Central Water Filters Jumbo Three Stages

Specifications and price
Brand: AMG.
stages of cartridge: 3 stages .
Body materials: Compressed plastic mounted on an iron stand.
Maximum water pressure: 4 bar.
Maximum temperature: 74 degrees.
Water inlet/outlet size: 1 inch.
Installation location : On a ground tank or roof tank.
country of origin:  Made in Taiwan.
Warranty:  1 years Only.
Price:  1800/- QR, including supply and installation.

Central water filters of high quality in Qatar for water purifying. Water filter for the central upper tank at high quality and prices that suit everyone. Central filter to purify the water entirely.

Clean water is a necessity that has to be found in houses, hospitals, factories, and other general and private facilities. Here we don’t mean the drinking water filter, but a water filter for the house or the building entirely. The water reaching the outlets of the building generally must be filtered.

water purifying strainer

Central water filters

Some problems related to the water coming from its source reveal themselves in the form of crashes that hit the devices working with water such as heaters or pipe blockage. Some may complain about the bad odor or the bad color of the pools’ water. Direct dealing with such water, residents can suffer from a skin rash or sensitive tissue irritation such as eyes.

This happens because of the sediment, salts, and gases in the water which can be very harmful to the body as well as being one of the main causes for the house devices’ break-down. Because of all of the previous, everybody tends to install central water filters to clarify and purify the water before reaching the taps and outlets of the house or whatever the building is.

Central filters in Qatar

Municipal water can be subjected to pollution with mud, sand, or rust while passing into the pipes until reaching the taps. Aside from this, the water is sterilised by adding chlorine to it. Thus, this water contains a lot of sediment, metals, and sterilization chlorine traces that may cause problems with continuous use. We can’t omit the dust that can reach the water through tanks’ vent openings.

Companies of water filters provide three types of central water filters which are stainless steel filters, Jumbo filters, and sand filters. From the central filters Jumbo there are two types, the 2-stage filter and the 3-stage filter, which is more common and more demanded for installation.

best domestic water filter

Central water tank filter Jumbo the 3 stages

Artec Water Technology Co. provides Jumbo tank filter 3 stages as well as water filtering strainer Qatar in two diameters which are 10 and 20 inches.

The filter consists of a metallic frame holding three cartridge housings made of the biocompatible polyethylene substance (reinforced plastic) that doesn’t interact with water in any way, so the body of the filter doesn’t cause any contamination to the water passing through it. The filter holds 2 or 3 pressure gauges in the form of a watch to figure out the pressure of the water passing through the filter.

The filter has a water inlet and outlet with a diameter of 1 inch each and dimensions of 60 ×23.5 × 79 C.m. These dimensions allow installing water filter Qatar anywhere available near the reservoir without problems. Regarding the water pressure, the filter can handle water pressure up to 8.6 bar.

Installation and maintenance from central filter companies in Qatar

Artec Water Technology Co. in Qatar has the best central water filter you can obtain alongside providing periodic maintenance and the best after-sale services.

The company provides central water filters Jumbo 3 stages of the brand AMG manufactured in Taiwan at 1800 Qatari Riyal with installation included. The product has a one-year warranty. Artec Water Technology Co. undergoes periodic maintenance every 6 months in which one of the company representatives, the maintenance department, contacts the client to schedule the proper appointment for maintenance. Aside from that, whenever any issue hits the filter, one can call the company to get the needed service.

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Tanks central filters and installation sites

Usually, the 3-stage Jumbo central water filters are installed next to the upper central filter placed on the roof. This place is considered the ideal site for the filter to get the best filtration results. By placing the filter in this site, the water is filtered directly before passing through the pipes so it flows from the taps clean and filtered. Regarding what was mentioned, this method is the most common.

The other site, which is less common and seldom asked for, is installing the filter beside the ground tank that is filled with municipal water. This way, the government water that fills the ground tank is filtered then the water is stored in one or more roof tanks on the roof of the building. The water remains stagnant in those tanks until the taps are opened only then the water starts flowing through them. Installing the filter at this site may subject the water to re-contamination by the dirt stuck in the upper tanks or the pipes or it may be subjected to algae or bacterial growth because of stagnation.

The 3-stage Jumbo central water filters are also suitable as central filters for the heater. The filter is installed after the central heater system so it purifies the water from lime or any other impurities.

Working method of the tanks water strainer, Jumbo type

The filters depend on a complex physical-chemical process in filtering the water. The physical section is removing the relatively large impurities that can be seen by the naked eye such as mud, sand, residue, sediment, rust, and so on. On the other hand, the chemical section means removing the impurities that can not be seen by the naked eye such as gases and water dissolved compounds and this takes place through the non-harmful chemical reactions that happen between the filter’s cartridge and these compounds.

Jumbo filter 3 stages

The details of the three stages come as follow:

1st stage:

cotton water filter pp 5 microns

The cartridge of the first stage is a cotton one made from the polypropylene substance with the symbol (PP). During this stage, any impurities up to the size of 5 microns are eliminated such as mud, sand, rust, algae, and others.

2nd stage:

Jumbo filter cartridges

The cartridge of the second stage consists of activated granular carbon with the symbol (GAC). During this stage, about 99% of the chlorine in the water is removed. Also, the bad odors and the causes of color-changing are removed.

3rd stage:

cartridges of water filters

The cartridge of the third stage is made of block activated carbon with the symbol (CTO). During the final stage, any remaining residue of chlorine or taste-changing and odor-changing causes and this is the reason behind the name (Chlorine, Taste, Odour). At this stage also, any compound, gases dissolved in the water, or particles to the size of 1 micron are disassembled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Jumbo central water filters work with electricity?

No. Central Jumbo filters don’t need electricity as they work only by the pressure of the water passing through them.

What are the facilities that the central water filters Jumbo 3 stages suit?

The Jumbo filters 3 stages suit any facility; a house, a villa, a farm, a factory, or other as they are suitable for the small, medium, and large facilities.

When are the cartridges of the central water filters Jumbo changed?

Artec Water Technology Co. changes the cartridges every 6 months, but the duration may differ from one building to another according to the site of the building and the consumption. Some cartridges of central water filters survive for one year; however, the company recommends using the cartridge for 8 months maximum.

What is the price of the central water filter, Jumbo 3 stages, in Qatar?

Artec Water Technology Co. provides the central water filter, Jumbo 3 stages, manufactured in Taiwan from the brand AMG at the price of 1800 Qatari Riyal with installation included as there are no extra fees for the installation.

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