Artec Central Filters | Stainless steel 7 stages

Water purification filter in Qatar

Specifications and price
Brand: ARTEC.
Size: 40 inch .
stages of cartridge: 7 stages .
Body materials: Stainless steel 304.
Maximum water pressure: 10 bar.
Maximum temperature: 100 degrees.
Water inlet/outlet size: 2 inch.
Installation location : On a ground tank or roof tank.
country of origin:  Made in Taiwan.
Warranty:  7 years on the filter body from rust or leakage.
Price:  4200/- QR, including supply and installation.

Artec central filters are available In Qatar as we have a selection of water filters for houses of high quality. The best type is the stainless steel filters with a 7-year warranty- installing central filter in Qatar.

The Central water filters are an unavoidable necessity as they remove all forms of sediment and dirt and treat the water from the chlorine and gases that alter the smell and odor of the water. Without this central filtration, the water harms the skin and hair as well as damages the house devices such as the washing machines and the heaters due to the accumulation of the salts and dirt in them.


Water purification filter in Qatar for tank

Artec central filters

Artec brand provides a variety of filters, and one of the best is the stainless steel Artec central filters. Artec Water Technology Co. provides stainless steel tank water filters, Artec brand made in Taiwan, in three sizes which are 20, 30, and 40 inches. The size is chosen according to water consumption, the number of residents, and the size of the building.

Stainless steel filters are 7-stage filters that consist of a metallic body made out of stainless steel 304 covered with a sparkling layer. Thus, it resists erosion and corrosion besides being bio-compatible so it doesn’t react with any other components or cause more water contamination. The body of the filter contains a water inlet and outlet with 1-inch diameter each.

The lower part of the filter also contains drain tap. The purpose of this tap is to drain the water during washing the filter and changing the cartridges; this water is full of dirt, sand, and rust. Besides that, one can use the tap to get clean water directly from the functioning filter anytime. The upper part of the filter has an air vent, which is responsible for evacuating the air while filling the filter with water. This part of the stainless steel central water filter is essential as the filter is firmly sealed all ways around and can’t be filled properly without air evacuation. Finally, the filter has punctured base holders for safe fixation anywhere.

water purifying filters in Qatar

Water filters for the houses’ reservoirs

Steel Water central filters with their three sizes can be installed for the houses’ reservoirs; the 20-inch filter is suitable for small houses and limited consumption; the 30-inch filter is suitable for medium-sized houses with moderate consumption. As for the 40-inch filter, it is the best choice with high consumption and large houses.


With the installation of stainless steel Artec central filters, the water can be used in cooking, laundry, washing the dishes, bathing, and personal use without fearing hair falling, skin damage, or receiving dirty smelling laundry after the wash. However, it’s advisable not to consume this water directly for drinking as it can be subjected to impurities during its journey from the reservoir through the pipes to the taps. Qatar water filter company Artec Water Technology provides a group of the best kitchen filters to obtain clean safe water for drinking as well as shower filters with flavors for more freshness.


Installing water filters in Qatar

Central water filters

Regarding the demonstration of installing water filters ,steel central type, it’s as follows, the first use of the 7-stage steel Artec central filters is a water filter for the basement tank. In this position, the filter is fixed beside the basement reservoir of the building that receives the raw municipal water. This position is used when there is more than one roof reservoir; the filter filtrates the source water to be stored in the upper reservoirs until consumption. The stored water may be recontaminated due to stagnation or the ventilation slots of the reservoirs.

The second use of the filter is one of the upper tank filters, and it’s the healthier way which is used in the presence of a single roof reservoir. This way, the water is filtered directly before passing through the pipes, thus its stagnation in the upper tank doesn't matter that much.


After installing the water filters within the pipes systems, the step of installing the water filters’ cartridges begins. The inside of the filer has metal bars to secure the cartridges in their places and for better fixation, there is an upper metallic ring to be placed over them.

Stainless steel Artec central filters are 7-stage filters, therefore 7 cartridges are installed inside the filter to purify water over 7 stages. These cartridges are cotton and carbon ones.

The cotton cartridges are made from the filtering material polypropylene (PP) which removes sediment, sand, dirt, rust, and algae. These cartridges eliminate any solid impurities as small as they get. Moving to the carbon cartridges, they are made of active carbon block (CTO) which removes chlorine, odor, color, and dissolved gases. Any sediment to the size of 5 microns can’t pass through the cartridges.


Looking for filters companies in Qatar, we find out that Artec Water Technology Co. is a pioneer in this field. The company provides a chosen list of the best filters including the central filters. The company also has a maintenance department in which the technicians wash all the tanks after installing the central filter. As well as maintaining the water filters periodically every 6 months. The department contacts the client to schedule an appointment to change the cartridges for a reasonable fee.

The central water filters size of 40 inches

The 40-inch stainless steel Artec central filters are excellent for high water consumption and huge houses with many personnel. The capacity of the filter is 55 liters and has a capacity of filtration between 100 and 140 Gallons per minute which is equivalent to 20 to 28 cubic liters per hour. The empty filter weighs 31 K.g.

Steel central water filter prices within central filters companies vary according to size, quality, brand, and country of manufacture. Artec Water Technology Co. provides stainless steel 40-inch central filter from Artec brand made in Taiwan with the price of 4200 Qatari Riyal installation included. The product has a 7-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the cartridges of steel Artec central filters changed?

The default life range of the cartridges is 6 to 8 months maximum. Artec Water Technology Co.’s maintenance department undergoes regular maintenance every 6 months and it’s advisable not to postpone it.

Are 40-inch steel Artec central filters suitable for houses?

Of course, 40-inch steel Artec central filters are suitable for houses. They are the best choice for large houses and villas as well as for high water consumption and numerous residents.

What are the prices of steel Artec central filters and their installation in Qatar?

Artec Water Technology Co. installs the filter without any fees as the price includes the installation. Moving to the prices of Artec central filters made in Taiwan, the 40-inch filter costs 4200 Q.R.; the 30-inch filter costs 3500 Q.R.; the 20-inch filter costs 2800 Q.R. All the filters come with a 7-year warranty.

Do stainless steel Artec central filters work with electricity?

This category of filters doesn’t work with electricity, but only with the pressure of the water passing through it.

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