The Best American Central Heater With International Specifications

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Specifications and price
 Brand : American.
Capacity:  80 US gallons  equivalent to 303 litres.
Electrical voltage : 220-240 volt single phase.
Hertz: 50/60 Hz.
Number of Elements:  2 Elements.
Watt:  4500W.
Maximum temperature:  The highest temperature of the heater is 78 degrees Celsius.
Industry :  Made in USA.
Warranty:  5 years on the heater body from leakage, and one year on the rest of the other parts.
Price:  2650 QR includes the supply and installation of one heater only, without any other additions.If there are any other additions, the price will be different

Artec Water Technology Co. in Qatar provides the best American central heater for water where a central heater became a basic necessity in every house, villa, company, and mall. Central water heaters act on providing hot water over the year with quality, efficiency, and power in the hot water of the bathroom and kitchen regardless of the distance between them and the source. Maintenance of the central system is also available by the hands of a professional engineering team all the time. That’s why an American central heater is considered the best choice for the house’s comfort and for getting hot water at any time.

The price of an American central heater with international specifications includes the price of the heater, the installation, 3 central units capacity of 80 gallons, and a central filter to purify water from lime and impurities to guarantee to have clear water free of residue.

Moving to the warranty and guarantee, Artec Water Technology Co. gives a warranty on the body of the heater only for 5 years and one year on the rest of the parts attached to the best American central heater with international specifications. The client can buy the parts he wants to install according to his needs and requirements.

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Specifications of the best American central heater

The American central heater has been provided with special international specifications that make it work under harsh and heavy circumstances while providing hot water to several stories or several buildings at the same time in high quality. The heater has many features including:

  •  The central water heaters have been presented with blue-colored diamond paint from the inside that prevents calcification as well as erosion, degeneration, and against water reaction with the heater’s inner substances.
  • The body of the heater is wrapped with a strong layer of ceramic that protects the heater from rust, erosion, and degeneration. The layer is made of stainless steel which gives the heater a longer default life.
  • The heater has a thermal insulator which keeps the temperature as long as possible as well as keeping the strength of the cartridges elongating their life expectancy. This keeps the temperature of the water until the time of usage.
  • The heater is characterised by a safety feature which is high and if long-term to endure harsh service.
  • The heater has a coppery drainage valve that keeps the self-cleanliness of the heater and prevents the accumulation of residue, lime, and so.
  • Artec Water Technology Co. in Qatar presents a central heaters system that suits installation in all types of buildings.


Installing a central heater at home

Installing a central heater at home has now become easy and available in order to benefit from its features that make it the first choice for water heating without competition as the central heater provides the client with comfort and safety.

The American central heater is available in several sizes and capacities that can cover the consumption of more than one story in the same house including 80 gallons, 50 gallons, and even 120 gallons. The central heater is also provided with a safety and protection valve against the rise of pressure and heat besides a residue collector made of magnesium that prevents erosion and degradation thus increasing the usage safety and life expectancy of the device.

The heaters are made of environment-friendly and non-rusting materials. More importantly, the central heater can be installed outside the house on the roofs which increases the safety of the users as well as saving areas inside the house. Regarding electricity, the electric consumption of the central heater isn’t considered large when compared with that of the regular heaters. All of those made the installation of the American central heater the 1st choice when it comes to saving money, time, and effort.


Advantages of central water heaters

The central water heaters with their high and international specifications made them the client’s first choice because they provide luxury in using hot water as well as rationalizing electricity consumption and saving large spaces that are used in fixing multiple heaters. Talking about the features and advantages of the central heater, we have to mention the following:

  • The central heater saves money, time, and effort when compared with regular heaters in a big and obvious way
  • The central water heater achieves the quality factors where one will always get hot water even in the farthest bathroom in the house
  • Easy installation and maintenance from Artec Water Technology Co. in Qatar that provides importing, installing, and warranty as well as maintenance and customer service.
  • A 5-year warranty on the body of the heater and one year on the remaining parts. Free maintenance with original spare parts and a full staff of engineers, experts, and technicians.
  • A central heater with a capacity of 80 gallons is the best choice for big families as it serves all types of heavy needs.
  • The American central heater with its international types provides advanced technology in hot water systems.
  • The heater supports working on an electric voltage that suits the size of the heater as the voltage varies from size to size.
  • The heater has a comprehensive performance system from the factory with residue-decreasing systems.


Maintaining a central system by Artec Water Technology Co.

Artec Water Technology Co. in Qatar gives the clients 5 years of warranty on the body of the heater and provides free maintenance during this period. Maintenance is also available after this period as original spare parts are available as well as the engineers and technicians who can follow up on the work of maintaining the heaters precisely, quickly, and efficiently.

In terms of installing the central heater, the staff and technicians will review the place as a technician is sent to the desired site to install the central heater then the best place is chosen and the areas are taken as well as the places that will be connected such as the bathrooms, kitchens, and washing machines. After calculating the needed quantities, the American central heater is imported and installed with the full system providing central system maintenance. This maintenance is available all the time and it is free throughout the warranty period.


80-Gallon central heater the best choice for families


An 80-Gallon central heater is considered the best American central heater that suits the needs of large families besides being considered the medium size of the heaters as the capacities of 50 gallons and 120 gallons are also available. Moreover, the central water heater is a very safe and healthy system and is characterised by safety features for self-cleaning including the fused-hydrogen feature that elongates the default life of the heater by reducing residue inside it. It also accelerates the fusion between cold and hot water which premits the instant use of the self-cleaning heater while the slits on its sides make the water expel the residue towards them homogeneously.

Al-Lyra Al-Zahabiya Co. has a high-quality technical staff who follow up, maintain, and provide original spare parts of the heater during the warranty period and after it. Enjoy the advantages and features of the American central heater; the first choice to obtain hot water for big and small families regardless of the nature of consumption. More importantly, keeping away from the multiple breakdowns of the heaters.


The best American central heater provided by Al-Lyra Al-Zababya Co. in Qatar

The best American central heater is provided for the customers by Al-Lyra Al-Zababya Co. in Qatar in all available sizes and types where central water heaters are available in every capacity and extension the customer would want to add or install to match their needs and requirements at competitive prices and real warranty!

Installing a central heater, central water heaters systems, and water filters as well as maintaining the central system is now available at Al-Lyra Al-Zababya Co. in Qatar along with a professional experienced staff for installing and maintaining all types of central heaters. One can find Bradford American heater with the international specifications or O Smith the American besides all the types and international brands that are extremely successful according to the experiences and reviews of the users.

The central heater serves the multi-unit buildings, multi-story buildings, and all the residential and commercial buildings. The smooth outer design of the heater with the advantages made the central heaters’ system the first target to achieve comfort and welfare in hot water uses. Artec Water Technology Co. provides all the international types, sizes, and brands of the central heaters system at competitive prices and real warranty.


Frequently Asked Question

Should the central heater be maintained annually?

Usually, the central water heaters work perfectly for a long time without any maintenance or periodic check thus they can be easily neglected or forgotten. However, a few-minute check and maintenance once a year will pay off by increasing the default life of the heater and keeping its work and safety quality.

What is the size of the central water heater that a family of 4 may need?

For a family of 4, a heater of capacity 50 gallons will be enough as it’s considered suitable for 4 people. Families with more than 4 people have to choose an 80-gallon central water heater to serve their needs completely.

How to choose the capacity of the central water heater that suits your needs?

You can estimate the capacity of the water heater in Gallons according to the number of people in the house. If there are one or two people, 23 to 36 gallon capacity is enough while if they are 2 to 4, then 40 to 50 gallon capacity is enough. Finally, if there are 4 to 6 people, a capacity of 80 gallons will do.

How does one keep the quality of the hot water in the central water heater?

To keep the quality of the hot water in the central water heater, one must follow some advice including the periodic and annual checks of the central heater, checking the pressure valve, investing the heating cartridges, replacing the residue collector, insulating the pipes, and others.

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