Central Water Filter Jumbo 2 Stages

Specifications and price
Brand: AMG.
stages of cartridge: 2 stages .
Body materials: Compressed plastic mounted on an iron stand.
Maximum water pressure: 4 bar.
Maximum temperature: 74 degrees.
Water inlet/outlet size: 1 inch.
Installation location : On a ground tank or roof tank.
country of origin:  Made in Taiwan.
Warranty:  1 years Only.
Price:  1300/- QR, including supply and installation.

Central water filter jumbo 2 stages to purify the house water entirely where the central water filters are installed on the roofs or the water reservoirs in the houses.

The water is being cleaned from the chlorine, impurities, rust and the odours, sediment, and sand that can make the water not palatable are removed. Clear water is one of the most important life necessities if not the most important one. If the water is not clean and pure, a disease may occur such as skin inflammation and cracks, hair falling and wrinkling. Additionally, the electric devices attached to water break down due to the accumulation of dirt in it.

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central water filter

Some may complain about the harmful effect of water on skin and hair or devices of the house such as the washing machine and dishwasher. The laundry comes out of the washing machine dirty with a yellowish color and an unpleasant smell that doesn’t smell like the freshness of washed clothes. Regarding the dishwasher, it breaks down mostly because of the accumulated salts and sediment in it. Here, the perfect solution is filtering the water before reaching the house’s outlets.

Central water filters are considered one of many types of water filters provided by Al-Lyra Al-Zahbya Co. This type of filter differs from the others as it purifies, filters, and cleans the water entering the house or the building before entering the pipes, thus the water flows from the taps clean and ready to be used directly.

Moving to types of central filters Qatar, there are Jumbo filters, stainless steel filters, and sand filters. Jumbo central filters are available in two stages and three stages and in this article, we will discuss the details of central water filter Jumbo 2 stages.

Central water filters Jumbo 2 stages

This filter is one of the best types of domestic water filters in Qatar as it suits small and medium-sized buildings and provides excellent filtration to the water within them.

This filter purifies the water in two stages as follows:

First stage of filtration

This stage is called the stage of removing the sediment. During the first stage, all the sediment and residue of all kinds are removed such as mud, sand, impurities and rust. This stage of filtration acts on improving the color and appearance of water as well as acting on elongating the default life of the 2nd stage’s cartridge by blocking the relatively big particles of the impurities from getting stuck in it.

The cartridge of the 1st stage is a cotton cartridge made from the polypropylene substance (PP) that removes impurities to the size of 5 microns.


Second stage of filtration

This stage is called the stage of odor elimination. Because of the chlorine used in water sterilisation or the compound dissolved in it, the water may show an unpleasant odor. During this stage, any stuck odour within the water is removed as well as removing 99% of the harmful chlorine. 

The cartridge of this stage consists of activated carbon granules in which the water becomes ready to be used after passing through it.

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The dimensions and installation of central water filter Jumbo 2 stages:

The dimensions and parts of the central filter Qatar allow the easy installation of the filter anywhere the tank is placed. The body of the filter consists of a metallic holder with 2 plastic housings fixed upon it; inside each, there is a cartridge. As a result, it doesn’t rust or cause water pollution over the years. Fixed upon every stage a watch-shaped gauge to show the pressure of the water passing through the filter.

The dimensions of the filter are 41 x 23.5 x 79 C.m. and can withstand pressure up to 6 bar.

AMG central water filter

Tank central water filter, installation and maintenance

Artec Water Technology Co. as a water filter company Qatar provides central water filter Jumbo 2 stages from the AMG brand that is a Taiwanese filter. The company does the necessary maintenance and washes the tanks then installs the filter; all of that for the first time at the cost of 1300 Qatari Riyal. The price includes installation with a one-year warranty.

On average, the filter serves a medium-sized house for 6 to 8 months but the duration may vary according to consumption. If evidence of water turbidity appears before that, the maintenance department can be contacted with no problems. When the time for the periodic maintenance, which is every 6 months, comes, the company calls the client and schedules an appointment to change the cartridges.

Central water filter for the tank and the sites of installation

Jumbo central water filter 2 stages can be installed at one of two sites.

The first site is beside the ground tank which is found in the basement of the building which receives the water from the government company for water. During this type of placement, the municipal water is filtered and then stored in one or more reservoirs that belong to the building and are found on its roof.

This site is rarely used for filter installation as the stagnation of the water or the presence of impurities in the upper tanks and pipes usually cause re-contamination of the water so it doesn’t flow in its purest form.


Frequently Asked Questions

When must the cartridges of the 2-stage Jumbo filter be changed?

The period differs according to the region and the water consumption. Houses’ consumption, for example, is not equivalent to that of a factory or a farm. The default life of the cartridge varies between 4 to 8 months maximum.

How does one know that the cartridges must be changed?

If sediment and impurities appear in the water or the water shows turbid color or unpleasant odor, maintenance must be contacted to change the cartridges of the filter. Also, if the pressure drops dramatically between the two gauges fixed on the body of the filter beside the upper tank of the roof, this means residue and mud particles are present and stuck inside the filter and it needs maintenance and the tank needs cleaning.

What is the price of the central water filter Jumbo 2 stages? Does the price include installation?

The price of the Jambo filter 2 stages of the brand AMG from Al-Lyra Al-zahbya Co. is 1300 QR with installation included as the installation has no extra fees.

What company performs maintenance to Jumbo central water filter 2 stages in Qatar?

Artec Water Technology Co. provides installation of the central water filter as well as maintenance of central filters Qatar. The maintenance department of the company has all the spare parts of the filters. The company also provides periodic maintenance every 6 months and it’s characterised by punctuality.

Can central water filter Jumbo 2 stages be installed in a hotel?

Central water filter Jumbo 2 stages is considered one of the best central filters for houses, small hotels, and farms as it’s designed to suit small and medium facilities.

Can another type of filter be installed with the Jumbo central filter?

Yes. There is no reason not to install another filter with the presence of Jumbo the central filter fixed beside the central tank. One can install a shower water filter such as the shower filter treated with flavors or Artec water filters to purify the kitchen water in all types.

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