Central Water Filter Clack The American

Specifications and price
Brand: Clack.
Size: 10 inch .
Filter materials: Sand-Carbon-Birm-Marble-Gravel.
Water inlet/outlet size: 1 inch.
Installation location : On a ground tank or roof tank.
country of origin:  Made in USA.
Warranty:  2 years on the filter body from leakage.
Price:  2500/- QR, including supply and installation.

Central water filter Clack the American for water purifying is an American central filter of high quality. Clack’s tank filters; a water filter is installed within the tank to filter the water of the house entirely; available in Qatar with high quality.

During its journey through the pipes and presence in the tanks, the water is subjected to sediment and turbidity alongside salts and dissolved metals which may cause health issues with the long-term use. Therefore, water must be filtered before reaching the outlets.

installing Clack filter in Qatar

Central water filter Clack the American

Central filters are classified into three main categories which are Jumbo central filters, Stainless steel filters, and Sand filters. Every category of those has a number of different models to suit different needs and consumption.

In this article, we will discuss one of the best water filters in Qatar which is the central water filter Clack the American. This filter works through the feature of dirt attraction the media of the filter poses which we will discuss in detail in the coming lines.


After the municipal water enters through the filter inlet and during passing through the media, the sand particles attract the dirt particles such as dirt, sand, rust, impurities besides salts, chlorine….etc. The clear filtered water then flows through the outlet pipe until reaching the taps.

This filter is characterised by the Backwash feature, in which the particles of the sand and media are being washed periodically from the stuck dirt to guarantee the best filtration with continuity of the clearance of the water passing through the filter.

The second stage of the filter cleaning is called Fast Finse through which the water flows downwards to remove any remaining sediment then goes back up through the lifting tube reaching the drain tube.

American central filter

This filter is used to filtrate the water centrally, as well as being a milestone in the central heater systems. The American Central water filter Clack consists of three main parts, and those are the Head, the Tank, and the Media with all of its types.

central water filter Clack for the tank

The Head

Central water filter Clack contains an electronic head WS 1.25 with a digital screen to direct and control the filtration process. The electronic head swaps between the filtration and the backwash processes without any need for intervention. It also closes the outlet pipe of the filtered water during the cleaning cycle to avoid the passage of any turbid water to the taps.

Artec Water Technology Co. adjusts the settings of the head to do a backwash cycle every 7 days and the washing water is drained through the drain tube attached to the head. The head has a memory that can store up to 36 programs to perform automatically.

The dimensions of the water inlet and outlet pipes range from ¾ to 1.5 inches while the drain tube ranges from ¾ to 1 inch. The head endures pressure till 8.6 bar.

The head works with 240 volt / 50 Hz electricity; however, it is supplied with a back-up Lithium battery  that can work up to 8 hours. it also works perfectly with the tanks to the capacity of 21 inches.

The Tank

Tanks of Calck central filters

The tank consists of a metallic body which is lined completely with polyethylene, the reinforced plastic material. This reinforced plastic is supported with fiberglass filaments which support the polyethylene opening of the tank as well to give the tank strength and durability to endure water pressure.

The safety factor of these tanks is 4:1, as they handle pressure up to 41.3 bar and they were tested up to 100 thousand cycles at a pressure of 10.3 bar.

Central water filter Clack is available at diameters of 8 to 30 inches according to the need and number of consumers, so it’s suitable for houses, villas, towers, as well as hotels, factories, and hospitals. Additionally, it is suitable for water distillation units.


The filtration media

media of Clack filters

The filtration media differs in its nature, the type of sediment it attracts, and the number of layers added. The size of the tank, site of the building, and rate of consumption control the number and type of media. Al-Lyra Al-Zhabya Co. -tank water filter company- fills the tank with three layers of the best media choices which are:


The most common media, in which the Central water filter Clack gives its name. The sand media removes the sediment and turbidity such as mud, rust, dirt, and any organic material. Sand removes any impurities to the size of 5 microns and it is available in these names: Filter-Ag, and Filter-Ag Plus.

Some modified types of the sand media can remove salt and heavy metals such as Manganese, Arsenic, and Radium. They are called Filter-OX and Greensand Plus.


It is the natural activated granular carbon which treats the water. The carbon granules work on removing the particles of the chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide and more of the causes of water’s color, taste, and smell change.


Crystals of synthetic catalytic material; it’s essential and indispensable in the water filtration process. The birm media attracts and removes iron and manganese ions from the water entering the Central water filter Clack. These salts, which are dissolved in water, not only do they harm people, but also the devices with the filter itself included.


The substance of this media consists of the Magnesia compound or the ground marble and the main purpose of this substance is to equalise the acidity of the water and make it more alkaline thus safer to use. Another purpose to equalising water acidity is to allow the birm to work efficiently as it doesn’t perform its role in the filtration unless being in an alkaline medium. Hence, the two substances are usually added together.

This media is available under the name Corosex and Calcite.


The gravel media layer is considered fundamental in the Central water filter Clack regardless of the number or types of layers chosen. The gravel layer is placed in the bottom of the tank thus it is the last layer of media the water hits and this is where the effect shows up. The large-sized gravel granules block any impurities which may have escaped as well as block any sand or media particles which may have moved with the water downwards because of the pressure. The Gravel media is available under the name of Garnet.

Clack filters for the tank

As we’ve mentioned before, Clack American water filters are available in sizes starting from 8 inches to 30 inches. Thus, it’s suitable for central filtration and heating in houses, hotels, hospitals, factories, and distillation units.


Regarding the most needed sizes for houses’ central heaters systems, they are the 10-inch and 12-inch filters.

The dimensions of the central water filter Clack, size of 10×54 inches, are: the diameter of the tank opening is 2.5 inches; the height is 138.2 C.m; the weight empty is 6.8 K.g, and the capacity is 60.6 liters.

And the dimensions of the central water filter Clack, size of 12×52 inches, are: the diameter of the tank opening is 2.5 inches; the height is 134.1 C.m; the weight empty is 8.9 K.g, and the capacity is 86.6 liters.

Installing a water filter for the tank

Water filter installation company Artec Water Technology provides the American central sand filter Clack with a price of 2500 Qatari Riyal and this is one of the best prices of water filters as there are no extra installation fees. The product has a 2-year warranty from Artec Water Technology Co. which also provides maintenance and media changing for a simple cost.

The company also provides the installation of the central water filter Clack after the central heater as this filter is an integral part of the central heater systems. Aside from the sediment and chlorine, the central water filter Clack also removes the lime which is formed because of the high temperature constantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the media of the Central water filter Clack changed?

The media of American filter clack is changed completely every 2-3 years minimum. If the water becomes noticeably turbid or yellow, the maintenance department must be contacted to change the media immediately.

Does the cleaning of the filter need intervention?

No, as the backwash process of the filter is automatic and provided by the electronic head after adjusting the settings previously by the technicians.

What is the price of Central water filter Clack in Qatar?

The price of the filter from Artec Water Technology Co. is 2500 Qatari Riyal installation included.

Are the maintenance and media changing for the sand filter free?

The American filter comes with a 2-year warranty. Other than that, the maintenance and media changing are not for free but at a cost.

More on the Instagram page of Artec Water Technology in Qatar.

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