Jumbo Central Water Filter | 3 Stages For The Tank

Specifications and price
Brand: AMG.
stages of cartridge: 3 stages .
Body materials: Compressed plastic mounted on an iron stand.
Maximum water pressure: 4 bar.
Maximum temperature: 74 degrees.
Water inlet/outlet size: 1 inch.
Installation location : On a ground tank or roof tank.
country of origin:  Made in Taiwan.
Warranty:  1 years Only.
Price:  1800/- QR, including supply and installation.

Jumbo central water filter three stages for the tank is available in Qatar in high quality and prices that suit all. Central water filter to purify water from sediment and chlorine. Water filters installation company.

Filtering the water before usage is indispensable in our lives. Municipal water may be subjected to dirt and sediment during its journey until reaching the taps or through the ventilation openings of the tanks. Everyone now tends to filtrate the water centrally before passing into the pipes.

tank filter 3 stages Jumbo AMG

Jumbo central water filter

The central filter Jumbo is one of the best choices to achieve water filtration in Qatar. Jumbo central water filter removes all the physical impurities such as muddy and sandy residue as well as rust, sediment, and algae. It also removes impurities that can’t be seen by the naked eye such as chlorine and water dissolved gases which cause a change in the color and smell of water.

Jumbo filter is available in two types which are 2-stage filter and 3-stage filter. Choosing between the two types depends on a number of factors. The 2-stage Jumbo central water filter is suitable for small buildings and moderate water consumption whilst the 3-stage one suits large facilities with continuous consumption such as hotels and towers. However, it is suitable for small and medium buildings as well such as houses and villas with pools.

Central water filter for home in Qatar

Al-Lyra Al-Zhabya Co., which is one of the filters installation companies in Qatar, provides all types of home central water filters which are stainless steel filters, 2-stage Jumbo filters, 3-stage Jumbo filters, and finally sand filters.

Throughout this article, we are going to discuss in detail all the information about Jumbo filter 3 stages for the tank.

tank filter 3 stages for houses' reservoirs 2022

Jumbo filter for the tank 3 stages

The body of the filter consists of the biocompatible reinforced polyethylene material, thus it reacts neither with the water nor any other element within it so it doesn’t cause any water contamination. Aside from that, the body of the filter withstands different circumstances for many years without damage. The body of the filter contains 3 cylindrical housings in which each one has a different type of purifying cartridge. Attached to the body water pressure measuring aids or gauges and that are either 2 or 3. All the former parts are held on a metallic holder.

The filtration process is a physical-chemical process and it’s divided into 3 stages:

1st stage of filtration:

cotton water filter pp 5 microns

In this stage, the relatively large impurities up to 5 microns are filtered. The cartridge of this stage is made of a cotton material called polypropylene with the symbol (PP). This stage of filtration removes mud, sand, residue, sediment, rust, and algae. 

2nd stage of filtration:

Jumbo filter cartridges

During this stage in the Jumbo central water filter, the filtration takes place through non-harmful chemical reactions. About 99% of the sterilization chlorine present in water is removed alongside the gases water dissolved compounds that may cause a change in the water color and smell. The cartridge of this stage is made of granular activated carbon with the symbol (GAC).

3rd stage of filtration:

cartridges of water filters

The last stage of filtration gives extra purity and cleanliness to the filtered water. During this stage, any remaining chlorine or gases in the water is eliminated. The cartridge of this stage is made of block activated carbon with the symbol (CTO). In this stage, any impurities to the size of 1 micron are removed.

Installing 3-stage water filter

Filters’ companies install the filters beside the central tank of the buildings. Installing the central water filter Jumbo represents no problem as the dimensions of the filters are 60 × 23.5 × 79 C.m. These dimensions with the reinforced body of the filter and the metallic holder allows installing the filter anywhere within the building where the central reservoir is placed.

Moving to the place of the filter within the pipes’ circuit, it’s beside the upper tank of the roof before the pipes that reach the taps. This site is considered the optimum for installing the Jumbo central water filter 3 stages as the water is filtered directly before reaching the house, thus removing any impurities that may accumulate in the water because of its stagnation in the reservoir.

Sometimes the filter is installed beside the basement tank that receives the municipal water so the water is filtered and then stored filtered in the upper tanks over the roofs. This method is not so healthy so many don’t tend to use it.

Finally, the 3-stage Jumbo central water filter is suitable for installing in the central heaters’ circuits. In this service, the filter is placed after the central heater system to filter the hot water coming out of the heater from any impurities especially the lime which is formed at high temperatures.

purifying water for the tank with jumbo filter

Companies of water filters in Qatar

There are a lot of filters installation and filters maintenance companies in Qatar; however, Artec Water Technology is among the best water filter company in Qatar.

The company provides the best prices of central filter alongside installation, maintenance, and after-sale services. The price of the 3-stage Jumbo filter is 1800 Qatari Riyal and the price of the 2-stage filter is 1300 Qatari riyal; installation included. The filters are made in Taiwan from the AMG brand and have a one-year warranty from Al-Lyra Al-Zahbya Co.

The company has a maintenance department as well as after-sale services to deal with all the damages and cartridge changing. The department has all types of spare parts for all filters. The company undergoes periodic maintenance for the cartridges every 6 months in which one of the department representatives contacts the client to schedule the proper appointment for the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specifications of the Jumbo central water filter 3 stages?

The filter consists of a metallic holder carrying 3 cylindrical housings made of reinforced polyethylene with 3 cartridges inside. Attached to them 2 or 3 watch-shaped gauges to measure the pressure of the passing water. The filter endures pressure up to 8.6 bar and temperature up to 52 degrees.

When are the cartridges of the filter changed?

The duration varies according to the water consumption and the site of the building in Qatar. The default life of the cartridge varies between 4 and 8 months as a maximum. If a change in water clarity or smell or a contrast in the gauges’ readings is noticed anytime, contacting the maintenance department is a must.

What are the prices of the Jumbo central water filter in Qatar?

The cost of the 2-stage filter with installation is 1300 QR while the price of the Jumbo central water filter 3 stages is 1800 QR, installation included.

Does the central Qatar water strainer Jumbo work with electricity?

Jumbo central water filter doesn’t work with electricity but with the pressure of the water passing through it only.

What are the facilities that Jumbo central water filter 3 stages can be installed in?

This filter can purify the water reaching a building with 20 to 40 kitchens and bathrooms. Thus, it’s suitable for houses, towers, villas, hospitals, hotels, and any other facility regardless of its size.

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