Artec Water Filters For Purifying Kitchens' Water

kitchens' water purifying Artec water filter

Specifications and price
Product: RO reverse osmosis device for kitchens.
Brand:  ARTEC.
Place of installation:  In kitchens.
Description:  It purifies water from chlorine, clay, impurities and excess salts and produces healthy alkaline water.
Country of origin: Made in Taiwan.
Warranty:  1 year.
Ingredients: It consists of 7 filters. With a 16 liter tank, a water pump, a pressure gauge and a faucet - mounted on a stand.
Price:  1800 QR, including supply and installation.
Ingredients: Consists of 5 filters. And a faucet - mounted on a stand.
Price: 1200 QR including supply and installation.

We can rely on Artec water filters to purify kitchens' water as Artec water filters are considered one of the best types of filters that can be provided by water filters companies to get the purest result. Generally, we all worry about the quality of the water reaching our houses as the water represents the majority of our bodies, thus its quality affects our health. As a result, the need for the water filtration process in the best, most efficient, and most modern way became a must.

Best types of water filters

Artec water filter 5-7 stages

The types of water filters that help purify differ; earlier, natural ways were used to clarify water such as graded gravel and cloth. However, science developed a lot to present the best types of water filters that can be obtained from water filters companies that provide guaranteed products such as Artec water filters. Many modern techniques are approved in the water purifying process; however, the most prominent one depends on the reverse osmosis (RO) process.

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a process to purify water by using special membranes that act on removing many types of large particles and ions from the solutions. This happens by applying pressure on the solution when it’s on a single side of a selective membrane and that’s how we get clear water.

Reverse osmosis has been used in water purifying as a part of the filtration process and it appeared as the best method of water filtration for different uses including household uses in kitchens, as drinking and cooking water is the most importantly used water in our daily lives.

Artec water filters are the best types of water filters to purify kitchens’ water in the most modern techniques. Among the most famous types of them are the water filters with five stages and the water filters with seven stages which is more common in all of the water filters companies and we will discuss in detail these types.

Advantages of Artec water filters

Before reviewing the best types of water filters, one can wonder what filtration devices provide and why should we install them? Actually, Artec water filters provide many advantages and pros that will make one feel safe towards the water they drink on a daily basis. This includes:

Removing heavy metals

Not all the metals in water are good for health, heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, and mercury have health hazards and cause many diseases over time. There’s a possibility that they are present in the water coming from a tap or a well.

Improving water taste

Sometimes, tap water has a strange taste which is suspicious regarding the substances dissolved in this water. Here, water filters help eliminate this taste making it better which gives the feeling of freshness.

Eliminating the smell

The modern techniques help remove the bad smell from the water as this smell indicates the presence of some harmful impurities from the old inner water network.

Removing impurities and sediment

The main reason for installing a water filter is to get clean water free of any impurities, sediment, and bacteria that can cause diseases.

Removing chlorine and rust

Usually, tap water reaches the house carrying a high amount of chlorine that affects health. Besides that, water also carries rust and sediment from the used old pipes. Water filters here work on removing chlorine, rust, and more.

water filters artec Qatar

Artec water filters five stages

The five stages contribute to producing pure, clean water safe for drinking by removing any hard material, metals, chemicals, and chlorine. Regarding the five stages, they are as follow:

1st stage impurities primary filtering

This stage consists of a filter that removes the largest particles present in water as well as mud, dust, and rust. This is an essential step in all the water filters and during it, any particle more than 1 micron (0.001 mm) is removed.

2nd stage activated granular carbon filter

The second stage helps purify the water by blocking particles of the impurities inside the pore of the structure of carbon. This stage is effective in eliminating chlorine and similar particles of 0.5 micron size or more as well as eliminating odd tastes and smells.

3rd stage delicate reverse osmosis

Consists of a 0.005 micron membrane which is a very delicate membrane that removes minute particles in water such as harmful germs and bacteria.

4th stage elongated connection filter

In this stage, the water passes through another filtration process to remove any remaining particles and this helps to improve the pH of the water to make it nearly even which is the best for health.

5th stage carbon filter

This is the last stage of filtration before the water flows from the tap and it makes it dulcet for drinking.

Artec water filters seven stages

These filters are considered one of the best types of filters at all to be used at home, especially in kitchens. They are recommended by most of the water filters companies where one gets high-quality healthy water. Artec water filters in seven stages come with a pump and a small tank to keep the clean water and the seven stages are:

  • Sediment filter that decreases the suspended particles in water such as sediment and residue
  • Activated granular carbon filter that decreases chlorine, chloramine, and other secondary products
  • Block carbon filter that decreases the traces of toxins, fertilizers, and pesticides
  • Compound delicate membrane (TFC) RO that decreases the solid material (TDS) generally, as well as heavy metals, germs, bacteria, ans small impurities from water
  • Linear filter with activated particles increases the water purifying
  • Re-mineralization filter where useful minerals are added making the acidity balanced
  • Block carbon filter decreases and absorbs odors and leaves the water with a refreshing clean taste

Artec water filters 5-7 stages

Water filters maintenance

When installing a water filter, trusted water filters companies are to be contacted as they will install the purifying device for the first time with the maintenance service provided when needed. Our company, which is one of the pioneer companies in the field of water technology and hygienic solutions in Qatar, provides Artec water filters with installation. Aside from that, the company provides water filters maintenance services as soon as possible. Our company, which has been working for years on fulfilling the needs of the customers, provides many different water filters as well as heaters, pumps, and more of the maintenance services in Qatar.

Maintaining water filters depends on changing the filter (cartridge) inside the cylinder from time to time. Usually, the first three stages are replaced every 4 to 5 months according to the degree of water pollution. Over time, the degree of water pollution can be observed by the naked eye on the filter because of the accumulated dirt and sediment on the inner cartridge of the cylinder. The technician can tell the degree of water clearance by doing a test with a special tool that tells the degree of water pollution. One also can know the degree of water pollution before and after installing the filter for the best result.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Artec water filters installed?

Usually, home filters for kitchens’ water are installed within the kitchen’s cabinet under the sink to be close to the main water source and the place of the clean water tap.

Can the filters be replaced at home by yourself?

Filters can always be replaced by the water filters’ maintenance staff knowing that the method is easy and can be done at home. The device has a special screwdriver that can be used easily to untie the cylinders then change the filters and re-tie them.

What happens to the excess water?

The device may filter an amount of water larger than the capacity of the tank attached, therefore a drainage spout is attached and extends usually to the drain of the sink.

Do Artec water filters come with a tank and a water pressure pump?

The tank and the water pressure pump come only with the seven-stage Artec water filters.

What is the capacity of the tank that comes with the filters?

The capacity of the purified water tank is 16 liters.

What is the purpose of the water pressure pump?

The pressure of water usually drops when water passes from the first stages of purifying which decreases its ability to move to the next stages and there the act of the pump appears.

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