cold and turns into cold water, with a temperature between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius, among the features of the tank water cooler device is the ability to set the timer for two hours to stop after ten working hours, to automatically resume work for another ten hours, and then stop for two hours in order to rest the device’s motor to extend its life span.

In addition to the above, the automatic stop can be set in two periods a day at the time of sunset and the time of dawn so that the sun is not at its peak so that the tank does not lose its coolness and provide a smooth and effective solution to the problem of hot water in the tanks in summer.



What is the tank water temperature resulting when you use Golden Star tank water cooling fan?

When you use the Golden Star tank water cooling fan, you will get cold water in the tank with a temperature between 22 to 28 degrees Celsius.

Where can the Golden Star water tank cooling fan be installed?

The Golden Star water tank cooling fan can be installed on all types of water tanks, whatever their size and shape, regardless of the water consumption and the surrounding temperature in a short period.

What distinguishes the Golden Star water tank cooling fan from other water tank coolers?

The Golden Star water tank cooling fan has many advantages that distinguish it from the rest of the water tank cooling devices to provide you the ability to enjoy cold water regardless of the working conditions and whatever the temperature, including the feature of automatic stopping of the device in case of a water outage and the automatic stop for rest is set through the timer, and most importantly, the ease and speed of installation and efficiency in operation.

Does the Golden Star water tank cooling fan consume a lot of electricity?

The Golden Star water tank cooling fan is characterized by low electrical consumption as it consumes only 3 amps to save electricity during continuous working hours.


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