The American central heater with a size of 80 gallons

Specifications and price
 Brand : American.
Capacity:  80 US gallons  equivalent to 303 litres.
Electrical voltage : 220-240 volt single phase.
Hertz: 50/60 Hz.
Number of Elements:  2 Elements.
Watt:  4500W.
Maximum temperature:  The highest temperature of the heater is 78 degrees Celsius.
Industry :  Made in USA.
Warranty:  5 years on the heater body from leakage, and one year on the rest of the other parts.
Price:  2650 QR includes the supply and installation of one heater only, without any other additions.

The American central heater is the best choice for obtaining hot water, whatever the conditions of use, as the heater can meet the needs of all large homes, including kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, the American water heater can cover the needs of large villas, residential and commercial buildings, hospitals, and hotels where. The ARTEC Company in Qatar provided all brands of the global American heater in all sizes and types with the support of advanced heating technology that made it the number one choice for obtaining hot water over time and whatever the need.

The US central water heater price includes heater costs with installation, which is an 80-gallon central water heater.

As for the warranty, when you buy the heater from the ARTEC Company, you will get a warranty on the heater body only for five years and a one-year warranty on the rest of the parts attached to the 80-gallon American central water heater, where the customer can customize the purchase of the parts he wants to install according to his needs and requirements.

The American central heater

Specifications of the American central

heater Particular specifications and superior advantages characterize the American central heater as it was equipped with advanced components that gave it the ability to heat water and support the quality of distribution and flow of hot water at high speed and upon demand, and the most prominent of these specifications:

  • The heater is made of reinforced steel and lined from the inside With a ceramic layer to increase the heater’s durability and isolate hot water.
  • The heater is designed with insulation technology that maintains the water temperature. The heater is equipped with a 2-inch thick thermal insulation layer to maintain the water temperature for as long as possible, reducing electricity consumption and preserving the heating plugs and giving them a longer life.
  • The central heater is designed to provide hot water throughout the day and the ability to adjust the temperature desired by the user.
  • The required water temperature in the winter is not the same as in the summer, so the presence of a thermostat gives comfort in use and adjusts the temperature.
  • The American water heater is available in international brands for the customer to choose from. They all contain advanced safety systems because the American water heater is designed with an internal safety feature to protect against heat stress factors and high temperatures.
  • The American central water heater contains a pump circulation that correctly regulates the water cycle.
  • The heater is equipped with radiators that prevent the return of water.
  • The heater has a built-in central filter to ensure that the water is spotless of all impurities, chlorine, and sediment.
  • The heater is available in all sizes that suit the needs of different buildings, including the size of 80 gallons, which is the size that suits most uses and can meet the heating needs of all units of the house.


Features of the American central water heater The American central water heater

has been provided with built-in features from the factory to increase operating efficiency and quality of use to be able to meet the needs of all water units in buildings, whether kitchens, bathrooms, or laundries, in addition to the possibility of installing it outside the house on the roofs or in the yard or in rooms designated to provide Time, effort and space wasted compared to multiple heaters that are installed inside the home.

The features of the American water heater differ. Still, they all combine to provide the best experience for obtaining hot water with modern specifications and modern technologies that prevent the occurrence of common dangers and problems. The most prominent of these features are:

  • Robust design and modern components include terminal block, wires, fuses, breakers, and magnetic contactors.
  • A self-cleaning valve that collects contaminants outward into the toilets helps clean the water.
  • A central filter works to purify water from impurities and rust.
  • The spark plugs are designed from nickel alloy with high heating performance.
  • Impurities complex (ANUM) protects against corrosion agents.


Get the American water heater from the ARTEC Company.

Years on the heater and one year on the rest of the parts and additions at competitive prices with the possibility of meeting all the services of supplying and installing American central heaters that are available in different sizes that the customer can choose from based on the area and number of units that he will supply with hot water, including the following sizes:

  1. American heater with a capacity of 50 gallons.
  2. American heater with a capacity of 80 gallons.
  3. American heater with a capacity of 120 gallons

central heaters specifications

How to install American central heaters from the ARTEC Company

The installation of American central heaters is an easy task that does not cost a lot of time and effort, as the ARTEC Company in Qatar has provided all the needs that allow customers to obtain the best central heater American and all the necessary installation and maintenance work, which is carried out according to the following steps:

  • Inspection by the competent technician of the place, who will survey the required units, determine the quantities needed for them, and determine the type and size of the heater.
  • Agree with the customer on time for installation.
  • The device is supplied and installed in the required place. The connections and extensions are necessary to operate it throughout the house to work on heating and delivering water at high speed to the farthest place connected to the heater.

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The American water heater in Qatar matches international standards.

The ARTEC Company offers all types of heaters that match international standards in central heating in various types of buildings, including villas, large buildings, homes, hotels, and commercial buildings. In addition, the company has provided special prices for wholesale orders and traders with a maintenance team specialized in providing Supply, installation, maintenance, and repair services for central water heaters, and the continuous follow-up of the specialized staff, which includes engineers and technicians, who work hard always to provide the best.

The ARTEC Company provides all original spare parts at competitive prices, in addition to the fact that the American heater guarantees savings in electricity, as it works on electrical voltage:

  • 220v-240v / 50Hz,
  • Single beat at 50Hz, the single beat is also available in 3 phases, which makes it consume less than the multiple heaters inside. The house has a large number, more consumption, and more breakdowns.


Get the best American central heater, maintenance services, and warranty from the ARTEC Company.

Large families need to install a central water heater to serve multiple units and floors and reduce electricity consumption and the percentage of faults and problems. The American central heater from the ARTEC Company in Qatar provides, is the best solution for families. The large with high luxury in water heating technology with quality, high and even flow strength, and complete safety.

The presence of the central heater outside the house provides large areas wasted that was used by multiple heaters, in addition to the availability of homogeneous heating technology that provides hot water immediately as soon as the water is used. Therefore, the American water heater is the best electricity-saving option that provides calm and comfort. Furthermore, modern technologies incorporated from The factory in heater made it an important part to achieve the perfect water heating experience.

The ARTEC Company in Qatar offers customers all types and sizes of central heaters, warranty, and maintenance at competitive prices with a warranty on the heater body and other parts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which central water heater can be installed?

The central water heater can be installed outside the home on rooftops, ard, or outdoor rooms designated for central heaters to save interior spaces and increase safety and security.

Is the central heater dangerous during its use?

The central water heater does not pose any danger to users because it is equipped with advanced and modern safety technologies. Most importantly, the central heater is not required to be installed inside the house and, therefore, will not be affected by any sudden dangers.

Is there a warranty on the central heater?

ARTEC Company provides a warranty on the heater body for five years and for one year on the rest of the parts and additions that the customer wishes to install with the water heating system.

Where can a central water heater be installed?

The central water heater can be installed in buildings, including commercial complexes, hospitals, apartments, villas, and multi and large houses. The heater can provide hot water to these entire units with great ease and speed.

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