Flavored shower filters for hair

Specifications and price
Brand: Water Therapy Shower.
Specifications: It is characterized by the presence of flavors such as lemon or lavender, in addition to its ability to sterilize bathing water from chlorine. It adds collagen and phenamine C to moisturize the skin and Melaleuca oil to treat allergies and eczema. It saves water and purifies it from rust, impurities and dust. It releases large amounts of negative ions with the ability to magnetize the water. To stimulate blood circulation.
Body Material: Hard plastic.
Specifications: Contains Vitamin C to neutralize chlorine and moisturize and nourish healthier skin.
Specifications: Contains collagen to increase skin elasticity.
Specifications: Used with a water saving head of approximately 8 liters per minute.
Magnetization function: By reducing the particle size and providing fresh water, it allows water and nutrients to be absorbed into the skin.
Water pressure: High water pressure.
Installation location: Instead of a regular shower head.
country of origin : Made in Korea.
Price: 450/- QR, including supply and installation.

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Through the Flavored shower filters for hair you can get a useful addition to the bathroom, which are considered the best shower water filter, because untreated water may sometimes cause hair and skin problems, so the solution is to install filters that help improve the quality of water to suit you with the addition of a refreshing fragrant smell.

Water therapy shower head

There are many shower filters, the best of which is the award-winning Flavored shower filters for hair that provides an extra feeling of superior care and comfort. The flavored shower filters consist of a package that includes a circular filter that treats the water, which may carry dust and rust, along with a piece that adds an odor to the water, in addition to many advantages that can be observed on the water to make the water healthier for the hair and skin.


Flavored shower filters features

There are many featured offered by shower water filters, especially when installing the best shower water filter, which is the flavored shower filters, and these advantages include:

  • Remove chlorine from water which is the most important chemical to be removed from water.
  • Collagen is added to the water with vitamin C, which are substances that nourish the scalp and skin and strengthen the hair.
  • The best shower water filter is the flavored one, as it releases a number of negative ions that are beneficial for health.
  • The filter has a magnetizing feature that helps stimulate blood circulation.
  • Shower filters add fresh scents to the water leaving hair and body smelling nice and amazing.
  • The best shower water filter contains a circular piece that helps isolate sand, rust, and dust from the water, if present.
  • The shower head adjusts the size of the water droplets so that it is soft and gentle.
  • The water pump in the shower water filters is denser and with a greater range.

shower water filter

The effects of ordinary water on hair and skin

  • Ordinary Water may contain a high amount of lime, which leads to dandruff and roughness in the hair.
  • Some of the excess substances in the water may cause allergic reactions in the skin and scalp.
  • It is important to install flavored shower filters as regular water can cause hair loss and split ends.
  • To have to use additional hair and skin nourishers to get rid of the effect of regular water.


What are the side-effects of chlorine on hair and skin?

It is important to install shower filters to get rid of chlorine in the water, because chlorine has harmful effects on the skin and hair. Here are some of the harmful effects of chlorine that are prevented by Flavored shower filters:

  • Hair loss, brittleness and roughness.
  • Itchy scalp as chlorine removes healthy oils from the hair and scalp.
  • allergies or acne on the skin sometimes, depending on the type of skin.
  • Chlorine kills the beneficial bacteria on the skin.
  • Some people suffer from respiratory problems when showering due to the presence of chlorine.


What are the benefits of flavored shower filters?

When installing shower filters, especially Flavored shower filters, which is the best shower water filter, the water quality will change directly and become healthier. There is no doubt that after knowing these benefits, this filter will be the best shower water filter at all. The following benefits will appear on the water after installation Shower water filters:

  • The Shower water filters nourish the hair and prevent it from dandruff problems.
  • It protects the skin from dryness, flaking and itching.
  • Makes the skin smooth, soft and more vibrant.
  • Nourishes the skin with vitamin C and collagen.
  • Helps prevent skin aging.
  • The added scents help you relax and feel relaxed.
  • Shower water filters help stimulate blood circulation.
  • Reduces respiratory problems due to chlorine removal.
  • The shower filters reduce the excess minerals and salts.

Flavored shower for bathing in Qatar

Installing shower filter

  • Shower filters can be easily installed at home, our company in Qatar provide you the experience of the best crew specialized in installing filters.
  • The filter comes in an elegant box that includes the treatment piece with its packaging in addition to the shower head. Here, the box is opened and the treatment piece is removed from its cover, where the piece has installation indications with a protection label.
  • After removing the label, the treatment piece is placed in its own package that will be installed in the filter.
  • New filters are installed by placing the shower head after the filter pack is connected to it in the place of the old head, where the old shower is simply and easily removed from its connection hose.
  • After that, the new shower filters are easily installed as the home filters, and then you can enjoy a refreshing and healthy water experience that is beneficial for hair and skin.



Can Flavored shower filters be changed at home?

Yes, it can be changed as all types of shower heads in homes have a uniform and easy diameter and method of installation and dismantling.

What scents are available in Flavored shower filters?

Shower water filters are available in many refreshing scents such as lavender, vanilla, raspberry, lemon and many.

Do shower filters need to be changed after a while?

The filter to remove impurities must be changed every 4 months, and the filter for vitamin C is changed approximately every year

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  1. I have been using the Fully Vital Hair Growth System for the past 6 months, and I have been very impressed with the results. I have noticed a significant decrease in hair loss, and my hair is starting to look thicker and healthier. I am also happy to report that I have not experienced any side effects from using the system.

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