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Reverse osmosis filters made in Taiwan

Specifications and price
Product: RO reverse osmosis device for kitchens.
Brand:  ARTEC.
Ingredients: Consists of 5 filters. And a faucet - mounted on a stand.
Place of installation:  In kitchens.
Description:  It purifies water from chlorine, clay, impurities and excess salts and produces healthy alkaline water.
Country of origin: Made in Taiwan.
Warranty:  1 year.
Price: 1200 QR including supply and installation.

Kitchen water filters 5 stages are considered one of the most common water filters that are ordered from water filters companies. Installation of water filter has become a crucial need in every house because of its effectiveness in water filtration from the different types of impurities, even the smallest ones to have clean and clear water.

 Advantages of modern water filters

There are lots of hygienic water filters and almost all of them have carbon filters; however, every type has its merit and ability to remove a type of impurities. Here, we mention some of the advantages of the carbon filters:

  • Carbon filters absorb the chemicals as carbon is one of the most powerful absorbent materials.
  • The activated carbon is useful in removing the impurities and sediment from the water by chemical adsorption.
  • The carbon has a small positive electric charge which lets it decrease the hardness of the water.
  • The carbon helps eliminate the bad taste and odor from water.


Reasons behind using kitchen water filters 5 stages

Water strainer in Qatar can be used to provide clear and healthy water with its multi-stage treatment process. Artec water filters companies recommend using the 5-stage kitchen water filters for the following reasons:

  • To secure a full water filtration as the water passes through several stages of different carbon filters
  • Effectiveness in purifying the water from bacteria, parasites, and viruses which makes the water healthy and free of possible illness-causing factors
  • Modifying water taste, as the presence of minerals such as sodium and magnesium within it can create an odd taste. Installing the filter helps in distillation the water to have fresh-tasting water
  • Purifying the water from the chemical compounds that may be loaded with the water such as chlorine
  • The water coming out of the filtration is considered suitable for persons with health problems such as kidney problems and so
  • An effective method if the water source coming out of a well or passing through an old inner network


The stages of kitchen water filters 5 stages

RO-5 stages water filter

The filter purifies the water through a group of stages; with a long life expectancy, the filter can treat up to 280 liters of water to provide clear and healthy water to be used in drinking and cooking. The water passes through 5 stages then emerges clear after the last stage, these stages are:

The first stage

Consists of a filter that passes less than 5 microns and works on removing impurities, germs, fibres, and other particles that are above 5 microns in size.

The second stage

 A filter of granular carbon that helps to remove the substances causes odor and taste such as chlorine.

The third stage

Has a block carbon filter which improves the water filtration and removes excess chlorine and any remaining material stuck in the water with a size of more than 1 micron.

The fourth stage

This stage has a re-mineralization filter where minerals are added to re-balance the water.

The fifth stage

An activated carbon filter helps to remove the taste and odor to provide clear fresh water.

The most commonly removed materials by the 5-stage kitchen water filters are fluoride, chlorine, sulphur, iron, nitrates, and any other stuck substance.

Advantages of the stages of kitchen water filters five stages

Every stage owns a special feature in removing the impurities and every stage has an advantage that we will mention:

  1. In the first stage, the filter is made from polypropylene that can block the finest impurities in the water such as sand, rust, and others.
  2. The filter of the second stage is made of ground carbon that removes sediment to 2 microns and with it, chlorine and similar are being removed.
  3. The third stage includes an activated carbon block filter that improves the previous stage with higher accuracy so the water gets more clear through the reverse osmosis process.
  4. The fourth stage is a mineralization stage that affects the water dulcet and makes it refreshing.
  5. The fifth stage has an activated carbon filter that helps to enhance the water taste.

Artec water filters for kitchens, made in Taiwan

The installation method of kitchen water filters 5 stages

Our company, which is one of the pioneer companies of water filters in the field of water technology and hygienic solutions, provides the service of installing water filter by trained professional personnel who help in installing water strainer in Qatar by using specific tools in which the box of the 5-stage filter has the specific device, the filters with the cylinders, the joints and spouts, and a tap to be fixed over the tank.

The installation begins by putting a water joint from the source under the sink, where a double joint is placed with one branch reaching the sink and the other reaching the device and a spout is placed between the joint and the inlet of the filter. Another spout is fixed to evacuate the excess water and it extends to the drain.

The filter is placed within the three specific cylinders while the others are placed in the device.

The tap is placed and it’s usually fixed at the sink using special tools and the spout of clear water is extended from the device to it.

Eventually, the entire device is placed away from the movement areas and away from children which is usually at a clean angle under the sink.


Changing kitchen water filters 5 stages

Cartridges of water strainer filters in Qatar can be changed by water filters companies or at home after bringing the new cartridges where the cartridges of the first three cylinders every 5-5 months. One can know they need changing through the change of the white filter gradually until full changing.

Our company, which is one of the water filters companies in Qatar, provides filters’ maintenance after installing a water filter as well as changing it at home by using a special screw that comes with the device. The cylinders are loosened and the old filters are removed and replaced by new ones then the cylinders are tightened again and put back in their places within the device and screwed well with the related screw.

The best prices for 5-stage water filters

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the filter come with a private tank?

There is no attached private tank to this filter. You can have one with the kitchen water filter 7 stages.

Can the outcoming clear water be stored?

It can be stored in a small reservoir related to the consumer where he fills the water directly from the tap.

Is it really necessary to change the water cartridges every 4-5 months?

It is very important to change the cartridges in time and one can notice a change in the water clearance in the case of delay.

What are the dimensions of the water strainer in Qatar?

The dimensions approximately are 37 x 22 x 52 Cm.

Can the fourth stage filter be changed?

Yes. it can be changed every 2 years approximately.

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