Stainless Steel Central Filters 20 inches

Artic central water filter

Specifications and price
Brand: ARTEC.
Size: 20 inch .
stages of cartridge: 7 stages .
Body materials: Stainless steel 304.
Maximum water pressure: 10 bar.
Maximum temperature: 100 degrees.
Water inlet/outlet size: 2 inch.
Installation location : On a ground tank or roof tank.
country of origin:  Made in Taiwan.
Warranty:  7 years on the filter body from rust or leakage.
Price:  2800/- QR, including supply and installation.

Tank Stainless Steel Central Filters in Qatar, because water is the essential source of life, healthy filters must be chosen to purify water inside the tanks. The ARTEC Company provides three sizes of stainless steel filters, available in sizes 20 inches, 30 inches, and 40 inches to be chosen. The size depends on the use of water and according to the size of the house. Whenever the size of the house is small, the appropriate size is 20 or 30 inches. The company provides the best steel central filters because it is necessary to have a steel primary filter in each tank, and there are many types of stainless steel filters for tanks in the market.

Water is the origin of life, and its preservation is necessary for the survival of all creatures. Therefore, access to unpolluted water is essential, and filters provide this feature as they give water free of impurities, and are supplied with essential minerals, while ensuring the validity of the filter for several years.

Stainless steel American central filters

Stainless Steel Central Filters

There must be a long-term warranty to get stainless steel central filters, as these filters guarantee for more than seven years. Unfortunately, the markets are full of unknown types sold at unreasonable and cheap prices to satisfy the customer. Still, the quality of these has been tampered with. The classes, presented as the best steel central filters, lack health and safety standards, detrimental to public health. Therefore, the ARTEC Company offers the most delicate raw materials from stainless steel filters.

It is easy to tamper with steel centrifugal filter products and sell them in the market with unhealthy specifications, as unauthorized materials are used for customers for profit only, without regard to the quality and effectiveness of stainless steel filters for tanks or others.

Steel central filter

Choosing a high-quality steel central filter is essential so that it does not need constant maintenance and is not exposed to malfunctions, which makes this a burden on the customer; of course, everyone is looking for a product with excellent specifications. And another for the exit of water, which provides solutions for obtaining pure and filtered water without resorting to many repairs. Stainless steel central filters are of the best types due to the purity and quality of stainless steel. It is a material that does not interact with water and does not rust. The filter made of it is treated against rust, and this is an essential factor in the manufacture of filters to ensure quality and access to pure water.

tank water filter

The water passes through seven stages inside the filter, and it consists of:

Carbon, which purifies water from chlorine, affects the properties of water and causes some damage when used. Among the damage caused by chlorine to the body are many problems for the respiratory system, harms the airways, causes shortness of breath and causes coughing. The continuous, in addition to its other damage to the color of clothes during washing with water mixed with chlorine, also cause fading and discoloration of fabrics.

5-micron type of carbon is used to ensure that no impurities pass, no matter how small. Yellow color, impurities, and unpleasant odors thanks to carbon.

How to install stainless steel filters

  • The customer contacts the ARTEC Company to schedule the installation date.
  • Before setting the installation date, the customer should be asked about the required amount of water consumption and how many tanks he has for easy determination of the appropriate filter size for installation. If there is more than one tank, the responsible technician installs the filter inside the ground tank.
  • In the case of two tanks, the technician installs the filter on the roof of the house, and this is the best solution as it pumps water directly to the whole house.
  • The filter consists of a one-inch inlet and an outlet for the passage of water.

How to maintain stainless steel filters

ARTEC Company provides regular maintenance service for filters after their installation. Maintenance is carried out every eight months at reduced prices. First, the spark plugs are changed inside the filters. The customer will see the number of impurities stuck in the cartridges and the efficiency of these filters in purifying the water in the tank. After that, the filter is washed, and the new plugs are installed.

The Qatari market provides many brands of stainless steel filters. Prices vary according to the country of origin. For example, the ARTEC Company provides Taiwanese filters, so the prices vary according to the quality and thickness of the filter.

The markets provide many types of stainless steel central filters. Still, many of them resort to lack of credibility in the description of the product for selling and even offer a competitive price list for market prices to attract customers, so you should not be deceived behind these brands that sell by cheating the customer and presenting a device that violates the specifications. As a result, water is not at the required level of purity.

Stainless steel filters for tanks

When choosing stainless steel filters for tanks, the source should be known to ensure the availability of spare parts in the Qatari market. If there are any malfunctions, find a suitable repair technician who will do the necessary when a central filter fails. There are several advantages available in Stainless Steel significant filters. Including what will be displayed, the ARTEC Company provides the best prices for stainless steel filters.

Artic central water filter in Qatar

Advantages of stainless steel central filters:

  • These filters contain multiple stages, starting from five steps and often reaching ten locations, ensuring complete water purity.
  • It completely removes the impurities of the tank and filters the water, and is free of any contaminants.
  • Easy to install in buildings of no more than 12 stories.
  • Rust-free water guaranteed.
  • It works to remove chlorine from water and bacteria, and salinity.
  • Stainless steel tank filters are the ideal solution for cleaning tank water.
  • The Steel Centrifugal Filter is the perfect solution for long-term clean and flawless water.
  • Stainless Steel Centrifugal Filters offer a seven-year warranty certificate which means that their shelf life lasts much longer than that, which is a big plus.
  • Filters fit all spaces and ensure that the water is free of any foreign particles installed in any tank to obtain potable water.
  • Filters the sediments in the water and gets rid of them automatically without any external intervention.
  • The stainless steel filters for the tank work comprehensive water sterilization, raising the alkalinity and obtaining a more accurate filtration.

best steel central filters

It is necessary to have pure water to not expose yourself to the dangers of using polluted water, including hair loss resulting from the increase in chlorine in the water. It would help if you searched for the best steel central filters and not be swayed by all the types offered by the Qatari market. It is necessary to know the Specifications of the filter in detail, ensuring its suitability for filtering the water in the tank and obtaining the maximum benefit, in addition to getting the best offer offered by the stainless steel central filter market, and some specifications must be available in water filters to ensure maximum efficiency.

Specifications of stainless steel

Stainless steel central filters contain three stages that work as follows:

  • The first stage in the best steel central filters is to completely rid the water of impurities and pollutants suspended in it.
  • Then we move to the second stage. Carbon candles are responsible for removing any unpleasant odors with water and removing chlorine to obtain water utterly free of any smells.

The water is treated inside stainless steel filters in several ways. First, water is purified physically, mechanically, and chemically to get pure and excellent water. This is because the properties of water consist of complex atoms that must be analyzed to reach the highest degree of purity. A steel central filter is enough to obtain pure water suitable for bathing and washing without any impurities, color, or chlorine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is installing a central filter important?

It is necessary to install a filter to purify the water because the drinking water coming through the tank system may be full of impurities and viruses, which ensures that you get pure drinking water.

What are the prices of stainless steel central filters?

Stainless steel central filters are available at prices starting from 2800 QR.

What is the maximum warranty period for central filters?

The warranty period is up to seven years.

What are the best types of stainless steel centrifugal filters?

In the Qatari market, there are many types, such as Artek and other well-known products.

What sizes are available in centrifugal filters?

There are several center filters, starting from 20 inches, 30, and even 40 inches.

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