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water filter in Qatar

Specifications and price
Brand: ARTEC.
Size: 30 inch .
stages of cartridge: 7 stages .
Body materials: Stainless steel 304.
Maximum water pressure: 10 bar.
Maximum temperature: 100 degrees.
Water inlet/outlet size: 2 inch.
Installation location : On a ground tank or roof tank.
country of origin:  Made in Taiwan.
Warranty:  7 years on the filter body from rust or leakage.
Price:  3500/- QR, including supply and installation.

water filter in qatar

7 stage water filters, stainless steel type in sizes starting with 20 inches till 40 inches. Central water filters for the reservoirs used to purify the house’s water completely are available with high quality in Qatar.

Raw water, which reaches the houses, contains a high quantity of minerals, heavy metals, sediment, dirt, rust.. etc. Hence, it’s essential to filtrate the water entering the houses before reaching the taps. The best way to achieve that is through central filters.

7 stage water filters

There are two main categories of the 7-stage Qatar water filters which are the 7-stage home filters and the central stainless steel 7 stage water filters. Throughout this article, we are going to discuss the steel central water filter and all its types. 

Stainless steel water filter

Stainless steel 7 stage water filters are available at Artec Water Technology Co. in three sizes which are 20, 30, and 40 inches and the size is chosen according to the building, the number of people, and the rate of water consumption. Regardless of the size, this filter is one of Qatar's best filters.

Central water filter for home 30 inches is a perfect fit for medium-sized houses and moderate water usage. The filter consists of a metallic body made of stainless steel 304 covered in a shiny layer, so it resists erosion and corrosion and doesn’t react with whatever is inside the filter thus never causing any additional contamination. The capacity of the filter is 45 liters and it has a filtration capacity of 75 to 105 Gallons per minute which is equivalent to 15 to 21 cubic liters per hour. The empty stainless steel central filter weighs 28 K.g.

The body of the filter has a water inlet and outlet with a diameter of 1 inch and it has a drainage outlet or tap as well. The main purpose of this tap is to drain the water during washing, maintaining, or changing cartridges of the filter which is usually full of sand and dirt. Besides that, this tap can be used to have clean water while the filter is functioning. The upper part of the filter contains an air vent; while filling the stainless 7 stage water filters with water the air must be let out through the air vent as the filter is firmly closed from all directions.

American water filters

Central filter for the reservoirs

Qatar steel filters provide clear water, free of any impurities or chlorine which can harm the skin and hair or cause damage to the electric devices. As a result, it’s safe to use in cooking, laundry, and personal use.

To achieve this result, the water passes through 7 stages of filtration by 7 cartridges. These cartridges are a mix of cotton PP and carbon CTO types; they are secured in their spots through internal metallic bars inside the filter in addition to a ring above them.

The cotton cartridge is made from polypropylene (PP), which is capable of holding physical impurities such as dirt, sand, rust…etc. Moving to the carbon cartridge, it is made of an activated carbon block which removes the chlorine, dissolved gases, and organic compounds that cause a change in the water odor and taste. All these cartridges block any impurities to the size of 5 microns to get clean and clear water.


ARTEC WATER TECHNOLOGY CO.W.L.L. as one of Qatar filters companies installs stainless 7 stage water filters in one of two places. The first site for placing the steel central water filter is beside the roof’s upper tank to feed the entire house. Here the filter purifies the water right before flowing through the pipes which is the better way. The second site is beside the ground tank which receives the municipal water; this method is used in the presence of more than one roof tank. Therefore, the water is filtered then kept purified in the upper tanks until usage. However, it may get recontaminated because of stagnation or through ventilation.

Central water filters’ installation companies can install stainless steel 7 stage water filters easily because of their suitable size and punctured base which allow a safe and easy fixing. Al-Lyra Al-Zhabya Co. washes the tanks after the installation.


The best water filters in Qatar

Artec central water filters

Looking for a water filter in Qatar, Artec Water Technology provides a large selection of central water filters, kitchen and shower filters with the best brands and prices. Regarding the central filters, there are also the Jumbo filters, the American Sand filters Qatar Clack, and of course the steel filters.

The filter prices vary in the market according to the quality, the manufacturing country, and the brand. The stainless steel 30 inches 7 stage water filters by Al-Lyra Alzahbya is an Artec brand made in Taiwan. It costs 3500 Qatari Riyal installation included with a 7-year warranty. 

The average life of the cartridges is 6 to 8 months maximum according to the usage. Artec Water Technology undergoes regular maintenance every 6 months where someone from the department calls the client to arrange an appointment for changing the cartridges. If the water runs turbid or stops flowing at all before the time of the regular maintenance, you can call the maintenance department of the company to get the service for a simple cost.


Frequently asked questions

Do steel 7 stage water filters work with electricity?

Stainless steel filters don’t work with electricity, but by the pressure of the water passing through it.

Is the water from the stainless central filter suitable for drinking?

It’s advisable not to drink water directly after central filtration as it may be subjected to some impurities while being kept in the central reservoirs or during passing through the pipes. ARTEC WATER TECHNOLOGY CO.W.L.L. has a selection of the best houses’ filters for safe drinking water.

How to choose the best fit for the house between the stainless 7 stage water filters?

According to the usage and the size of the building. The 20 inch Stainless steel filter is suitable for simple consumption; the 30 inch filter is suitable for medium-sized houses and moderate consumption while the 40 inch one is the best fit for high consumption and large houses.

What are the specifications of the 30 inch 7 stage water filters?

The 30 inch stainless central filter from Artec Water Technology Co. is made in Taiwan, Artec brand. The capacity of the filter is 45 litres and it weighs empty 28 K.g. It has a filtration capacity of 75 to 105 Gallons per minute which is equivalent to 15 to 21 cubic litres per hour.

How much does a 30 inch stainless steel filter cost in Qatar?

A 30 inch stainless steel central filter by ARTEC WATER TECHNOLOGY CO.W.L.L. costs 3500 Qatari Riyal. The price includes the installation as there are no extra fees for installing water filters, stainless type.


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