American central water heater

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Specifications and price
 Brand : American & A.O.Smith
Capacity:  80 US gallons  equivalent to 303 litres.
Electrical voltage : 220-240 volt single phase.
Hertz: 50/60 Hz.
Number of Elements:  2 Elements.
Watt:  4500W.
Maximum temperature:  The highest temperature of the heater is 78 degrees Celsius.
Industry :  Made in USA.
Warranty:  5 years on the heater body from leakage, and one year on the rest of the other parts.
Price:  5300 QR includes the supply and installation of 2 heater only, without any other additions.

American central water heater  water heater was able to gain wide fame through high efficiency, distinctive quality in performance, and hot water provision with the availability of advanced technological techniques for water heating and safety and security factors because it is equipped with the latest features and technologies integrated from the factory as well as being available in several sizes, including 50, 80 and 120 gallons and many different sizes to suit all needs and to cover all units that reach the hot water.

The price of this American central water heater includes the costs of the heater system with installation, which is two central heaters with 80 gallons.

To talk about the warranty and guarantee, when you buy the heater from the ARTEC Company, you will get a warranty on the heater body only for five years and a one-year warranty on the rest of the parts attached to the American central water heater, where the customer has the freedom to customize the purchase of the parts he wants to install according to his needs and requirements.

American central heaters

Specifications of the American central heater

The American central water heater has been provided with advanced specifications and modern technology in water heating to achieve outstanding performance and high quality, making it the best choice when users are looking for central heaters. Here are these specifications:

  • The heater is available in many sizes to suit the needs of Each client, including 50, 80, and 120-gallon volumes.
  • The heater is made of strong galvanized steel and painted in a diamond blue for insulation. In addition, the inside of the heater is coated with a ceramic layer to protect the water from contaminants or sediment.
  • The thermostat works to set the right temperature that the customer needs.
  • Thermal insulation with a thickness of 2 inches to insulate the heat to help maintain the water temperature for as long as possible and contribute to saving electricity and extending the life of the heater and candles.


Features of the American central water heater The American central water heater

available in multiple and distinctive brands. It was equipped with several safety technologies and was also provided with a complete safety system against the dangers of electricity, pressure, and heat. The diversity of competing brands made the central heater an outstanding choice after it was tested by customers and proved a great success In meeting the needs of homes, commercial buildings, residential, hotels, and hospitals.

The heating system meets all the needs of bathrooms, kitchens, homes, and other hot water units, even if the house is multi-story or units. At the same time, the ARTEC Company in Qatar has provided its customers with all brands of central heaters that have proven efficiency globally so that they provide a broader base of choices for customers to choose and offer Competitive warranty and maintenance with a whole working team that includes expert engineers and technicians who can meet all tasks of supply, installation, repair, and maintenance.

a o smith water heater

Where to find a central heater for sale in Qatar?

The ARTEC Company provides international brands of American heaters in Qatar. All sizes, brands, and original spare parts are available, and a maintenance team is ready to work and meet all tasks related to installation, operation, maintenance, and warranty.

ARTEC Company provides all water heating and cooling services and home filters with advanced technology, as the central heater is the best choice for water heating because it provides the following advantages:

  • The heater can meet the needs of all house units simultaneously and at high speed with a strong flow of water and ease of integration.
  • The heater significantly saves electricity and space and is easy to install, operate and maintain.
  • It contains a drain valve and a central filter to clean and purify water from impurities, rust, and chlorine.
  • 3-inch thick heater foam insulation.
  • The recirculation pump provides hot water when the tap is opened.
  • Meet the needs of all floors and units of the house.
  • Complete Protection System (Safety).
  • Water jet pump to ensure fast water flow.
  • Backups to prevent water backflow.
  • Small installation space is less than required by multiple heaters scattered throughout the home.
  • The possibility of installing it outside the house to increase space and security.

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American heater 100 gallons, the best

the choice for large families Solutions to hot water problems at the lowest costs quickly spread among users. It achieved wide popularity based on the evaluation of customers who tried it and obtained warranty, maintenance, and spare parts for the heater.


Why is the US Central Water Heater the best choice for homes?

The advantages available in a central heater for homemade families accept it significantly because it achieves high quality in water heating and safety of use. In addition, the built-in specifications from the factory-made are the best choice for homes, including the

  • heater equipped with advanced parts and specifications such as the terminal block, the magnetic contactor, and the wires, fuses, and
  • valves to protect against the danger of heat and pressure.
  • Protection sensors that show the level and temperature of the heater.
  • Particular hole for cleaning the heater.
  • Central filter to purify water from rust, chlorine, and impurities.
  • Heating technology by homogeneous heating homogenizes hot and cold water entering the heater.
  • The plugs in the heater are made of an alloy material (Nicole) that makes the plugs provide advanced heating performance and longer working life.
  • The heater is equipped with an alum impurity collector that helps protect the heater from corrosion factors.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it preferable to use a central water heater for the home?

It is preferable to use a central water heater for the home because it supplies the entire house with hot water and covers all the needs of bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries, whatever their number.

How is the installation and operation of an American central heater?

Installation of a central water heater is easy, as a competent technician carries out the follow-up in two steps. The first is to inspect the place and determine the required quantities of the necessary connections. The second is to set an appointment for installation and operation after agreement with the customer.

How do I find an American central water heater for sale in Qatar?

You can contact the phone numbers of the ARTEC Company in Qatar, which seeks to provide the best water technology to its valued customers at competitive prices that suit everyone and the availability of warranty and maintenance offers.

How much voltage does the central heater operate on?

The central heater works on a voltage suitable for household electricity of 220v-240v /50Hz single beat and at a voltage of 50Hz single beat and is also available in 3 phases. The modern heating services technology has also been able to provide the user with all the distinguished specifications to provide comfort, safety, and speed as well, as the central heating provides outstanding performance without Minor problems or malfunctions because it is backed by the factory with many technological features and solid parts that ensure a longer life for the device in heavy-duty services.

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