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Specifications and price
Product: RO reverse osmosis device for kitchens.
Brand:  ARTEC.
Ingredients: It consists of 7 filters. With a 16 liter tank, a water pump, a pressure gauge and a faucet - mounted on a stand.
Place of installation:  In kitchens.
Description:  It purifies water from chlorine, clay, impurities and excess salts and produces healthy alkaline water.
Country of origin: Made in Taiwan.
Warranty:  1 year.
Price:  1800 QR, including supply and installation.

The 7-stage full system home water filter is one of the best modern kitchen water filters that act on purifying water to make it healthier and free of any impurities or chemicals in case of the presence of an old inner network. Our company is a water filter company in Qatar that presents the best and most modern kitchen water filters aside from several products that are related to water technology and hygienic solutions.

Stages of 7-stage full system home water filter

water filter 7 stages RO

This device can be considered as a domestic water distillation device that decreases the percentage of impurities in water. Water passes through it within 7 consecutive stages in which every stage guarantees the removal of a certain type of sediment to obtain clean water. Here, we display the stages of the 7-stage home water filter as follow:

Pre-sediment filter

This is the main step of the filtration process, thus it’s present in all main kitchen water filters, where the water passes through the filter to be purified from sediment, mud, and seen impurities.

Activated granular carbon filter

It’s considered a main part in every distillation device after the pre-sediment filter. With it, any residue impurities are removed such as fine dust, mud, and suspended particles.

Block carbon filter

An important step in kitchen water filters that provide healthy drinking water as it removes chlorine, lead, pesticides, and other heavy metals. It also eliminates bad taste and odor from the water by removing the chemical compounds.

Reverse osmosis process

In this stage, germs, microbes, excess salts, suspended particles, and any harmful particles in water are removed.

Linear filter

With active granules that increase the clearance of water.

Re-mineralization filter

Where the healthy minerals are added, so the water acidity is re-balanced.

Alkaline filter

The last stage of the 7 stages of home water filter where the water produced tends to be more alkaline and can be considered healthy with multiple benefits on health, disease-fighting, and ageing.

water filter installation Qatar

Specifications of home water filter full system 7 stages

Every stage of the home water filter 7 stages Qatar has its specifications that are related to the cylinder, its material, and diameter as follow:

1st stage

Primary cleaning cylinder with a filter made from polypropylene fibres to be able to remove water-insoluble impurities larger than 5 microns. The filter’s diameter is 74 mm.

2nd stage

A carbon cylinder that includes an activated granular anti-bacterial carbon filter with a diameter of 74 mm. It removes chlorine, its derivatives, and any other organic sediment.

3rd stage

Cleaning cylinder made of block carbon that removes water-insoluble impurities larger than 1 micron and its diameter is 74 mm.

4th stage

The reverse osmosis membrane removes up to 99% of the compounds, bacteria, and viruses that dissolve in water.

5th stage

The linear filter with the activated granular carbon particles that purify water from the volatile particles and give the water an appropriate taste, color, and smell.

6th stage

Mineralization cylinder that feeds water with nutrients for our bodies.

7th stage

Alkaline filter cylinder.

Advantages of 7-stage full system home water filter

There are many advantages to the kitchen water filters that are available in our company, a water filters company in Qatar,that provides the most modern kitchen water filters and more than one home water distillation device at high quality. This type has many advantages that we mention as follow:

  • Water passes through several stages, so it secures full filtering of the water from any suspended material, excess salts, bacteria, viruses, and chemical compounds.
  • Obtaining clean healthy water; usually, the water we drink is harsh with taste and odor as well as being treated before reaching the houses. This leads to a cumulative effect on health.
  • Keeping the body healthy away from diseases as the water is free of germs and viruses as well as keeping the oral hygiene as it doesn’t leave any effect on the teeth where the un-filtered water affects the teeth.
  • The water can be used in cooking as this filter from the kitchen water filters provides good quality water for cooking and drinks without affecting the taste of the water like a regular tap.
  • No bad taste or odor of the drinking water. The metallic and chemical substances such as chlorine, sulphur, and nitrates leave a bad taste and odor which can be eliminated by using a multi-stage home water filter.
  • When using a home water distillation device with seven stages one can be assured that the devices and tools of the kitchen are safe. Normally, they are subjected to a huge amount of calcium and magnesium that decrease their life expectancy.
  • Pure water gives the feeling of refreshment more than tap water.

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Installation method of the 7-stage full system home water filter

Our company, the water filters company in Qatar, sends a specialised team with the best trained staff to install the home water distillation device and the steps are usually as follow:

  • At first, the device comes in a tightly closed box with the related filters, spout, joints, and special tap.
  • Firstly, the fourth cartridge is inserted in place inside the cylinder then the related spout is attached to it.
  • The three filters that represent the first three stages are untied from their cover and then inserted in their cylinders in order right and tight.
  • Moving to the water source, a connection is taken in a way that keeps the water reaching the sink separated from that reaching the filter.
  • The water feeding spout is extended between the source and the device.
  • An excess water drainage spout is then inserted.
  • The third spout that extends between the device and its tank is then inserted.
  • The spout of the 7th cartridge is attached to the tap which is usually fixed over the sink.

Maintaining water filters

The filters are maintained usually by changing them now and then according to the specifications of the device and the degree of water pollution, our company, the water filters company in Qatar, maintains the kitchen water filters and solves any occurring problem. The filters can also be replaced at home at the condition of following the right steps as the 1st three stages’ filters are replaced every 4 to 5 months approximately. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the tank attached to the device?

The size of the attached tank is 16 liters.

Is washing the filters after the installation a must?

The team of our company, the water filters company in Qatar, usually tells the clients not to use the water directly after installation, but to drain an amount of water first.

Is the outcoming water completely free of minerals?

The outcoming water is considered healthy with the appropriate amount of minerals which are added at the re-mineralization stage.

Do the rest of the filters have to be replaced?

The special specifications of the device assure the possibility of changing the rest of the filters according to a water test that points to the possibility of changing one of those filters. This is usually done every 2 years.

Does the device have a water pressure pump?

Yes, the device comes with a water pressure pump as the pressure of the water drops at the first stages of treatment.

What happenswhen the water is cut off of the device suddenly?

When the water is cut off due to a drop in the pressure, the motor stops automatically.

Should one worry if the color of the first filter changes quickly?

No need to worry as the water of the first cylinder is purified from the inside out thus it’s normal that the color of the filter changes from the inside out gradually.

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